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New business - but what to call myself?!

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Mitramonday Thu 18-Jul-19 22:40:50

I'm about to start my own business. Initially, I thought I would go down the 'Virtual Administrator' route (basically a PA but online!) but that, although fairly recent, already seems like a fairly crowded market. I'm now thinking more along the lines of being a Virtual Shopper - BUT I'm not interested in 'styling' people, just in providing a shopping service to those who are too busy/not tech-savvy/not able to do so for themselves. Anything from groceries, to a fancy-dress outfit for their child, to domestic appliances, to booking travel/hotels/parties etc.
Now - the question! What do I call this service?! "Personal Shopper" just seems to refer to providing a styling service; "Online Shop Assistant" points to being employed by a specific retailer hmm
Do any of you lovely ladies out there have some ideas for me? TIA

rosecarmel Thu 18-Jul-19 23:08:07

Hi! I don't know where you live, but there are several businesses already doing take out and grocery delivery in the US and the UK- Would you consider working for them 1st to get some experience under your belt prior to starting your own? There is Instacart in the US and I'm sure the UK has an equivalent - Aldi has joined Instacart in the US-

stella1949 Fri 19-Jul-19 01:01:13

I'm a great believer in making sure that the name tells people what you do - don't try to be too clever or they won't know what the service is.

I'd go with something self-explanatory like " Sally's Virtual Shopping Service" .

NotAGran55 Fri 19-Jul-19 07:29:15

Ladies on the Purse Forum who shop high end - Hermes Chanel ‘ Cartier etc always refer to the the assistants in the shops as ‘ My S.A ‘ . They keep in touch with them , repeat buying etc and feel very looked after .

If I was setting up a business like yours ( great idea by the way ) I might call it ‘ MY Sales Assistant ‘ With a big emphasis on the colour / font etc for the MY .

ninathenana Fri 19-Jul-19 08:02:44

"Shop for you"

Missfoodlove Fri 19-Jul-19 09:30:11

Mitramonday, great that you are looking to start a new business, however I’m not sure how much demand there will for such a service.
Have you thought about teaching “ non tech savvy” people how to use tablets, phones etc?
I know many people who would love someone to bring them up to date with technology.
Alexa for example is a great aid for the elderly as she will telephone someone on demand and will also set reminders.
Smart TVs are not being used to their full potential and mobile phones are mis sold to older people.
I really think setting people up with the right technology and making sure they can use it would be a valuable service.

Mitramonday Sat 27-Jul-19 12:14:35

Many thanks all for your comments. I'm in the UK, and although 'take-outs' and grocery stores do online shopping etc., there doesn't seem to be much out there for a wider range of shopping. And, as for teaching the non-tech-savvy - I don't consider myself to be in the league of teaching techie stuff and, from my experience, if someone reaches a (ahem) 'certain age' (which I am myself) without having learnt the basics, then they're generally not that interested in doing so?

Franko Sat 15-Aug-20 16:00:52

There are many good suggestions. I myself like the pun "ViPersonal shopping". It shows that it's Vi-rtual, "ViP" makes your clients think that you will treat them really well. Anyways, it's awesome that you were able to start the business. I happened to found my new undertaking just before the pandemic started and gosh it was hard to stay afloat. I considered using Salesforce in order to improve business processes. It worked well but I wasn't ready for it initially.

BettyQ Thu 31-Dec-20 11:29:57

"Virtual Shopper" seems good enough. Nowadays it is really hard to start a business, there are more risks than usual. I failed with my online store. Fortunately VT Labs helped me to revamp my existing product and bring my business back to life.

carol112 Sat 25-Sep-21 06:14:49

I wish you the best in your business endeavors. If you need to speed up retail processes with custom inventory management tools, I recommend using UI Bakery -

ElderlyPerson Sat 25-Sep-21 11:10:53

I am not quite clear what you would do.

Would you be going to shops and delivering or would you stay in your home or office and do it all from there?

Two experiences of mine. Could you help a client in a similar situation, at cost plus a service fee?

My computer broke down in March 2021. So I rang Currys to get another one. Telephone recording no over the phone orders now, just over the phone advice etc, order online!

