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Index of Gransnet guest blog posts

February 2017

Sam Hepburn - That's right - I'm anti-'foodie'. Do you 'get' this new foodie generation?

Sophie McKenzie - Around the world with hand luggage only. Could you manage it?

Chris Paling - Think you know your library? The things you see when you work in a library...

Georgia Hunter - Doing the right thing, then and now. Heroic acts during WWII.


January 2017

Alice Keale - The power of coercive control. Domestic abuse doesn't always mean physical violence.


December 2016

William Pullen - Empathy walks and why they're important. Would you try one?

Pip Jones - How to handle an invisible friend? Does your grandchild have an imaginary pal?

Patricia Scanlan - Christmas spirit or Christmas pressure? It's exhausting, keeping the Christmas spirit alive...


November 2016

John Williams - Dear Dad. The author's heart-warming letter to his late father about his autistic son.

Ann Richardson - In-laws - love them or loathe them? The most difficult relationships of all...

Meik Wiking - What's love got to do with it? What is hygge, and how can it improve your life?

Barbara Fox - The wrong kind of refugee? What's the difference between a WWII evacuee and a Syrian one?

Sarah Beeson MBE - We need to protect our NHS. Why this veteran health visitor is concerned.


October 2016

Derek Niemann - The battle to save Britain's ancient woodlands. A fascinating journey of discovery.

Caroline Taggart - Is our language going to the dogs? Or is it simply evolving?

James Rhodes - Do your grandchildren need music? The transformative power of music.

Hope HumphreysShould illegal drugs be decriminalised and regulated? Should UK drug laws be changed?

Fionnuala KearneyThe highs and lows of my fifties. What has your favourite decade been so far?


September 2016

Christine Human - Living with Rosie. At what age would you say no to new pets?

Marian Carter - Children and grief. How do you approach the issue of grief with young children?

Steven Boykey Sidley - Writing music, music writing. Can you describe how music makes you feel?

Elisabeth Luard - Foraging with my grandchildren. A special and necessary pastime.


August 2016

Ann Turner - How well do you know your partner? Secrets don't have to be big to cut deeply...

Barbara Hudson - Would you try internet dating? Or maybe you have already?

Steve Croft - Grandkids, obesity and biscuits. Who's to blame for childhood obesity?

Jean Swales - Grandmothers and their granddaughters. What influence have you had?

Theresa Cheung - Is there an afterlife? Life after death - or near death experiences...


July 2016

Lesley Pearse - Unexpected friendships. Would you up sticks for a new friendship?

Andy Jones - They don't make romance like they used to. Is this the death of modern romance?

Kate Moore - A bereavement without a death. How can you know your grandparents if they don't know themselves?

Susan Beale - My birth certificate is a lie. The practice that still stigmatises adoption.

Anonymous - A letter to Holly. One grandmother's way of reaching out to her estranged granddaughter.


June 2016

Jane Costello - When should children be given mobile phones? Is there ever a right time?

Jean Burnett - Would you take an adult gap year? It's never too late...

Jane CorryHow our granddaughter brought us all together. How one event reunited a fractured family.

Brigid Keenan - Did you give up your career for love? The author on writing, marriage and identity.


May 2016

Elaine Everest - The wonder of Woolies. Did you have a Saturday job?

Polly Morland - Why it's never too late to change. Is there an age at which change becomes too tiring?

Vanesa Ronan - Why home schooling is better than school. Would you be happy to see your grandchildren home schooled?

Kate Medina - Surviving the army as a woman. Sexism - still rife in the male dominated army?


April 2016

Isobel Clarke - I fell for a romance scam. The perils of online dating were never so real...

Tony Watts - Forget downsizing... What we need is 'rightsizing'. A different approach to the housing shortage.

Penrose Halson - The decline of the marriage bureau. Has dating lost the personal touch?

Joan Pollock - Saving Spiti. When adventure becomes a lifetime of dedication.


March 2016

Sinead Moriarty - Stuck in Spain. How a time of terrible grief became unexpectedly precious.

Karen Lee - To the outside world. Rebuilding a life after years of psychological abuse.

Ruth Whippman - Are our 60s and 70s are happiest years? Is is just a case of waiting to get there?

Leila Glen - My 7 months in a 3G house. How to cope with three generations under one roof.

Rachel Hore - When is it time to let go? The author on how and when to take a step back.


February 2016

Paul Heiney - From grief to empowerment. In an ocean of grief, can one choose to sink or swim?

