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Odd Retirement Gift

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LibbyR Thu 05-May-22 13:42:17

I worked in the same place for over 30 years and took early retirement last year. I’m not at all bothered about having a social gathering to mark my retirement so was quite happy when my bosses suggested that we do something in the summer due to covid. On my last day I had the most beautiful bouquet, cake and champagne from the bosses and lots of lovely gifts and cards from colleagues and clients. However I was a bit surprised by the gift I received a few months after I retired. One of my bosses popped in to see me with a gift which was a commissioned painting of the building that I’d worked in. It’s not a particularly attractive building and the painting is a bit abstract. I obviously thanked him and I also sent a card to the rest of the company bosses. In truth I found it quite an odd gift and it’s not something I’d put on my wall. I’ve just found it tucked down the side of the sideboard where I put it on the day it arrived. Anyone else had an odd retirement gift?

Chewbacca Thu 05-May-22 13:51:04

I retired just over a year ago; slap bang in the middle of COVID lockdown, so I had no retirement leaving party etc, but, a couple of weeks after retiring, I received a large cheque from the office staff collection very nice, thank you very much and a cardboard box with my keyboard, mouse mat, coffee mug, desk calendar from 2020 (the last time I'd been physically in the office) and a random selection of lunch box Tupperware- none of which was mine! The cheque was sufficient to buy a complete set of garden furniture so I was more than happy!

grannyactivist Thu 05-May-22 14:05:23

Oh dear - that’s really a ‘corporate’ gift, and in my view not appropriate for an employee who’s retiring LibbyR.

I’ve also recently retired and slipped away with no fuss at my request. The people and organisations who really valued me got in touch privately. My favourite was from the local police who have deemed me ‘a legend’. That’ll do for me. ☺️

Riverwalk Thu 05-May-22 14:21:38

I don't think it odd at all to give a commissioned piece of art - in fact it's quite generous even if not to your taste! Especially as it's in addition to the usual flowers, chocolates & Champagne.

BigBertha1 Thu 05-May-22 14:25:28

Oh dear I think that was a bit of a 'man gift'. I would leave it by the bin if someone had given me a picture of the building I last worked in grin

Luckygirl3 Thu 05-May-22 14:34:21

I retired as a school governor for a secondary school many years ago - I had not done it for very long. The gift to me was a print of a painting of the school, which was in no way an interesting building. I never put it on the wall.

Casdon Thu 05-May-22 14:37:07

It’s not odd to give a piece of commissioned art as a gift, but it is odd to give a pice of art which is of the building you worked in- I can’t think of anybody being thrilled to get that when they retired - the point at which we put work behind us?

Nannarose Thu 05-May-22 17:28:23

I think so much depends on how your team in general was and how your boss thought of you. I think that in some workplaces where the team was good (sounds as if yours was) and folk were proud of their work, then it could be seen as a thoughtful gift, even if it slightly misses the mark.

I would tuck it away, as you have, but cherish the thought that you were a valued member of the team, they miss you (and thought you might miss the building!)

And a lot of these gifts depend on who has the responsibility and budget for them. A collection among colleagues will depend not only on how much they thought of you, but their disposable budget. This sounds more like a gift from 'management'. But, as ex-NHS, I would have been thrilled with anything from my employers! I deeply appreciated the small gifts, and buffet from my colleagues, but knew how tight their budgets were.

CoffeeFirst Sat 07-May-22 08:17:02

It’s very corporate but it’s a gift nonetheless. It’s from the bosses nothing to get excited about I have to agree.

Cabbie21 Sat 07-May-22 08:44:56

The year my husband retired, several other staff also left for various reasons, though he was by far the most senior both in longevity and position. The powers that be decided to cut back, so his gift was a silver plated tray, worth about £25 in my estimation. It is up in the loft . They also decided there were to be no speeches, which my husband was pleased about, but I was disappointed as he deserved to receive tributes.

Newquay Sat 07-May-22 09:00:56

Huh! I left smallish local law firm after 30 years. Received lovely card from colleagues; nothing from partners!

Yammy Sat 07-May-22 09:16:25

No, it's not an odd gift to get a painting. When I had to make a big move years ago my friends bought me a painting of a local landmark. You don't have to hang it.

midgey Sat 07-May-22 09:59:15

Perhaps you could use the painting as a dart board!

spottybook Sat 07-May-22 11:06:57

When I retired my boss gave me a pair of slippers! It came as no surprise as her birthday and Christmas presents to me were equally bizarre confused

Tizliz Sat 07-May-22 12:24:09

My last leaving gift was a fleece, woolly hat and scarf - I was moving to north Scotland.

silverlining48 Sat 07-May-22 12:29:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

silverlining48 Sat 07-May-22 12:31:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

icanhandthemback Sat 07-May-22 12:41:17

Message deleted as it quotes a withdrawn post.

silverlining48 Sat 07-May-22 13:18:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

silverlining48 Sun 08-May-22 08:11:57

Thanks Icanhandthbackflowers

Authoress Sun 08-May-22 11:24:28

I would treat that as the gift of a nicely stretched canvas, suitable for my own artistic efforts :D

Grantanow Sun 08-May-22 11:26:48

All a matter of taste.

jaylucy Sun 08-May-22 11:31:35

Definitely a man thing !
I have been in several offices that are inhabited by male members of staff and many of those have had either a portrait of themselves and/ or a large photo or painting of the company building that ,like you said, are not usually the nicest looking building to look at!
I can understand it if the building is old or there is a historical connection with the place but so many should be stuck in the darkest corner of the house before finding their way to either a charity shop or a skip!

Juliet27 Sun 08-May-22 11:36:51

You might not have appreciated it but no doubt someone was pleased with their idea of a gift for you.

SiobhanSharpe Sun 08-May-22 11:49:05

I got a fancy silver plate plaque engraved with name, dates etc. Not my taste at all, also more suited to a bloke, I think.