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Tips for coping with widowhood

When Jan Robinson lost her husband unexpectedly she looked to other widows for advice. The support she recieved proved to be so invaluable that Jan compiled it into a book 'Tips for Widows'.  

winter sun

Pining for some sun as you scrape the ice off your car? Here's our pick of the best places to thaw yourself this winter. 

Gransnet book club

From book clubs to book giveaways (for grown-ups and children!) find your next page turner here.

High heel

Gransnetters on fashion dos - and mistakes to avoid at all costs <beige in any form>.

fruit cake]

From delicious soups to indulgent cakes, we've got all the recipes you'll ever need.


Had a fabulous stay in the UK or abroad? Write a review about your accommodation, eateries and days out.

Captain Steve Allright

Tips on how to conquer your fear of flying, plus single supplements and more.