Katie Fforde - Is ours a better generation of mothers-in-law? Katie's convinced of it...

Paul Brinkley-Rogers - Remembering first loves. Do you remember yours? 

Christopher Matthew - Youthful pleasures? Dream on... The trials of late-flowering love.

Jane Robinson - The stigma of illegitimacy in the sixties. Jane on what it meant for 'wayward women' and their babies back in the 60s.


January 2016

Jane Tulloch - Nobody to call me Madam? Jane wonders what's killing the traditional department store.

Kate Bendix - Is supermarket dog food harming our pets? Kate Bendix is arguing for DIY dog chow.

Simon Barnes - Where's your natural haven? The wildlife writer reveals his most sacred spot.

Jenifer Grumbley - Is it really hard to eat healthily? Is eating well really as simple as we think?


December 2015

egraham1960 Christmases past and present. How have your Christmases changed over the years?

Susie Groom - War baby. On growing up in the shadow of war, and the effect it has on family.

egraham1960 - Are today's weddings a waste of money? Is the extravagance worth it?


November 2015

Alice Jolly - It's never too late to grieve. On a parent's right to grief, at whatever age.

John Sutherland - My ungrammatical nan. Grandparents, education - and being in the right place at the right time.

John Macnicol - Raising the pension age: is it really worth it? Who stands to lose the most?

Diana Melly - Before feminism. What were the consequences of a lack of feminism in earlier years?

Kate Lord BrownGrandparents in literature. Should there be more older characters in books?


October 2015

Tom Fickling - Are comic books proper reading material?

Melissa Hill - All you need is love. What wouldn't a parent give up for their child?

Natasha Farrant - Do you have to be a good mother to be a good grandmother?

Jane Turley - The problem with plumbers... Ever felt short changed by a tradesman?

Bel Mooney - Why do people make so much fuss? The veteran journalist wonders...


September 2015

Margaret - Bereavement: who supports the grandparents?

Jenny Molloy - How the care system changed my life. The lasting effects of being rescued.

Jessica Lahey - To be a great sports parent... Just act like a grandparent.

Jenny Downham - The value of right now. Finding joy in the darkest of times.


August 2015

Rachel Elliott - The loss of a grandparent. Is it taken seriously enough?

Kate Long - Permission to be me-shaped, please. The ultimate response to rude weight comments.

Fanny Blake - The 10,000 step tyranny. Are you getting your 10k a day?

Saskia Sarginson - Where does identity come from? The author on finding her true self.

Yasmeen Ismail - Why do girls want to be princesses? Challenging gender stereotypes.

Jessica Madge - A fresh look at heartburn. One woman's determination to find a natural remedy.

Meike Ziervogel - Inside the mind of a female extremist. What drives someone to such extremes?


July 2015

Lisa Ballantyne - Daddy's girl. What are the real consequences of an absent father?

Elizabeth Mountford - Volunteering. Elizabeth on the merits of professional volunteers.

Cathy Rentzenbrink - Fates worse than death. When is it time to let someone go?


June 2015

Milly Johnson - Cruising convert. Cruising isn't just for the rich and old, you know...

Helen Walmsley-Johnson - Angry Birds and online forms. The form that's fencing Helen in.

Zia Chaudhry - Culture clash? Not so much. Are we presenting 'culture clash' in the right way?

Gill Hornby - Confessions of a hoarder. When to plan a clear out after the last child flies the nest?

Anna James - Signs of the times. Why we need to update the old 'elderly crossing' road signs.


May 2015

Elizabeth Archibald - On secrets. Turns out, we're still searching for life's secrets...

Nancy Costello - Nancy's story. On growing up in Ireland's laundries.

Iona Grey - The things we should've asked. Keepsakes, memories and keeping them safe.

Denise Robertson - Helping the boomerang kids. Young people and the property ladder.

Lori Lansens - Survival tales. Lori's family secrets for surviving to old age.

Lesley Pearse - Down memory lane. Memories of yesteryear, starting with the 1953...

Christine Pye - The bequest. Christine's mother and her very last act of charity.

Jonathan Mayo - Hitler's Last Day. Jonathan on the little details that make great stories.


April 2015

Debbie Rix - Are we missing out on gap years? If the kids are all doing it...why shouldn't we?!

Jaki Bent - Grandma in tech. How one grandmother found herself the founder of a tech start up.

Sharon Maas - Growing old gracefully - and quietly. Sharon on the joy of growing older.

Inger Wallis - Inger's story. Inger shares the story of how her sudden stroke has affected her life.

