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Trigger Point.

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Calendargirl Sun 23-Jan-22 21:29:43

Anyone watching this new drama?

I’m a bit underwhelmed so far, but will probably liven up.

tanith Sun 23-Jan-22 21:33:33

I’m watching but a bit disappointing so far, I’m spoiled by Line of Duty 😂

Liz46 Sun 23-Jan-22 21:34:55

It's awful. OH (25 years in the forces) said she wouldn't have touched that light switch.

LauraNorderr Sun 23-Jan-22 21:49:59

Lots of shouting, swearing and heavy breathing but not much of a story yet. Bored.

LauraNorderr Sun 23-Jan-22 21:56:41

Wow, that made me jump

Bellanonna Sun 23-Jan-22 21:58:25

Me too!

Calendargirl Sun 23-Jan-22 21:59:30

Hope Adrian Lester isn’t dead, but if he is, will be a bit flat the next five episodes.

LilyoftheValley Sun 23-Jan-22 22:13:09

I thought it was too quiet for too long. Jumped and spilt my hot choccy!! Do hope Adrian Lester is still with us - he is too good an actor and too delicious to go out in episode one.

Jane43 Sun 23-Jan-22 22:27:26

I stopped watching at the first ad break. Not my cup of tea at all.

Socksandsocks01 Sun 23-Jan-22 22:32:33

I've enjoyed it but don't understand why Yhr Royal Logistics Corps were not there. It seemed just the police

rafichagran Sun 23-Jan-22 22:32:54

I too was underwhelmed, my partner said to me, this is boring. I will watch next week and hope it gets better.

Curlywhirly Sun 23-Jan-22 22:34:42

I thought it was a little boring initially, but it did liven up towards the end! Will carry on watching it, but Line of Duty it ain't.

Callistemon21 Sun 23-Jan-22 22:38:00


Hope Adrian Lester isn’t dead, but if he is, will be a bit flat the next five episodes.

I only watched it to see Adrian Lester! 😂

Yes, it was boring.
I was boring too because I kept saying "This is not a patch on Line of Duty"

SusieB50 Sun 23-Jan-22 23:25:59

Think the trouble is that the ad breaks spoil the atmosphere . Do hope Adrian Lester isn’t out already.

Shelflife Sun 23-Jan-22 23:30:50

Watched the first 10 minutes - then gave up. Just not my thing .

MiniMoon Sun 23-Jan-22 23:50:12

Was only partly watching. Doing puzzle on my tablet.
Looked like body parts on the ground after the explosion.
Now I will have to watch next week.

Purplepixie Mon 24-Jan-22 01:00:57

I also felt a bit let down at first. DH kept shouting at the TV - saying that this and that would never happen in real life! I tried to point out that it is just a story but he says it has to be believeable and this just wasn’t! I too love to see Adrian Lester and if that was his arm we saw then he isn’t going to be too well is he? I will watch next week but I expect better.

Gwyneth Mon 24-Jan-22 08:35:05

I shall watch next week just to see if Adrian Lester survives. But disappointed on the whole. Couldn’t see much of what was going on when they were dismantling the bomb in the flats. I’m sure in reality they would have had more powerful torches! Also I don’t think anyone would have been allowed to approach the man wearing the suicide vest and ‘Wash’ even took her helmet off. Probably expected too much after ‘Line of Duty’ but will see after next week.

Calendargirl Mon 24-Jan-22 09:01:37

I think we weren’t given a chance to realise what it was about, and who was who. Just seemed to be a mass of people in uniform, racing about in police vehicles and similar.

Towards the end, when that senior SIO or whatever he was went to Wash and asked her what had happened, I thought, “I bet they are an item”, which of course they were when he suddenly called her darling and held her hand.

The whole drama felt somewhat forced and contrived, not really drawing you in to the characters.

Charleygirl5 Mon 24-Jan-22 09:13:48

5 more episodes? Hopefully it will improve but I would not put money on it. Now I know why Radio Times did not highlight it as a programme to watch.

LilacChaser Mon 24-Jan-22 09:17:50

I wasn't keen because there wasn't the human interest/relationship/story element. Perhaps this will change, but at the moment it seems just a 'toys for the boys' programme.

eazybee Mon 24-Jan-22 09:42:35

Not nearly as gripping as Danger UXB (1979).
At least 'Wash' doesn't call everyone 'mate' and 'Boss.'

Greyduster Mon 24-Jan-22 09:52:04

Liz46 that’s exactly what my DH said. We both thought it stretched credibility a lot, but hopefully it will get better. Sadly, I’d hazard a guess that it was the young coloured policeman whose arm was lying on the ground, not Adrian Lester’s☹️

Elless Mon 24-Jan-22 10:22:34

Really disappointing after the ridiculous 'countdown'. I went on Twitter after the program and found the memes far more entertaining 😂😂

maddyone Mon 24-Jan-22 10:50:37

I know what other posters mean as it was a bit slow starting, but actually I enjoyed it. I had a feeling that there was going to be another bomb that went off at the end otherwise it would never been too flat.