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The complete guide to over 50s fashion

Over 50s style guide 

Style is not a redundant concept for a woman in her 50s or beyond, and while bodies may change with age, the desire to look smart, stylish, glamorous - you name it - doesn't. So whether you're thinking about a complete wardrobe overhaul or you just want to figure out how to express your personal style with more confidence, there are plenty of small changes you can make that will have a big impact on how you look and feel.


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1. What not to wear if you're over 50

what not to wear over 50

After many conversations about fashion over 50 - and what not to wear - we thought it was time to put all our tips in one place. We've heard a few <ahem> controversial pieces of advice in our time, which made us question...what's the real secret to dressing when you're over 50?

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2. The complete 60 plus capsule wardrobe

basic capsule cardrove for 60 year old woman

When you're stuck in a fashion rut, there's only one way to get out of it - short of giving yourself a head to toe makeover - and that's to go back to the start and build yourself a basic capsule wardrobe. For many women, how to dress at fifty and beyond is the source of some head scratching, so we're here to get you off to a flying start. Here are the essential pieces we should all have tucked away somewhere, from underwear to the perfect Little Black Dress.

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3. Plus size clothing for over 50s

plus size pencil skirts

It's no secret that women come in all shapes and sizes, but all too often we see retailers catering to the size 10 20-somethings while ignoring those who are plus size... not to mention those who are plus size AND over the age of 50. So what items of clothing are the most flattering for plus size, older women? Which brands are the go-tos when it comes to stylish garments and a decent range of sizes? And what should you consider when dressing to suit your shape? We reveal all (not literally).

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4. Retirement wardrobe essentials

senior woman retirement wardrobw

While retirement might feel like a breath of fresh air, sorting out a wardrobe that still holds clothes from 1985 certainly isn't. So how do you go about attempting to declutter? And how do you decide what you actually need and what you don't? We've put together some tips on how to clear out those unwanted bags, dresses, skirts, shoes (and everything in between), and created a list of essentials to help you create your very own retirement wardrobe.

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5. Petite clothing for women over 60

fashionable petite senior woman

Whether it's the trousers that sit comfortably around the waist but drag on the floor enough to almost send you flying, or the dress that's the perfect length but wouldn't stretch over your boobs in a million years, finding clothes that fit like a glove is a universal struggle for shorter women over 60. That's why we've sought the advice of our gransnetters and come up with a few tips to help you find stylish petite clothing that actually fits no matter your body type.

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