Hattie Holden Edmonds - If angels are real, what else have we got wrong? Hattie wonders what we're missing.


March 2015

Erwin Mortier - A stolen future. Coping with a shock Alzheimer's diagnosis.

Derek Niemann - A Nazi legacy. Derek on the shock of discovering his grandfather's SS ties.

Patricia Scanlan - Should you call time on a toxic friendship? Patricia on those fair weather friends.

Helen Creighton - The case for a new Pensions Commission. Shouldn't pensions get a rethink?

Virginia Ironside - Grandparents: the butt of all jokes. How a grandparent's GSOH is their finest asset.

Sinead Moriarty - Should siblings share a bedroom? How sharing with her sister formed a stronger bond.


February 2015

Dawn May - Gran interrupted: one year on. Dawn highlights the uncertainties of living with Parkinson's.

Villem Saks - Dog poo wars. Villem wonders whether fouling is really the problem we think it is?

Rita Young - My battle with a frozen pension. Rita describes being cut off financially after emigrating.

Middleagespread - A year of resolutions. One gransnetter on conquering her New Year's resolution.


January 2015

Ingrid Harris - Seasoned to perfection. Ingrid on her adventures in the French mountains.

Sophia Tobin - The Angel in the House. Feminine ideals in Victorian England.

Lynne Franks - The love revolution. Grandmothers unite against sexual violence towards woman.

John Sutherland - 15 things to be grumpy about. The journalist and author shares his pet peeves.


December 2014

Jo Bloom - Growing into my skin. Jo describes the painful process of feeling comfortable in her own skin.

Celeste Ng - A lesson in authenticity. Celeste goes into the kitchen and back to her Chinese roots.

Ann Richardson - The memories of parenting. The same struggles, with added years of wisdom.

Liz Bowyer - Taking care of Dad. Liz describes the decision to help her father move into a care home.


November 2014

Betsy Tobin - The chemistry of creativity. The science behind those creative juices.

Susan Alderson - Help donate a better future. How sponsoring a child opened up Kate's world.

Kate Bendix - In praise of the older rescue dog. Why Kate thoroughly recommends a middle aged mutt.

Sarah Wellard - Where does your food come from? The dangers of intensive farming.

Trevor Lyttleton - Tea and time.  How just a little of both could make a big difference to an older person.

Christopher Matthew - The peasures of being a dog owner. Christopher describes a life enriched by dogs.


October 2014

Simon Barnes - Creepy crawlies or small wonders? The upsides to our eight-legged friends <gulp>.

Deborah Gale - Ageing - it means living. Why it's time for society to change its attitude. 

NIcci Gerrard - The Invisible Elderly. How our perceptions of people are affected by their age.

Hilary Boyd - Like riding a bike. Finding a new lease of life through cycling.

Nick Duffell - Wounded leaders start very young. Should young children go to boarding school?

Andrew Motion - Pioneering poetry. The former poet laureate on the joy of learning by heart.


September 2014

Kate Mayfield. A deathly fascination. The death rites and rituals of world cultures.

Hattie Holden Edmonds - Do you believe in angels? How little coincidences could be little miracles.

Claire Clark - The complete cake maker. How to add a glamorous touch to any sweet creation.

Glenys Newton - Empty nest. The mixed joy and relief of having the house all to yourself again...

Janie Emaus - The baby boomer bloggers. Janie Emaus on why this generation has so much to say.

Elizabeth Buchan - How far would you go to do what's right? The struggle between principle and protection.

Tore Renberg - How we remember. We don't all remember in words and pictures, as Tore explains.


August 2014

Boris Fishman - Dirty apron. What a difference a couple of generations make.

Rosie Staal - Feeling squashed - life in the sandwich generation. The pressures of life at this stage.

Barbara Fox - Life in a vicarage. It's not easy being known as "the vicar's daughter"...

Rhidian Brook - Faith, forgiveness and building bridges. One man's act of forgiveness after WWII.

Ann Davis - Why become a volunteer? Ann gives her top reasons to get involved.


July 2014

Mark Haysom - Well, of course, I would remember that! Mark Haysom on the memory that sparked a book.

Margaret Goodwin - Online dating over 50. Dos and don'ts for those looking for digital romance.

Pippa Tompsett - Understanding autism. A 13-year-old's frank look at daily life with autism.

Helen Walmsley-Johnson - Flexible working and older women. How will it benefit over 50s?

Tracey Brown - In the interest of safety... Do health and safety laws keep us that much safer?

