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Knightley and Son

knightleyand sonJanuary's Kids' book of the month is Rohan Gavin's tale of crime fighting father and son duo, Darkus and Alan Knightley. 

We *would* tell you more about it, but super-brainy, tweed-coated teen Darkus is probably better placed...

Dear gransnetters, 

To your left is a very important novel. It relates the story of my first case and how a book, much like the one you are looking at now, caused readers to commit terrible crimes.

My good friend and biographer Rohan Gavin has put down in words the mystery that began when my father. Alan, regained consciousness from an unexplained coma and how together we uncovered the secrets of a sinister organisation known as The Combination.

My father always had a reputation for taking on unusual crimes and I had been keeping an eye on his cases for some time. However, his sudden arrival took me on the most amazing adventure, and one that changed my life forever.

It’s a thrilling tale if I do say so myself, and one that has scares, laughs and lots of action along the way. In some ways it reminds me of the excellent modern-day interpretation of Sherlock Holmes and the fantastic Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer.

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Although this is Rohan’s debut novel, my biographer has a great pedigree in writing. Rohan Gavin has worked as a screenwriter in LA and is now based in London. He comes from a very creative family and is the son of award-winning children’s author Jamila Gavin. He is a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes which makes him the perfect author to bring back the classic detective mystery to young readers. 

Best wishes,

Darkus Knightley

Perfect for grandchildren aged 9-11 plus, this book proves well and truly that two mega-brained investigators of the weird are definitely better than one, and explores the heart warming relationship between father and son. 

If you'd like to learn more about the Knightleys' adventures, make sure you visit their website, or you can even read an extract from the book!