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Short hairstyles for older women

short hairstyles for older women

Finding a short hairstyle you're happy with can be a real struggle over 50, especially if you have thinning hair, fine locks or still haven't found your signature look yet. Fear not, though. We reveal the best short hairstyles for older women from edgy pixie cuts to bouncy bobs. 


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Why choose a short hairstyle?

  • It's more manageable than a longer cut (most of the time anyway).
  • It adds volume to fine or thin hair through layers. 
  • Your hair will likely look healthier after a good chop.
  • You might just feel more confident.


Top 10 short hairstyles for older women

No matter your style, nothing quite beats a cut that lasts. So here are the best short hairstyles for women over 50.


1. Side-swept fringe

"I always go for fairly short hair with a fringe. It provides a style that is wash and go."

side-swept fringe for short hair

If you have a round face, create an illusion of length by opting for a long side-swept fringe, perhaps paired with a classic chin-length bob or a layered pixie... although it will work a treat with pretty much any short hairstyle.

A side-swept fringe will also benefit any face shape as it frames the face well, which makes it a flattering hairstyle for women who prefer short hair. No wonder it's so popular.


2. Classic bob 

"What about a chin-length bob? With or without a fringe."

classic bob hairstyle

The queen of short hairstyles (if you will), this classic, elegant cut is ideal for older women. It a versatile choice in that you can change your parting as and when to add extra volume and dress your look up or down. It's fairly low-maintenance too, which makes this style a winner in our eyes.


3. Edgy pixie cut

"I think a pixie cut would look great on an older woman - think Judi Dench - and it's easy to look after."

Judi Dench with short hair

Take a leaf out of Judi Dench's book and go for an edgy pixie cut, a hairstyle that is proving very popular among women of all ages. Although it looks best on those with a square or heart-shaped face, it's the ideal hairstyle if you're looking to transition to grey hair quickly and easily - the shorter the length, the quicker it'll take! Play around with highlights and semi-permanent dye for an even edgier look.  


4. Full fringe

"I have to have a fringe as I have enough wrinkles to screw my hat on!"

woman with red short hair

A block fringe is fantastic if you have a long face as it will cover your forehead and make your face look shorter. It'll also hide thinning hair and the odd bald spot, so make sure it starts as far back as you can to achieve a fuller look. This style could prove problematic, however, for those with curly hair and those who want a hairstyle with slightly less maintenance involved - the fringe will need a regular trim.

A fringe is an opportunity to have some fun, though. It works a treat with a chin-length bob and will add some volume to flat, lifeless hair. Consider a different colour (how fabulous is this red?) for a more attention-grabbing look. 


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5. A-line bob

"I have fine hair, so I have it short at the back for volume, then graduated till just below chin length at the front, which gives the appearance of a longer style."

chin-length bob

An A-line long bob is a gorgeous cut for older women with a long face and fine, straight hair. The front is usually around two inches longer than the back, which makes styling a lot easier for those who hate the faff. It'll allow you to focus on creating a pleasing shape at the front while providing a bit of variation from the classic bob.  

This hairstyle also works well if you wear glasses, which can also be tricky to get right depending on your face shape. It's a particularly flattering cut with rectangular glasses as it offers a level of symmetry, although it works well with a variety of specs.


6. Very short cut

"After years of long hair, I had my hair cut short and it is so much easier to manage now."

very short hairstyles for older women 

Shorter 'dos are a life-saver if you have hair that is hard to manage, and the good thing about very short hair is that there is less of it to grapple with! While this might ring some alarm bells for those who have thinning or fine hair, you can add a bit of volume on top (see below) and style as you please, whether it's a spiky, choppy look or a smoother layered cut. 

The only downside to very short hair, however, is having to trim every six weeks in order to keep the style looking fresh. It's important to get the most out of your hairdresser when initially going for the chop so that you find a short hairstyle you're happy with.


7. Volume on top

"My hair is fine, curly and unruly, so I wear it layered."

short layered hairstyle

Whether it's a pixie cut with shorter layers, a short stacked bob or a short layered cut (as above), it's fairly easy to create volume with short hairstyles. Grab the rollers or the curling tongs if you have wavy hair to flesh out those curls and add extra oomph. A layered cut is our favourite here as it's stylish, full-bodied and really does look quite stunning.


8. Bouncy bob

"I find my hair easier to manage when it's a bit longer. I also like the feel of it swishing around."

bouncy bob hairstyle

A bouncy bob is the true hero of short hairstyles, especially for those that want to go short, but not too short. While it's fairly easy to maintain, unless, of course, you have stubborn hair, you'll be able to get some volume with this cut. Luckily, we've recommended a few volumising products for thinning hair to help you achieve the bounciest of bouncy bobs.

For those of you with a few curls or waves (lucky devils), this might just be the cut for you. Style your hair with a curl definer or hairspray to keep it looking full and fresh.


9. Undercut pixie

"I change my hairstyle all the time. My hairdresser is very inventive so we try all sorts."

Tilda Swinton

The great thing about a pixie cut is that it can take on all manner of styles. Short hair certainly isn't boring and the undercut pixie proves just that! Arguably even edgier than the edgy pixie, this cut features a shaved underside with longer hair on top...and is certainly one of our favourites if you're feeling daring enough.


10. Long pixie

"I've gone pixie after several years mid-length. I know it suits me as I had the same for a while in my 30s, and it's so easy to keep tidy."

Helen Mirren with a long pixie cut

Our final pick is the long pixie, another stylish variation and the ideal short hairstyle if you want to add extra volume to fine or thin hair. The cut can be styled to suit your face shape and personality, perhaps with a side parting, long or razored crown layers, or even an asymmetrical cut as sported by Helen Mirren.  


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