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Paul O’Grady has died.

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Georgesgran Wed 29-Mar-23 04:29:43

Sad news - I liked him and his love for animals shone through.

Bridie22 Wed 29-Mar-23 04:58:33

Will miss Paul, loved his daft humour and his for love of dogs work at battersea was one of my favourite programmes.

Aldom Wed 29-Mar-23 05:00:46

So sorry to hear this sad news.
Paul was a gentle man in every sense.

BlueBelle Wed 29-Mar-23 05:10:00

I was shocked when I heard this last night he always seemed a genuinely nice chap and only 67 which seems so young to me
He ll be missed at Battersea

Bellasnana Wed 29-Mar-23 05:47:56

A lovely, lovely man. What a sad loss for his family and all who loved him.😞

Ailidh Wed 29-Mar-23 06:07:36

Sad news to wake up to. He seemed a really nice guy.

Lomo123 Wed 29-Mar-23 07:11:47

Sad news indeed. What a funny man. Loved his Battersea dogs programme.

Juliet27 Wed 29-Mar-23 07:14:02

Sad news. I feel really upset. He seemed such a kind, caring man.

J52 Wed 29-Mar-23 07:21:43

What sad news, I loved his humour since seeing him first on Blankety Blank, all those years ago. I missed his radio 2 music programme when he left last year and always tried to catch For the Love of Dogs. Such a kind man. RIP Paul.

DanniRae Wed 29-Mar-23 07:24:42

This news about Paul has really made me sad. sad I always enjoyed all his tv programmes and loved all the good work he did for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.
He was a very special man and will be sadly missed.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 29-Mar-23 07:27:24

To my mind Paul O’Grady was one of the good guys RIP 💐🐕‍🦺🦮

ginny Wed 29-Mar-23 07:47:00

Oh, that is sad. I used to enjoy his radio programme . He seemed to be a lovely man even though he liked to pretend he was very grumpy.

downtoearth Wed 29-Mar-23 07:51:52

Shocked, loved him for his humour and wit,and also his caring and compassion for the animals.
Have read all of his books where his warmth and compassion as a social worker in early years are peppered with his wit and humour.
RIP paul

Blondiescot Wed 29-Mar-23 08:00:44

Very sad. He always came across as such a lovely man and his love for dogs shone through.

nanaK54 Wed 29-Mar-23 08:02:40

What sad news. A compassionate and very funny man.

farview Wed 29-Mar-23 08:04:22

Really sad...lovely man...genuine love of animals...RIP Paul...🌷

Susan56 Wed 29-Mar-23 08:07:50

I felt really sad when I heard this news this morning.I really liked him and enjoyed reading his books.

JaneJudge Wed 29-Mar-23 08:17:11

It is saddening,poor Paul. Love to his daughter, partner and wider family

Joane123 Wed 29-Mar-23 08:24:02

What sad news. Loved his programme from Battersea. So sorry to read this.

BlueBalou Wed 29-Mar-23 08:24:46

I’m so sorry to hear about his death, he seemed a genuinely lovely man.

Visgir1 Wed 29-Mar-23 08:26:35

He was a legend, what a sad start to the day. RIP lovely man 🌹

Fleurpepper Wed 29-Mar-23 08:31:07

I didn't 'get him' at first- but his love and passion for rescuing animals shone through. Very sad.

Kim19 Wed 29-Mar-23 08:32:37

Our loss. I found him such a tonic. Funny, sincere, fearless. Quite an epitaph. So pleased his departure was peaceful.

LRavenscroft Wed 29-Mar-23 08:41:58

So sorry to hear of his passing. He always had the most warming smile and wicked sense of humour. Silent are the days that follow......

sodapop Wed 29-Mar-23 08:45:49

Paul was favourite of mine too, all through his career. Lily Savage was a great character but Paul's work with and for animals was his greatest strength. He will be missed by Battersea especially. RIP Paul.