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Time - new series starring Sean Bean

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Artaylar Thu 03-Jun-21 16:24:31

Starting on BBC 1, Sunday at 9pm.

I love love love Sean Bean and will definately be watching this.

tanith Thu 03-Jun-21 16:59:52

I love Sean Bean too used to watch Sharpe religiously and GOT of course.

BladeAnnie Thu 03-Jun-21 17:05:54

Sean Bean is my absolute favourite too - easy on the eye but I could just listen to that voice!!

Smileless2012 Thu 03-Jun-21 17:09:04

Ooooh thanks for the info Artaylar I think he's fabgrin.

Jane43 Thu 03-Jun-21 18:48:58

Another Sean Bean fan here and it also stars Stephen Graham and Sue Johnston which bodes very well for me.

Artaylar Thu 03-Jun-21 19:26:06

Great to hear from some fellow Sean fans grin

My own favourite dramas with Sean include Broken, The Frankenstein Chronciles and GOT.

For me, he's definately got better with age.

sodapop Thu 03-Jun-21 20:47:31

Another fan here Artaylar I have to say Sharpe was my favourite closely followed by Broken
Looking forward to Sunday.

Grannybags Thu 03-Jun-21 20:54:45

Oooh...Sean Bean ❤️

I'll be watching!

Kim19 Thu 03-Jun-21 20:58:46

Very partial to Sue Johnston stuff but have heard this is somewhat violent so perhaps not for me. We'll see........

Jaxjacky Thu 03-Jun-21 21:53:40

Written by Jimmy McGovern too, a must watch for me/us, fortunately we both have the same taste in TV and books.

Talullah Thu 03-Jun-21 21:57:48

I do like Sean. A couple of years ago he was within spitting distance from me, filming World on Fire. I kept wandering around with my dog hoping for a glimpse but sadly it didn't happen

Calendargirl Thu 03-Jun-21 21:59:59

Hope World On Fire returns.

Want to see Sean and Lesley Mankiller get together, I’m sure she fancied him.


Redhead56 Thu 03-Jun-21 22:13:03

Anything Jimmy McGovern writes is a must for me and Sean Bean is the bonus.

lemongrove Thu 03-Jun-21 22:18:20

I certainly liked him in Sharpe ( in his dark green uniform) swoon.
He’s an actor that likes to keep busy, and has done so much tv drama and films that inevitably some have been absolute rubbish (Richard Burton was the same.) There are also gems like the Sharpe series and GOT amongst others.

lemongrove Thu 03-Jun-21 22:18:55

Lesley Mankiller?

Jane43 Thu 03-Jun-21 22:41:36


Hope World On Fire returns.

Want to see Sean and Lesley Mankiller get together, I’m sure she fancied him.


Me too, it was a great series.

Talullah Thu 03-Jun-21 22:45:32

Yes, I've just searched and World on Fire will return. So I am hoping they'll be doing some more filming here.

arosebyanyothername Thu 03-Jun-21 22:55:10

Thanks for the heads up👍

Chestnut Thu 03-Jun-21 23:11:07

Sean Bean fans will find him at his absolute best as Mellors in Lady Chatterley (1993 TV series) with Joely Richardson. Could they have found a better gamekeeper? I don't think so. 😍

Calendargirl Fri 04-Jun-21 07:00:17


Lesley Mankiller?

Oops, I thought I had checked that before posting!!!

Let’s hope that isn’t her intention for dear Sean!

travelsafar Fri 04-Jun-21 08:10:49

Defo one to watch, he has that certain something smile

Urmstongran Sun 06-Jun-21 20:49:53

I shall be tuning in & can’t wait. 15 minutes to go! Set in a prison. ‘Time’ has been well researched by Jimmy McGovern. I believe it makes for uncomfortable viewing.

Urmstongran Sun 06-Jun-21 21:58:57

Oh. My. God.

Tense in the extreme wasn’t it?

Plastic plates for canteen food. I get that & the reason. But access to a KETTLE? With all that mental health and hard nuts?

Ellan Sun 06-Jun-21 22:08:00

We've just watched it, or to be more accurate my DH did, while I looked at clothes on my tablet
I found it very disturbing
If this is a true representation of our prison system, and I have no reason to doubt that it is, it's nothing short of a disgrace and needs a total overhaul

Jaxjacky Sun 06-Jun-21 22:08:39

One of the few programmes we’ve both watched together in silence. I’ll be interested in comment from those who’ve been on both sides in reality. Definitely a must watch on Sundays.