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Any The Brittas Empire fans out there?

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eGJ Sun 05-Mar-23 18:24:16

Just noticed that it is being reshown starting at episode 1! Starting tomorrow on Drama at 5.20 and being shown every day. Also on UKTV Play on catch-up. Can’t wait to see Carole with her baby in her desk drawer again😆

VioletSky Mon 06-Mar-23 13:35:09


It would have fit the show

I could see you were joking about the word not the mistake and not at anyone's expense

sharon103 Mon 06-Mar-23 13:36:03

I loved it. Colin used to make me laugh just to look at him and how Carole used to say Mr. Brittas.

Musicgirl Mon 06-Mar-23 13:38:53

I really enjoyed this programme years ago. I will look for it on UK TVPlay.

eGJ Mon 06-Mar-23 13:56:01

Drama is Chanel 20 Musicgirl if you can get it live

MrsKen33 Mon 06-Mar-23 14:27:17

I loved the way Carole said ‘Mr Brittas’ , her teeth slightly clenched

eGJ Mon 06-Mar-23 19:19:43

Was it as good as you all remembered? I’d totally forgotten when he first arrived🤣

Grandmabatty Mon 06-Mar-23 19:24:44

It was every bit as daft as I remember!

Liz08 Sat 25-Mar-23 19:48:58

Thanks for this thread Grandmabatty. I've booked marked it now. I always loved the series.
Looking forward to meeting all the characters again - especially the accident prone Welshman with all the boils grin

Liz08 Sat 25-Mar-23 20:36:29

Ooops. Just watching now. Colin isn't Welsh .....