Sandi Toksvig - The alternative etiquette. On some surprising ways to be a well-mannered grandparent.


June 2014

Helen Walmsley-Johnson - Sexist ageism. The Invisible Woman on this new, noxious mix.

Sarah Boseley - The junk food trap. Obesity and the persuasive marketing techniques of supermarket giants.

Ottilie Kark - Me and my granny. A privileged look into the world of publishing.

Elizabeth Fremantle - Pushy Tudor grandmothers. The strong matriarchs of history.

David Stuart MacLean - Amnesia: remembering before. Helping each other through trauma and recovery.

Elizabeth Nyirafaranga - War and sexual violence. Rebuilding a life after the horror of genocide.

Elizabeth Laird - Great books for grandkids. Where to find the best new writers without relying on the classics.


May 2014

Barry Martin - Life lessons from the building site. Barry Martin and the woman who inspired a Disney film.

Dinah Jefferies - Leaving paradise and starting again. The crisis that inspired a novelist.

Sue Howard - The power of reminiscence. How bringing back the past can help dementia sufferers.

Fiona Phillips - The double impact of dementia. Fiona on the disease that claimed her parents.

David Craig - Don't join the "grave brigade". The underhand tactics of so-called "senior wealth advisers".

Richard Hall - Remembering Italy's forgotten campaign. The country's overlooked sacrifices.

Pam Rhodes - Losing my mum. How you never stop missing your mum, whatever age you are.


April 2014

Nikki King - Head honcho to proud grandmother. The bliss of her daughter's unexpected twins.

Heather Reyes - For the love of books. The therapeutic act of reading in the face of illness.

Dawn May - Gran interrupted. How a Parkinson's diagnosis inspired Dawn to become an author.

Karen McCombie - How to be an everyday angel. A lesson on the little ways to make someone's day.

Monica Porter - Sex and the sexaganarian. Monica Porter on being sixty and single.


March 2014

Maureen Lee - On becoming a writer. The bestselling author talks dramatic aspirations and finally making it.

Galen - Have scooter, will travel... Galen's account of her cruise in Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Nannyah - Who do you turn to? Nannyah on support for grandparents of disabled children.

Dr Luke March - Ukraine and Russia: the love of Big Brother? Putin, the West, and the continuing crisis.

Susan Bradley - Smoking: the end of an affair. Susan on her battle to give up cigarettes.

Virginia Ironside - Child's play. Virginia asks, are we ever too old to make-believe with grandchildren?


February 2014

Jane Ainsworth - Home on the waves. Jane's adventures on the high seas.

Dr Rosemary Leonard - Doctor's Notes. A <ahem> colourful insight into a GP surgery.

Candace Drimmer - Escaping gun culture. What would it take to drive you out of your home?

Lesley Pearse - Why I love libraries. The story of Lesley's love of books and libraries from early childhood.


January 2014

Edo Zollo - Beauty in older women. One photographer's challenge of the stereotypes around older women.

Elizabeth Edmunds - Justin Bieber's granny. Can we cushion grandchildren from the blows that life brings?

Keren David - Family matters. Is it right to tell adopted children where they come from?

J Courtney Sullivan - Diamonds are forever. The phrase that made the diamond a must-have accessory.

Liz Mountford - 75 going on 40. The pros and cons of being young at heart.


December 2013

Philip HookHow to value a painting. Could that dusty old painting in the attic be a work of art?

Aka - Losing a grandchild. The heartache of that terrible phone call, and the support available. 

Saethryd Brandreth - Christmas party games. The lost art of having fun?

Joel RickettsHaving the grandchildren to stay. A (very) 21st century guide.

Rachel Edwards Barrott Grandparents and divorce. On the rise among over-50s.


November 2013

Jonathan Mayo - Chicken dinners and fresh paint. A look at the little details of history.

Andrew Davidson - Lest we forget. Andrew's unique insight into the bond between soldiers during WWI.

Villem Saks - How to survive village life. A look into the pitfalls of settling into a small village. 

Jonathan Ferrier - Dyslexia - and making a difference. How a simple assessment can change someone's life.


October 2013

Christine Stromberg - Don't tell me what I want. Is advertising undermining our uniqueness?

James Dawson - Teaching grandchildren the facts of life. How to help with those conversations.

Kathy Morris - Female hair loss. Kathy's search for a solution. 

Phyllis Chesler - Once I lived in a harem. Phyllis' journey through marriage in Afghanistan.


September 2013

Sue Hepworth - My husband and Asperger's. Sue's discovery after years of marriage.

