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From makeup tips to fashion advice, we've got plenty of words of wisdom for you from the experts.

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 High heelWhat not to wear if you're over 50

  autumn winter essentialsAutumn wardrobe essentials

xmas dress bloggers recommend Christmas party dresses

 fashion Over 60s fashion: buying the basics

plus size fashionWhat to wear: plus size and over 50

 petite womanHow to find petite clothing for over 50s

how to wear a hat

How to wear a hat

 how to wear leggings

How to wear leggings


Cardigan dos and don'ts

How to look expensive on a budgetHow to look expensive (on a budget)

  bra fitting

How to buy a bra that fits

   flattering glasses

A guide to finding flattering glasses

retirement wardrobe capsulesRetirement wardrobe essentials

  How to dress fearlesslyHow to dress fearlessly 

funeral outfitWhat to wear to a funeral








 beauty wisdom

Your mother's pearl of beauty wisdom


Gransnetters talk lipsticks that last

guide to foundation bb cream and cc cream

A guide to foundation, CC cream and BB cream

 secret beauty

Seven secret makeup tips for over-50s

british beauty blogger 

Makeup and beauty webchat with Jane Cunningham

glowing skin

Top tips for glowing skin 

facial oils

The facial oils you need to know about 

  looking your best at 50

Tips for looking your best at 50+

Flawless face makeup tutorial 

Flawless face make-up video tutorial 

 beauty blogger

British Beauty Blogger's M&S tips

 Flattering eye makeup

Flattering eye makeup tutorial

 How to apply perfect lipstick

How to apply the perfect lipstick 

Smokey eyes 

Smokey eye makeup tutorial

 Applying makeup

Beauty advice from Caroline Hirons



Body and haircare 

mobile hairdressers

How to find a mobile hairdresser

going grey

How to transition to grey hair

 short hairstyles for older women

Short hairstyles for older women 


Facial serums and how to use them

hair tips

Top ten tips for hair as we age 


 Emergency hacks for grey roots

beauty supplements

Top supplements for hair, skin and nails

Helen Mirren 

 Hairstyles for thinning hair

get most out of hairdresser 

 How to get the most from your hairdresser


 High street hand creams that work

 how to achieve beautiful skin

How to achieve beautiful skin 

neck creams 

 How to deal with neck wrinkles

Bikini lines

The Gransnet guide to bikini lines 

  healthy nails

Top tips for healthy nails

Hair volumisers 

 Hair volumising tips and tricks

facial hair  

 How to remove facial hair


Gransnetters recommend: perfumes for women

 sensitive skin hair removal

Hair removal cream for sensitive skin

grey hair

The ultimate grey hair guide

 healthier hair

Tips on how to get healthier hair

 senior woman with silver purple short hair

How to dye your hair grey

grey shampoo

The best shampoos for grey hair







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