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Anyone still working full-tine in their 60’s?

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Kandinsky Sat 05-Feb-22 10:00:56

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Due to a number of reasons I’ll likely be working 4 full days a week until I’m 65.
( I know 4 days isn’t strictly F/T but close enough )
If you do, how do you find it?
Okay? Enjoyable? Exhausting?
I’m 58 at the moment.

Fleur20 Sat 05-Feb-22 10:04:30

Plenty of us still struggling on... full alternative...
And 4 days is NOT full time... try 45+ hours a week...every week.

Patsy70 Sat 05-Feb-22 11:05:27

I think that four days could be pretty exhausting, depending on the type of work you do.

Kim19 Sat 05-Feb-22 11:13:52

I did it but so enjoyed my job that it was never a chore and my body was kind enough not to give me grief and spoil things. Retired now and, to my surprise, loving it too. Did phase out gradually though.

maddyone Sat 05-Feb-22 11:16:28

I retired at 59 from my full time teaching job. I was already feeling it, and I’m convinced that I couldn’t have worked for very much longer without at least reducing my hours, or choosing a less demanding job.

glammanana Sat 05-Feb-22 11:17:38

I went from volunteering 3 days a week 4hrs a day to full-time when I was 64-67 working 40hrs a week,then retired again when I was 67,I had already retired first time when I was 60.

Elusivebutterfly Sat 05-Feb-22 12:16:48

I worked full time until I got my pension at 62. I would have struggled if I was a couple of years younger and had to work to 66, as I was exhausted and stressed. There are many others like me who cannot afford to give up before getting the state pension, especially single women.

biglouis Sat 05-Feb-22 12:29:03

I worked until I was 60 and then gave up full time employment and drew my state pension. However as I had been an academic I continued to do research and consultancy work for colleagues at the uni for several years. I also built up a part time online selling hobby into a very profitable side hustle which I still do.

The problem many older people meet when they are "waiting" for their state pension is that they are no longer physically fit enough to do full time work - or possibly even part time work. If you are fit you have it made - plenty of cash in hand work available with the current shortage of skilled tradespeople. Cleaning, jobbing, gardening, handyperson etc.

Sara1954 Sat 05-Feb-22 12:29:50

Still working four days a week at 67, also have one daughter and her children living with us, so cooking for six, childcare, and constantly clearing up after them.
I would like to take a bit more time, but I’m looking forward to the littlest one starting school, so that my day off, is actually a day off!
I like working, but my evenings are usually spent spent sleeping on the sofa.
I’m not really complaining, but I must admit I certainly don’t have the energy I once had.

eazybee Sat 05-Feb-22 12:35:36

I worked full-time until i was sixty-five as I had always intended and found it no problem. My mother worked until she was sixty-five and my father until he was seventy, and would have worked longer had he been allowed.

kittylester Sat 05-Feb-22 12:38:50

DH worked till he was 71 and only retired reluctantly when the terms changed. He loved it.

Tina49 Sat 05-Feb-22 12:45:51

Yes, I worked full time (teaching) til I was 63. 73 now and enjoying retirement!

Chardy Sat 05-Feb-22 12:57:11

Worked full-time until SPA at 62+. Did a bit of part-time for a few months. Yes it was very tiring, it was a tiring job anyway, and I couldn't have worked ft much longer, as will be expected of my sisters (66 & 67)

lixy Sat 05-Feb-22 13:03:21

Yes, worked full time until I was 62, then gradually phased out, giving up areas of responsibility and reducing hours. I had a brilliant boss!
Retired now and very happy about it, though still using skills through a little volunteering.

harrysgran Sat 05-Feb-22 16:50:15

Yes full-time at 65 I can't wait until I can claim state pension I am tired and exhausted a lot of the time I feel I can cope with work but it's at the expense of missing out on leisure and social activities as the majority of my time off is spent catching up on things that I can't find time or energy for during the week or sleeping

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 05-Feb-22 16:55:53

I worked full time, long hours and two hours each way commute until I was 62. I was exhausted and very glad to give it up, much as I loved the work. Being retired without a head full of work is wonderful.

Trisha57 Sat 05-Feb-22 16:57:53

I worked full time until I was 60, then did 3 days a week until I was 62. I was ready to retire- my job in politics was quite cut and thrust and I was happy to let the younger ones take over. So glad I'm not still in the political field today!!!

LilacChaser Sat 05-Feb-22 17:01:28

Me (I'm almost 60) and will never be able to retire. Good job I love what I do!

Lucca Sat 05-Feb-22 17:08:01

Retired from teaching (3 days a week) at 66….went back for six months at 67.

I was just saying to a friend today how I miss teenagers !

BlueBelle Sat 05-Feb-22 17:16:13

I worked until I was nearly 69 by choice, I hated retiring and still work voluntary about 18 hours a week for the last 7 years

ExDancer Sat 05-Feb-22 17:23:47

Worked full time until I was 77 and only retired when I broke a vertebra and the pain stopped me. I now do 4hrs a week volunteering in the RVS hospital Tea Bar.
We live quite frugally, and the mortgage is paid off, so we find the State pension quite adequate, but no foreign holidays and not many meals out.
My husband's a farmer so although he says he's retired he spends his days making DS's life difficult by 'helping him out' on the farm - or so he thinks.

SusieB50 Sat 05-Feb-22 17:33:09

I worked in public health nursing full time until I was 64 then just 1 day a week until I left at 67. I retired to help care for my 95 year old mother during her last months, but I was ready to go both physically and mentally . I certainly couldn’t have worked till then on the wards or hands on community nursing .

EngTech Sat 05-Feb-22 19:25:48

Still working past retirement age through choice but getting to the stage where I have to work i.e. Everything going up, Utility bills etc

I enjoy my job but doing bare minimum as no pay rise for the foreseeable future ?

mokryna Sun 06-Feb-22 00:04:22

I was still working in my 70s, covid stopped it all for me

MissAdventure Sun 06-Feb-22 00:21:51

I'm expecting to have to work until I drop, although i haven't been well enough to for quite a while now.

I no longer care about certain aspects of the work, but always about the people i support.