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The ultimate grey hair guide

 grey hair

Love it or loathe it, grey hair is often an inevitable part of the ageing process - but that doesn't have to mean your best hair years are behind you. With the right products and know-how, grey can look fabulous. So whether you're embracing your natural colour or looking for the best hair dye, our ultimate guide on all things grey has got you covered. 


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1. Shampoo for grey hair

grey hair shampoo products

"I use products from a company called White Hot and get so many compliments. My hair is never dull or lifeless, and never yellows."

The right products can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining or improving the condition of your locks. We asked gransnetters for their tried and tested favourites so you can invest in products that you know will work. From neutralising brassy tones, to finding the best shampoo for you, it's all here in one handy place...


2. How to transition to grey hair

senior woman grey hair

"I kept my hair quite short when it started to go silver, and it soon lightened all over. Start with a really good haircut that will accommodate the silver growth. You won't have any regrets."

We all know how annoying upkeep can be when it comes to covering up greys. If you've decided to embrace your natural colour, not only will you have more time and money on your hands (yay!), but grey can look super stylish too. There's just that tricky transitional period to get right beforehand. Noone wants their hair to take on the zebra look, so luckily we've got all the tips for the best way to change to grey.


3. Grey hair dye

senior woman short grey purple hair

"I'm fed up with how lacklustre my shade of grey hair colour is so am considering enhancing it with a good old box dye."

If 'how do you get grey hair?' is a question you frequently ask, it's essential you know about all the options available to you. From hair toner to the best brands when it comes to hair dye, if you're considering going grey, don't do so until you read our handy tips and tricks to achieve maximum glamour.

If you're embracing grey, it's crucial you do your research and choose the right shade for you. Will you go for a silver grey hair dye, or is ash grey more your thing? Do you want one block colour or the added oomph of silver or grey highlights? We answer all your questions...

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4. What causes grey hair? 

what causes grey hair

"I have this irrational dread that once I am grey I will feel and look a lot older than I feel now."

Not everyone loves grey - in fact, for a lot of women pesky grey roots are not a welcome sight. It's common knowledge that hair turns grey as we get older, but do you know why? If you've ever found yourself standing in front of a mirror asking why your locks are changing hue with each birthday, we've got the answers you're after - including how to stop hair going grey.


5. How to cover up grey roots between salon visits

emergency hacks for grey hair

"It's an idiot proof product - this is the perfect grey roots hack..."

If grey just isn't your thing - and for many of us it's not - find out how best to minimise that annoying regrowth in between salon visits. Whether you've got a few days or a few weeks to wait until your next appointment, these handy hacks will help you cover those roots and look like you've only just left the hairdresser's seat. 








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