Melissa Benn - Ten things we should tell our granddaughters. For wisdom, freedom and a good life.

Tom Cheshire - The explorer gene. Can you inherit a passion for exploration?

Frances Johnstone - Being a long-distance granny. What's the best way of coping?

Sophie Hardach - Conscientious objectors. Are we ready to listen?


August 2013

Lynn Ruth Miller - A new comedy career (at 70). And ten years on she's a huge hit on the circuit.

Laetitia Rutherford - Writing memoir. Is revealing all about your nearest and dearest a good thing?

Hilary Linstead and Elisabeth Davies - Travelling with a grandchild. Taking a trip with a teenager.

Emma Smith - What price happiness? How Emma gave up her job and was happier for it.

Betty Riegel - Up in the air. Memories of life with "The World's Most Experienced Airline".

Nicola Venning - Happy campers. Three generations under canvas.


July 2013

Duncan Goodhew - Why I love swimming. The former Olympic gold medallist on his favourite sport.

Sven and Marisa Poppelmann - What's wrong with school? Is home education the way forward?

Jo Wheatley - The gran who won the Great British Bakeoff. From sofa to celebrity chef.

Caitlin Davies - Teenage babysitters. Would you hire one?


June 2013

Eileen Sutherland - It's never too late (to learn to surf)

Kathleen MacMahon - What brings me joy. Unexpected delights in everyday life.

Richard Scott - The power of singing. How singing can lift your spirits and change your life.

Harry PearsonCricket - a game for old bats? How women ruled the Yorkshire terraces.

Michael Blastland/David Spiegelhalter - What's the risk to your grandchild? On stats and scaremongers.

Marcus Berkmann - On middle age. And a lot of seething in silence!

Colin King - Picture perfect. Illustrating books for children.


May 2013

Gwyn Bailey - We paid our taxes. Why pensioners should not have their benefits taken away.

Jessica Madge - Magic? Or Science? Merging magic with science and our fascination with the supernatural.

Regina Silvers - The Granny Peace Brigade. Art work inspired by a group of older activists.

Loraine Fergusson - With love from Graz. Uncovering her parents' love story from their WW2 letters.

Jolyon Connell - The Great Gatsby. How good a novel is this slim and largely plotless book?

Caroline Flint - Call the midwife! Delivering nine of her 12 grandchildren.

Sally Curtis - Going it alone. Coping with the first year of widowhood.

Rosie Goodwin - How to write a novel. Top tips from the bestselling author.

Kate Figes - On infidelity. Why do people have affairs? And can you ever get over being cheated on?

Julie Summers - Hitler, marigolds and the golden thread. The WI during WW2.


April 2013

Victoria Williams - Why I love the 5:2 diet. Intermittent fasting and losing weight.

Anna Wallas - All you need is a good man. Did the feminists really have it all wrong?

Deborah Moggach - Looking for love. Playing the dating game at 50+

Sabine Durrant - Changing faces in the park. People, places and the passage of time.

Diana Green - Marathon running.... at 78. Read and be in awe!

Renata Calverley - The kindness of strangers. An extraordinary childhood on the run from the Nazis.

Polly Coles - Venice in peril. What it's like to live in a city swamped by tourists.

Shane Spall - The river of entrapment. Nautical life...in continuous rain.


March 2013

Daisy, Denise and Kate (Walker Books) - Tips for writing children's stories. And getting them published!

Enid Richemont - Telling tales. Is technology changing the way we read?

Jude Irwin - When my parents developed dementia. And the NHS can't help.

Rupert Christiansen - Learning to love my late father. On love, loss and betrayal.

Mollie Moran - The real Downton Abbey. What life was like below stairs in the 30s.

Sarah WellardGrandparents mind the childcare gap; what's going to give: pensions or childcare?

Graham Walker - Losing my sight. Rebuilding confidence after going blind.

Ursula Buchan - Digging for victory. Gardening during WW2.


February 2013

Dea Birkett - Why museums matter... and they're about far more than ancient relics.

William Nicholson - Screenwriting versus novel writing. Team work v solitude - which wins? 

Jessica Fox - Love letters. Falling in love...with a place.

Denise Johnstone-Burt & Louise Jackson - Choosing a shortlist for the Gransnet (and Mumsnet) Book of Bedtime Stories.

Lesley Pearse - Being a writer, a mum and a gran. Combining career with family.


January 2013

Jane Maas - Why women aren't getting to the top. Is it really because they don't actually want to?

