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Eurovision 2023 UK Entry

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Pittcity Thu 09-Mar-23 08:47:10

I've just listened to the UK Entry and think it's bright and catchy and just right for Eurovision

Pittcity Thu 09-Mar-23 08:47:34

Whoops...forgot the link

Zoejory Thu 09-Mar-23 08:58:54

I really like that! Thanks for posting.

I sometimes hate the way my mind works, but maybe they could remove the car from the video.

MiniMoon Thu 09-Mar-23 10:26:05

Now, that's a good song. I like it.

Ziplok Thu 09-Mar-23 10:48:34

I don’t like it. Very repetitive, limited lyrics, lots of da, da, da, etc, but as some of you say, right for Eurovision, as that’s the sound they seem to like.

Kate1949 Thu 09-Mar-23 11:02:39

Not a patch on Sam Ryder.

Oreo Thu 09-Mar-23 12:00:14

Where are the words?😆
Having said that it’s a typical Eurovision type song.

Visgir1 Thu 09-Mar-23 13:45:44

Agree very Eurovision and different From Sam Ryder. Could do well.

Callistemon21 Thu 09-Mar-23 14:34:39


I don’t like it. Very repetitive, limited lyrics, lots of da, da, da, etc, but as some of you say, right for Eurovision, as that’s the sound they seem to like.

I thought it was just me!

Boring and instantly forgettable.

kittylester Thu 09-Mar-23 14:40:47

I like the song a lot. She isn't as personable as Sam Ryder from what I have seen of her today.

Callistemon21 Thu 09-Mar-23 14:46:14

Perhaps it might grow on me. It didn't seem very tuneful.


timetogo2016 Thu 09-Mar-23 14:51:50

I didn`t like it,but alot of women will relate to it for sure,and some men too i imagine.
I do think it is a typical Eurovision song.

Boz Thu 09-Mar-23 15:26:44

nil points

Sparklefizz Thu 09-Mar-23 15:35:17

I think it will do well on Eurovision.
I hope she gets rid of those nails, though. Yikes!

BlueBelle Thu 09-Mar-23 16:37:27

Not sure….. it’s catchy but didn’t do a lot for me
Again Sam Ryder was the one can’t see this one doing so well

Siope Thu 09-Mar-23 16:50:19

I think it’s current mainstream British pop, and thus pretty much what everyone will expect from the UK at Eurovision - which was not the case with Space Man, imo. I doubt it will do well, sadly.

Smileless2012 Thu 09-Mar-23 16:51:16

Well I wouldn't play it at home but I think it'll do well.

Zoejory Thu 09-Mar-23 17:12:57

I reckon it will do OK. I liked it first time I heard it. Which is unusual.

Top 10 I'd hope

Cold Thu 09-Mar-23 18:06:06

I don't know - tbh the whole vibe of it reminded me a lot of "love love peace peace" the joke spoof Eurovision song that the Swedes did as an interval act with the "rules" for writing the perfect Eurovision song

Joseanne Thu 09-Mar-23 23:15:38

I like it. The tune is catchy.
With any luck we won't win though, as it's an expensive we could do without.

Deedaa Fri 10-Mar-23 00:06:10

Mediocre is the word that springs to mind for both the song and the singer. Still the juries may like it.

absent Fri 10-Mar-23 04:27:20

I no longer live in the UK or Europe and I had no idea that Eurovision was still going.

vegansrock Fri 10-Mar-23 06:27:04

Watched the video - very unmemorable. Nul points from me.

Bridie22 Fri 10-Mar-23 07:42:14

Nil points from me also.

shysal Fri 10-Mar-23 07:43:57

I think last year was a one-off for the UK at Eurovision. We will be back near the bottom after voting, regardless of the song!