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10 ways weddings have changed over the years

vintage wedding photo 

You've had the 'Save the Date' on your fridge for what seems like years then, suddenly, the big day approaches and it's all over in a flash. Wedding season. It's nearly upon us. Nuptials in the 21st century really are like Marmite - some love them, others recoil at the thought...

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1. Parks and pints kept everyone happy

vintage newlyweds embracing in park

"When my other half and I tied the knot, nearly 45 years ago, we went to the register office with around a dozen dear friends. It was a warm and sunny day so we adjourned to the local park where my brother-in-law - a talented photographer - took lots of pictures. After that, we all went to the pub for beer and sandwiches, and it was a lovely day. The whole event probably cost about £50 and everyone enjoyed it, especially the bride and groom."


2. Wedding gift lists didn't exist


"We received presents such as an ironing board, an iron or pillowcases. My nephew got married a few weeks ago and had a John Lewis gift list. I was gobsmacked when I read it. One of the items was a £350 barbecue!"  


3. Bridezilla had yet to emerge

crazy bride

"I don't think there was any such thing as a bridezilla in our day. Not that they are all like that now but today's expectations do generally seem far greater." 


4. Remember the fizz of the day?

bucks fizz

"There have been big changes since the very proper 'kitchen tea' of the early 1970s when you got very excited about an afternoon tea and some tea towels. The 'Bucks' night' tended to be a little more exciting as my now ex-husband ended up in casualty with various injuries including fractured ribs!" 


5. The essential ingredients for modern nuptials

newlyweds photobooth

"Candy carts, ice cream van, candy floss stand, doughnut wall, casino tables, inflatable bouncy castle, children's activity centre with staff, photo booth, wedding cake AND groom's cake, band for reception and jazz band for later in the evening, fireworks, a full pipe band march past after dinner, magicians to work the tables, storytellers to entertain guests while the photos are being taken, harpists and string quartets...the list is endless and expensive!" 

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6. Simples!

vintage newlyweds signing forms

"We married at 11am in a registry office and back to a hotel for the wedding breakfast and photos. We returned to my mum and dad's for tea then we left at about 6pm to go to London. Simples! We loved it and there was no stress at all - can't speak for my parents, though!" 


7. New rules for mother of the bride outfits... 


senior woman head in hands

"At a wedding I went to recently, the mother of bride and the mother of the groom were expected to wear the same outfit!"


8. The uncomplicated olden days

vintage newlyweds talking to guests

"I miss the 'olden days' when the people down the street made sausage rolls and sandwiches to help out (the lid of the twin tub made a huge tray for it all) and the scout hut or similar was the venue. All my family were musicians and singers - wedding singers and planners were unheard of back then."


9. Is she a bride or is she a princess?

bride wearing extravagant wedding dress 

"The strangest one we attended recently saw the bride change three times during the proceedings, each dress more lavish than the last."


10. For the love of money...

 plastic bride and groom standing on mountain of money coin

"It's hardly surprising that today's generation can't afford to get on the housing ladder. The considerable deposit had been spent on the wedding!" 










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