Gaby Hinsliff - Grandparents and childcare. How much is too much?

Judith O'Reilly - A whole year of doing good. On trying to do a good deed every single day.

Virginia Ironside - On grandparents. And why they're so important.

Beth Britton - Dad, dementia and me. On her father's illness - and how children can really make a difference.

Emma Milne - How to get a girly girl in the garden. Encouraging grand/children's love of nature.


December 2012

Gwenda Gofton - A cover girl at 77, From a 1950s US road trip to the cover of a brand-new book.

Hilary Boyd - Gran lit. At last! A new publishing phenomenon: move over chicks - the grans are coming.

Ysenda Maxtone Graham - What kind of insomniac are you? Something new to consider in the small hours.


November 2012

Nickie O'Hara - Five generations. On having children young - and multi generational families.

Sir Michael Parkinson - My mother and dementia. How small things can make a big difference to sufferers.

Derek Niemann - Beatles and blackbirds. How a lifetime love of wildlife was born.

La Bloggeuse - Pensioners are the future. Not a drain on society - as some would have it - but an asset.

Maxine Linnell - Now and then. Book research takes author back to the nightclubs of her youth.


October 2012

Angela Clutton - My autumn parkin. Why there are so many delicious varieties of this treacly treat.

Joan Lockwood - Recycling - and growing your own. Making use of anything and everything in the garden.

Joyce Hopewell - To the manor born. How she came to be born in a castle.

Jean Burnett - How I became an overnight success - after several decades! On finally getting published.


September 2012

Katherine Fry & Rowena Kirton - Whatever happened to grammar and spelling? On declining standards.

Geraldine Bedell - Why isn't everyone online? The real reasons that people steer clear of the internet.

Harrikat - Ripping off the elderly. High pressure sales scams on vulnerable people.

Christine Rola - Bread making in a windmill. A new experience - with very tasty results.


August 2012

Tristan Rothwell - Getting a tattoo. How to go about it. And are you ever too old?

Angela Neustatter - Why home matters. Working mums - and why home is more than bricks and mortar.

Penny Dale - How I'm learning from my grandson. Inspiration for her best-selling books from a digger-mad boy.

Tricia Senior - Travels with my toilet seat. How public 'conveniences' can be anything but. 

Janey Fraser - Childcare for beginners. Tales from a serial au pair employer.


July 2012

Jenny BowmanFinding my family history. Tracing her family tree and finding relatives near and far.

Liz Beresford - When granny went vegetarian. Explaining vegan/vegetarian choices to the grandchildren.

Nicola Venning - Too old for festivals? Never! Why Glastonbury doesn't have to be the province of the young.

Sarah Reed - Our dementia journey. How dementia changed her relationship with her mother - and her life.


June 2012

Steph Savill - Car insurance - and women drivers. How premiums are set to rise after an EU gender ruling.

Jane Pearce - Dawn French, Dustin Hoffman and me. A career as a film extra when you're hitting 80.

Janice Bhend - Long distance grandparenting. How to cope when your family moves thousands of miles away.

Beryl Kingston - Keep politicians out of education. Do parents know best when it comes to children/learning?


May 2012

Clare Burkhill-Howarth - A love of books. Sharing the joy of reading across the generations.

Fanny Blake - Time traveller's strife. How the days seem to pass ten times faster as one gets older.

Birdsong - What I want to be when I grow up. Ambitions as a youngster - and as a gran.

Ariadne - Lending a hand in South Africa. Helping out with irrigation projects in KwaZulu-Natal.

Jessica Mann - Not so good old days. Did women really have it better in the 1950s?


April 2012

Chris Moon-Willems - Caring for Mum and Dad. Poignant experiences of looking after elderly parents.

Janey Fraser - Granny goes to playgroup. Looking after grandchildren can mean heading back to pre-school.

Kerri Sackville - The truth about long-term love. The joys and perils of knowing your partner inside out.

Dorothy Tappenden - Living with learning disabiility. Family life with her son Robert.


March 2012

The Women's Room - What not to wear. Fashion trends to be avoided by those who are older and wiser.

Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall - Grandparents in Ethiopia. What it's like to be a gran in Addis Ababa.

Sheena Byrom - Remember grans, mum's the word. Knowing when to keep advice to yourself.

Anne Mackle - Empty nest? Enjoy! Making the most of new-found freedom.

Anonymous - Give God a laugh, tell him your plans. Living with dementia.

Janet Ellis - When children leave home. Staying in touch after the nest is empty.