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Shampoo for grey hair

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So, you've taken the plunge and embraced your grey, but wait...now you've got to reconsider your products. What's the best shampoo for grey hair? And don't forget conditioner and styling solutions! You might even notice you have some yellow tones while growing it out, so you'll need some lessons in neutralising brassy areas. Gransnetters share their favourite tips and products to keep your grey hair healthy, shiny and on the whiter shade of pale.


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1. Choose the right shampoo for grey hair

If you have grey or white hair and have noticed some unfortunate brassy tones popping up, you're not alone. As we age, our hair ages with us. For most of us, it turns grey - have you ever wondered how? - and becomes more porous, making it subject to external nasties like chemicals, pollution and smoke - all of which enter the hair more easily and result in discolouration.

To banish unwanted tones, use a purple shampoo (they also work on blonde hair that's a little on the brassy side). The purple tones will combat the yellow, restoring your hair to its former glory.


2. Read the instructions

...on your grey haircare products, that is. Don't assume your newly-purchased purple or pure silver shampoo is a suitable replacement for your everyday shampoo - they're often once-a-week treatments and overuse will result in a purple tinge instead. More pleasing than the dreaded yellow, certainly, but still not the desired effect.


3. Fight flat or lifeless hair

Hair loses volume it ages, which can sometimes mean a decidedly flat barnet. Not really the look we were going for. Use volume-boosting products to give your hair body and make thinning hair look full again.


4. Make it shine

Grey and white hair, in addition to becoming flatter and finer, lacks the shine that its coloured counterparts boast. To give your tresses a bit of dazzle, choose products such as brightening shampoo and those designed to boost shine. 


5. And if you're still in the transitional stage...

If you're still in the process of going grey, your hairdresser will likely have started to swap a full head of hair colouring, for some more subtle highlights (or lowlights). Here's how to cover up any unwanted roots, and if you're losing patience in the in-between stage, just remember - it'll be worth it in the end.


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The best shampoo for grey hair


provoke touch of silver shampoo aveda pure plant blue malva shampoo
Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Shampoo Aveda Pure Plant Blue Malva Shampoo

This is a brilliant shampoo for brightening white or grey hair. Not only is it cost-effective, but you can see visible results after only one wash. 

"The Aveda product is lovely. My hair feels shiny and healthy-looking and it smells good too!"

Buy: £3.19, Superdrug

Buy: £28.80, lookfantastic.com


klorane shampoo bleach london silver shampoo
Klorane Centaury Shampoo Bleach London Silver Shampoo

"It isn't the cheapest, but it leaves my hair feeling really soft."

This shampoo and matching conditioner brightens and detangles white hair and eliminates yellow tones. Its protein and vitamin properties also help to moisturise your locks.

Buy: £8, lookfantastic.com

Buy: £6.50, Boots


lush daddy o shampoo phillip kingsley shampoo set
Daddy-O Shampoo Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Regime

"Lush's Daddy-O shampoo smells lovely and gives my hair a silky finish."


"The Philip Kingsley Pure Silver kit contains shampoo, conditioner and the famed Elasticiser. It's well worth the cost."

Buy: £6.25, Lush

Buy: £48, lookfantastic.com


 pantene grey hair shampoo White Hot shampoo
Pantene Pro-V AgeDefy Shampoo White Hot Brilliant Shampoo

"This brings back the silky softness my hair used to have."


"I use products from a company called White Hot and get so many compliments. My hair is never dull or lifeless and it never turns yellow."

Buy: £5.99, Boots

Buy: £12, Boots


loreal silver shampoo tigi moisturising shampoo
L’Oréal Serie Expert Silver TIGI Moisturising Recovery Shampoo

"Love this stuff. It stops my hair looking rusty and leaves it feeling strong and looking glowy."

"Firstly, this smells divine and, secondly, it has made my hair feel newborn fresh again."

Buy: £9.35, lookfantastic.com

Buy: £7.50, Feel Unique

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