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lonniefrances Fri 30-Oct-15 08:19:32

AIBU to be cross at receiving my Asda
grocery delivery last night at 10.30? I had given up and gone to bed! My slot was supposed to be 7 til 9. The driver was very helpful and said he just had too many drops to make and of course they take longer with people opting not to pay for bags.I did phone the help number to be informed the mailbox was full and no message could be left.

apricot Wed 04-Nov-15 18:23:07

I'd much rather do my own shopping so when I need more than I can get home in my shopping trolley I have it delivered by Waitrose. It costs £3. Few people seem to use this service, which I find ideal.

derekbrian Thu 12-May-16 08:12:06

ASDA is significantly cheaper . They have the facility of delivery pass which cover up other costs. Whatever I order I gets its delivery either on Saturday or Sunday or in the morning before going to office. Till now I have no problem with them . Once I received late delivery ,I called ASDA Customer Service here , they replied me that delay is due to horrific weather on the way and most probably I will receive my order at around 8.00 pm. At around 7.45 pm, I received the parcel. Overall I have no issues with their services.

numberplease Thu 12-May-16 16:15:12

I used Asda for a few years for my online weekly grocery order, until this last Christmas, when in Christmas week they failed to deliver, on complaining, they said we weren`t in, whereas we were sitting here watching the pictures on TV from our security cameras , waiting for them to come. When we told them that, and offered to let them view the footage, they then told us that they would deliver on Christmas Eve. We waited all day, no delivery, so were then left without some of the things that would have made Christmas more enjoyable, luckily we already had the turkey. Despite getting £40 compensation, we decided not to use them anymore and have shopped with Tesco ever since. There have been no delivery problems, but there are certain things that we liked that Asda stock, but Tesco do not, so we may, reluctantly, return to Asda sometime in the future. I agree with the last poster though, Asda ARE much cheaper.

gandhibagh Fri 20-May-16 11:44:21

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clangers72 Fri 20-May-16 19:58:24

Morrisons are good, substitutions very rare, but as near as they can get. They refund you for the carrier bags on next visit if you hand them back, which is a lot easier. Refunds for items short dated or any other problems are really quick.
communication from them is also really good. would recommend giving them a try.