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Paul O’Grady has died.

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Georgesgran Wed 29-Mar-23 04:29:43

Sad news - I liked him and his love for animals shone through.

Smileless2012 Wed 29-Mar-23 17:43:57

Thank you for sharing that lovely poem lindiann, it brought tears to my eyes.

westendgirl Wed 29-Mar-23 17:44:46

Such a huge talent, a good man indeed who brought so much joy to so many . He will be truly missed.

Hellogirl1 Wed 29-Mar-23 18:08:40

RIP , a lovely man. Go now Paul, and play with the Angels. God Bless.

Harris27 Wed 29-Mar-23 18:31:43

I actually cried. I really loved his radio two show and listened every Sunday 5/7 and missed it terrible when it was finished. Just heard he was going to boom radio and was delighted. A lovely man and really gone too soon. He was always an advocate for the dogs and the less fortunate. A true gent who will be missed definitely by me.

lemsip Wed 29-Mar-23 18:48:01

Paul O'Grady was 'laughing, smiling and full of life' just hours before he died aged 67, his long-time friend and producer reveals - as heartbroken fans who went to see star perform in Annie Musical days ago said he was 'as sharp and funny as ever'
Star shot to fame as drag act Lily Savage and hosted shows on both TV and radio

His partner Andre Portasio revealed he passed away aged 67 on Tuesday night
LATEST: Tributes flood in as TV world rocked by Paul O'Grady's death aged 67

3nanny6 Wed 29-Mar-23 19:02:13

When I heard the news of Paul O'Grady this morning tears came to my eyes and it seemed unbelievable to hear of his death. He brought much joy to many peoples lives he was genuine caring and seemed a lovely person. His love of all
the dogs on the Battersea Dogs Home made it fantastic to watch.
Truly a person who had a shining light around him such a character and gone from this world too soon.
R.I.P. Paul bon voyage. xx

Grandma70s Wed 29-Mar-23 19:39:10


I was really impressed by him in his programme working with the Salvation Army. It was so sad (and stupid) at the end when they said that he would not be accepted to join because of his sexuality. Awful that they couldn't see past that to the good person he was. sad

If that’s true, it’s outrageous and ignorant. I should think he was a better Christian than they were.

JaneJudge Wed 29-Mar-23 21:43:17

I haven’t met anyone today who hadn’t been really sad about this 😭😭😭😭

annsixty Wed 29-Mar-23 22:13:48

How uplifting to read all the lovely tributes here.
Obviously a well loved man , RIP.

SachaMac Wed 29-Mar-23 22:17:16

Very sad news, so sudden, he will be missed by so many, thoughts with his family flowers

NorthowramGran Thu 30-Mar-23 08:43:11

So wonderful to read all the lovely comments both here and on other social media. RIP Paul, you truly were loved 🥰

Kate1949 Thu 30-Mar-23 10:34:12

There are some lovely stories coming out about Paul. Someone on TV today said that Paul was offered the job as a producer on a show. He apparently said 'I'd love it but I'd rather you advertised it so that everyone gets a fair crack at it.'

Quokka Mon 03-Apr-23 12:08:18

A sad loss.