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Any The Brittas Empire fans out there?

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eGJ Sun 05-Mar-23 18:24:16

Just noticed that it is being reshown starting at episode 1! Starting tomorrow on Drama at 5.20 and being shown every day. Also on UKTV Play on catch-up. Can’t wait to see Carole with her baby in her desk drawer again😆

Grandmabatty Sun 05-Mar-23 18:25:55

I know! I saw that. I've set the reminder as I loved it

Litterpicker Sun 05-Mar-23 18:41:54

I saw that too. A much under appreciated series. Extra enjoyment for anyone who worked in a Local Authority. I particularly remember the underfunded ‘goody bags’ that Gordon Brittas tried to get his staff excited about 🤣

Ohmother Sun 05-Mar-23 18:44:14

It was filmed at the leisure centre not far from here. 😁

Marydoll Sun 05-Mar-23 19:33:22

I am another, who enjoyed that programme!

VioletSky Sun 05-Mar-23 20:06:12

Lol I used to love this

Deedaa Sun 05-Mar-23 22:07:58

My mum and I used to love watching it.

Redhead56 Sun 05-Mar-23 22:25:31

I thought it was really good it seems so long ago will be watching it.

BigBertha1 Sun 05-Mar-23 22:43:40

Good show

FannyCornforth Mon 06-Mar-23 04:45:19

As soon as I saw the title I thought of Carole and the baby in the draw.
Yes, it was brilliant. A bit surreal

Aveline Mon 06-Mar-23 06:37:47

In the draw? Was the baby raffled?

FannyCornforth Mon 06-Mar-23 06:41:50

Typing too quickly Aveline
I don’t focus too much on SPAG on here

FannyCornforth Mon 06-Mar-23 06:44:16

And I thought that it was an unwritten rule on here that it’s considered poor form to pick up on others’ errors

Aveline Mon 06-Mar-23 06:44:43

Shrug. Whatever

fancythat Mon 06-Mar-23 06:55:45

I used to half watch the programme, back whenever it was last shown. Will watch it if I can find it.
I am more and more drawn to programmes of yesteryear nowadays. Too many things in newer programmes I dont like watching.

Marydoll Mon 06-Mar-23 07:11:04


And I thought that it was an unwritten rule on here that it’s considered poor form to pick up on others’ errors

Yesterday, I was picked up on a grammatical error, after posting on another thread, yet I too thought it was an unwritten rule on GN. I can't understand why people feel the need to do so.

Some people can't help themselves.

Aveline Mon 06-Mar-23 07:59:07

FYI forum police : the prospect of a raffled baby was well worth commenting on.

Marydoll Mon 06-Mar-23 08:08:11

Aveline, sometimes, it can be upsetting for those, who are already fragile, to have their errors picked up by posters. The comment made to me yesterday, did bother me.
It can on occasions, make people wary of posting. Worth bearing in mind and in my opinion, bad manners to do so.

I'm sure you meant it as a humorous comment, unfortunately it wasn't seen as that.

Forum police 😞

Aveline Mon 06-Mar-23 08:13:19

By you

Marydoll Mon 06-Mar-23 08:17:17

Actually, by FannyC.

The one made to me yesterday, not by you did bother me.
Totally unnecessary.

Anyway, rather than derail this thread any further, let's get back to the OP.

Aveline Mon 06-Mar-23 09:43:04

OK. I'll start a new thread for sanctimonious pronouncements.

FannyCornforth Mon 06-Mar-23 13:18:15

I know for a fact that there are posters with dyslexia on here.
That is statistically inevitable, and I also know for a fact because posters have pmed me about their dyslexia.
One (a regular) told me that she is often put off posting because she is fed up with people commenting on her spelling.
There are also posters who have EAL who could be in the same position.

That’s not ‘sanctimonious’, is it?

Aveline Mon 06-Mar-23 13:26:45

I'm fed up.with people who don't see the humour in eg a baby in a raffle

eGJ Mon 06-Mar-23 13:28:17

Hope we are ALL looking forward to the first episode this afternoon 🙂

FannyCornforth Mon 06-Mar-23 13:34:49

Apologies Aveline, I didn’t realise that it was a joke.
I thought that you were picking up on a daft spelling mistake.