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Everyday Ageism


What is Everyday Ageism?

Have you experienced ageism in the work place? In society? Help us highlight instances of Everday Ageism - share your stories, and find out what you can do to help.


Share your experiences of ageism in the forum and talk to others who have been through the same. 

Everyday Ageism

We're highlighting campaigns that challenge ageism and show age in a positive light. 


Find out how bloggers, MPs, and CEOs are raising awareness of ageism and promoting equality.

Everyday Ageism

Big bums and frenemies: gransnetters share what doesn't phase them now that they're older. 

Case Studies

Want to shake up the status quo? Find out how we do it - and how easy it is with these case studies. 


Gransnetters tell us what they think of advertising aimed the over 50 age group.