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Richard 111 again

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JessM Thu 13-Mar-14 12:14:38

AIBU to think that bringing a case to dispute the burial place of the bones thought to be those of Richard 111 is a waste of court time, when people have to wait months for their cases to reach court and innocent people could be held on remand for months?

Galen Thu 13-Mar-14 12:18:10

Why not just settle for Westminster abbey as the main resting place of our monarchy.

Mishap Thu 13-Mar-14 12:22:11

Oh dear - nothing better to think about! What a waste of court time and money.

kittylester Thu 13-Mar-14 13:10:41

Leave him in Leicester!!!! Our elected mayor has already started on an exhibition centre and rearranged the roads to accommodate the hoardes coming to see his burial site and the car park - and won't he look silly if it never happens!! grin

mollie Thu 13-Mar-14 13:54:37

This is a civil matter, not a criminal case, so it won't jump ahead of anyone who has committed a crime. Civil cases don't involve jails! And at the heart of this is money - wherever he is laid to rest the crowds will visit and spend their money so if the two cities want to spend their budgets on trying to win an opportunity for income generation, that's their choice. This isn't affecting the rest of us. Just the people of Leicester and York.

Personally, I think he ought to be returned to York and too bad if the Leicester mayor has egg on his face. He's Richard of York. He deserves to be returned to York.

granjura Thu 13-Mar-14 14:22:44

Leicester has spent enormous time and money finding him- when York didn't seem to be so bothered. So I'd like him to stay where he was found and had lain for such a long time- and where a large plaque in his name is already in the Cathedral. York has enough tourists anyhow ;) and after all tourism was born in Leicester (strangely enough. Thomas Cook 1841).

kittylester Thu 13-Mar-14 14:42:40

And, where was his first trip to,*jura*, but that centre of tourism that is Loughborough! grin

kittylester Thu 13-Mar-14 14:44:41

Mollie the mayor of Leicester quite often has egg on his face - it suits him!

granjura Thu 13-Mar-14 14:56:47

LOL and from Market Harborough, my town smile so there ...

I love showing visitors the freeze on his first Travel Agency by the Clock Tower smile And of course we Swiss have a lot to thank him for- having inadvertently 'invented' skiing tourism.

granjura Thu 13-Mar-14 15:01:55

BTW it is amazing how rude some people can be about Leicestershire- when they don't know it. The amazing Bradgate Park (home of the Queen for 9 days, Jane Grey) and the beautiful bluebell and granit Outwoods and granit and Swithland slate villages of your part of the County Kitty- and the rolling hills of East Leicestershire running into mellow stone Rutland.
And Leicester is one of the best towns for shopping- so compact and yet with absolutely everything- including a brand new John Lewis- with great restaurants, pubs, cafés, etc. But I digress smile

GadaboutGran Thu 13-Mar-14 15:29:51

I'm for Leicester as they were promised him and put in the work. I think many people associate him naturally with Bosworth Field & Leicester - & Leicester needs him more than York. Must declare a bias - I grew up with stories about him from my Leicestershire grandmother. My uncle worked in an office overlooking his grave. The RIII exhibition in the Guildhall is fascinating. An unpretentious County that knitted the nations socks & stockings & made their boots & shoes, with lots of beautiful scenery & the oldest UK fossils found in Bradgate Park - let them have one more!

JessM Thu 13-Mar-14 15:38:32

Civil or criminal - its tying up a judge's time isn't it mollie, which seems to be in short supply.

Nelliemoser Thu 13-Mar-14 16:33:14

The exhumation order was obtained on the basis of human remains being re-interred in Leicester. I understand it is normal archeological practice to bury remains as near to where they were found as possible. Leicester is a young city but it has been an important place for centuries as it was once a very large Roman fort.

Richard llls body has lain there for over 500yrs. let it stay there

Don't anyone knock Leicester! I and all my maternal ancestors come from Leicester and the nearby surrounding rural counties.

mollie Thu 13-Mar-14 16:52:54

There are plenty of judges, mostly old buffers who are beyond normal retirement age.

Did Leicester council actually find him? I thought it was the Richard III society who did the hard work tracking the possible place down and getting funding for the dig - the council probably popped along and threw some money at it when the bones were discovered...

Either way, he deserves to be left in peace somewhere. He's always been seen as the villein but hopefully the truth will become clear one day.

granjura Thu 13-Mar-14 17:06:59

It was Richard III Society- eg Leicestershire people with Leicestershire support smile

Nonu Thu 13-Mar-14 17:11:57

I love Leicester , such friendly people , I do believe Gary Linekar"s parents had a market stall there !
Both my girls were at University there , and loved their time their . {well most of it , Tee hee]

granjura Thu 13-Mar-14 17:28:48

I remember the Lineker market stall really well, and when Gary worked there on Saturday's. Were your girls at Leicester Uni, or De Montfort (Ex Poly- where I did my teacher training (last batch of the B.Ed there).

mollie Thu 13-Mar-14 17:35:31

Granjura, I'm a DeMontfort graduate, class of 2000!

kittylester Thu 13-Mar-14 17:39:46

I think the University did the excavating, cheered on by the Richard III Society.

Leicester is a great city with lots of diverse cultures (and fabulous curry houses!) and, despite my unbridled joy at the Mayor getting egg on his face, would have been worthy of being the City of Culture! They failed because the bid was not good enough not that Leicester wasn't good enough!

annodomini Thu 13-Mar-14 18:01:34

Leicester for me too. It's in my blood. I am 25% Leicstershire, going back many generations.

granjura Thu 13-Mar-14 18:24:46

I got my B.Ed Hons in 81- having started the course when youngest started primary school. I was lucky that we moved very close to where the Campus was, in Scraptoft (now a housing estate)... What did you study Mollie?

I lived in East Leics for about 35 years smile

Nonu Thu 13-Mar-14 18:31:47

De Montfort , don"t ask me what they studied as it was twenty years ago !
Just cannot remember ! blush

JessM Thu 13-Mar-14 18:36:17

Its not the city of York, it's some iffy mob known as The Plantagenet Alliance that are bringing the case. Think they're decended from some of R3s dodgy relatives. As are we all no doubt, given the way the nobility carried on in those days.

mollie Thu 13-Mar-14 18:46:37

I was at Bedford - they came down to MK and Bedford for a few years in the late 90s/early 2000s but have sold up now. I got a BA (Hons) in History and English Lit.

Nonu Thu 13-Mar-14 19:26:40

Just had DD on phone so thought I would check and was reminded she has a BA Hons & BSC Hons .
I did remember really I told her but felt rather embarrassed she had to remind me .
blush Again

smile I am a good Mother Honest.