Grrr, I van't get online, my computer has broken down.

I resolved this by telephoning an electrician who had done some work in my house for me prepandemic. We discussed it over the telephone. He ordered a computer online, delivered to him. He brought the unopened parcel to my house and I got it social distance style.

So could someone ring you on the telephone and you order the computer, for delivery to your client?

As I am essentially housebound due to the pandemic (notice to third party readers: please let's not argue about it, it's just my situation) I cannot get things like underwear or shirts easily from Tesco as they are not online.

So if someone wanted something like that, would you go into a Tesco, buy the items, put them in a parcel and send them to your client? (By royal Mail or DPD)

Aveline Sat 25-Sep-21 11:18:10

I reported this thread as advertising, had email from GNHQ to say it had been deleted yet here it is!

ElderlyPerson Sat 25-Sep-21 11:18:23

As well as a business name, perhaps you could use a description to be underneath in italics

For example,

I do the shopping, then post it to you

ElderlyPerson Sat 25-Sep-21 11:21:30


I reported this thread as advertising, had email from GNHQ to say it had been deleted yet here it is!

Hey this lady could provide a useful service!

If I want a shirt and I email her my size and she will go into Tesco, get it and post it to me, that would solve a big problem for me.

I would probably have two or three shirts at one go!

MayBeMaw Sat 25-Sep-21 11:24:12


I reported this thread as advertising, had email from GNHQ to say it had been deleted yet here it is!

Me too Aveline

EP or you could just order it online from Tesco (other stores and websites are available) and save on time, money, the intermediary’s petrol and the possibility of getting some thing you don’t like or might need to return.

ElderlyPerson Sat 25-Sep-21 11:33:49



I reported this thread as advertising, had email from GNHQ to say it had been deleted yet here it is!

Me too Aveline

EP or you could just order it online from Tesco (other stores and websites are available) and save on time, money, the intermediary’s petrol and the possibility of getting some thing you don’t like or might need to return.

The Tesco clothing cannot be got online.

It says "pop in" to the store.

What gets my avocado is that the clothing is closer to the pickers than going and getting me a ballpoint pen from the stationery section! smile

The problem appears to be ever-changing-stock-styles.

But frankly, one item, Men's underwear, please put size and preferences in picker notes, would do.

Size X preferably coloured checks but please send something


Size Y preferably plain colours but please send something


Size Z prefer blue but please send something BUT NOT red

Grannynannywanny Sat 25-Sep-21 11:36:28

ElderlyPerson most of the main stores do home delivery of clothing ordered online. M&S, Matalan etc. I bought shirts, underwear and socks there yesterday for a male relative. I find their garments are decent quality and wash well. They are no more expensive than Tesco clothing and often cheaper.

I’ve found since I registered with them they frequently email me a 20% discount offer. I used it to receive a generous 20% reduction on all my purchases yesterday.

Grannynannywanny Sat 25-Sep-21 11:38:20

I was referring to Matalan with the 20% off

MayBeMaw Sat 25-Sep-21 11:39:05

Well other men’s clothing sites are available - you could look at Peter Christian, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s to name three.

Blossoming Sat 25-Sep-21 11:39:52

Zombie thread, look at the dates and also the post containing a link by Carol12. Reported.

ElderlyPerson Sat 25-Sep-21 12:28:15

Oh dear! I shall need to always check dates before posting in future.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 25-Sep-21 13:41:23

EP, do take a look at other websites for shirts and underwear. Peter Christian mentioned by MayBeMaw are very good, I have bought several items from them for my husband. Also Charles Tyrwhitt for shirts and other clothing, even shoes, Joseph Turner ditto, Jockey for pants, vests etc, all of whom I have ordered from successfully (I do all my husband’s clothes shopping as you may have gathered!), and of course good old M&S. All easy to order online, or (except M&S) by phone if you prefer, and get the items delivered to you. I know you won’t get your ClubCard points but you’ll find good value and lots of choice,

Neen Sat 25-Sep-21 22:50:53

Girl Friday smile

H1954 Sat 25-Sep-21 22:55:01

At Your Virtual Sevice?

adrianajohnson Tue 31-May-22 15:54:47

Hello! Good question.