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10 top tips for holiday packing


"I'm going to Birmingham for two days and I've packed teabags and enough undies for a week..." And with that, they were off. Here are gransnetters' top tips for streamlining your holiday wardrobe and figuring out what you really need as opposed to, well, chucking your entire wardrobe into a suitcase <and busting the seams in the process>

Happy holidays. 


1. Stick to one colour palette

"I like to travel light, and have found that two pairs of shoes are all you will ever need (want is a different thing altogether.) Keeping the colours and patterns simple is another tip - take things that 'go' together." rosesarered


2. Plan ahead to avoid panic packing

"A few weeks before we go away, I start making a list of clothes that I can 'mix and match', including shoes. The list is usually on my bedside table and I add to it or cross out as it occurs to me. Come packing day, I stick to the list." Grannyknot

We recommend this Filofax Saffiano Personal Organiser 


3. Honey, I shrunk the toiletries

travel toiletries

"I collect free samples of toiletries throughout the year and take these as they are usually small. Does away with the need for lots of bottles." marpau

If you haven't had the chance to collect up freebie samples, we recommend these handy travel toiletries.


4. Choose multi-taskers

"One cardigan-type thing that you can travel in and will be warm if needed, or can be rolled up for your head to nap on in the plane." rosesarered

We recommend this M&S Bobble Button Cardigan or Phase Eight Elin Cardigan 


5. Find your capsule wardrobe

"I take black and white trousers and t-shirts then lots of scarves to ring the changes. Also take earrings to match scarves and hey presto, a different look each evening." pattie

"Over three weekends, in whatever season you are travelling, make a loose note of what you wore. This is a six day wardrobe so you can wear everything twice on a 12 day holiday, with one outfit for travelling." Mimotron1

We recommend this Boden Viscose Scarf or Joules Someville Woven Scarf


6. If you're travelling with grandchildren...


"Give each of the children a backpack (identical except perhaps in different colours) and tell them that they can only take what fits into that...[and] take as many things in an inflatable version as you can."JackyB 

We recommend: this Cabin Max Bear Childrens Luggage Carry On Trolley Suitcase or LittleLife Toddler Daysack


7. Forgot your toothbrush? Don't panic

"I seemed to forget that there were shops at my destination if I did forget anything." Charleygirl


8. But check and check again for medication

"Important: two separated lots of medication one on person, and one in luggage, in case anything gets lost/delayed." Coolgran65

We recommend this 7 Day AM PM Pill Tablet Box Dispenser Holder 


9. Be weather-wise

weather report

"I keep a close eye on weather reports for the area to try and cut out some of the clothes packing guessing game."


10. Create your own organisation

"I made a few drawstring bags, like PE bags, one for undies and socks, one for batteries and chargers and so on - this saved endless rummaging so they will be coming out again."

We recommend this John Lewis Chambray Stripe Laundry Bag or John Lewis Separates Laundry Bag


And the answer you've all been waiting for...

"I roll everything up rather than folding. If you roll really tight things don't crease up."


Handy extras

  • Laundry bags - keep your whites white by putting dirty clothes and undies in one of these.
  • Scent bag - banish the stale travelling scent and keep unworn clothes smelling fresh. 
  • Microfibre towel - smaller than a regular towel, but very efficient and quick-drying.
  • Travel detergent - small bottles of special travel detergent last for ages and will help out if you manage to spill something on, say, your faithful all-occasion dress.

We recommend this John Lewis Mesh Laundry BagWilko Microfibre Cleaning Towel and Dr Beckmann Travel Wash


Have a packing tip of your own? Go on, share it with us on the thread.


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