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ninathenana Wed 04-Nov-15 13:20:52

I am soooo angry that I'm tearful.
A private car driver has just come to my door with a parcel I'd ordered. I'd had an e-mail from Hermes about the delivery.
He banged the glass in the front door rather than use the knocker. I commented on this saying he was lucky I'd heard him. He then refused to give me the parcel shockshock went back to his car. I apologised though I didn't think I had cause to. "No, too late now. I'm sending it back" Got in and drove off.
I immediately got on the phone and sorted it but I am still fuming!!!

merlotgran Wed 04-Nov-15 13:40:11

I don't blame you for being angry, nina. Hermes, in my opinion, are a bunch of incompetent lying b*****ds.

They will often say a deliver has 'failed' - meaning you're not in when you've been waiting in all day and we also get e-mails giving us a delivery time when they actually turn up two days later.

I'm waiting for two parcels today......Fingers crossed!!

Charleygirl Wed 04-Nov-15 14:24:49

I was standing at my front door a few months ago having seen the Hermes delivery van. I saw him by accident drop my parcel from the van to the ground and he would have picked it up and delivered it I am sure if I had not seen him and complained. It was something electrical so it would have loved a mighty bang before usage. It was returned.

loopylou Wed 04-Nov-15 14:32:11

I'd have absolutely incandescent too.
That's appalling 'service' to put it mildly.
Luckily the Hermes delivery people I've met here seem to be lovely, unlike Yodel steam coming out of her ears emoticon needed please

jollyg Wed 04-Nov-15 14:59:11

We have an inner and outer front door. Space inbetween

Outer closed only at night.

Hermes just leave the parcel in a corner, no bell ring.

Cant complain

vampirequeen Wed 04-Nov-15 15:09:19

The driver was totally out of order. No wonder you're so upset. I hope you made a formal complaint about him.

Charleygirl Wed 04-Nov-15 16:04:57

They appear to be a law unto themselves

Alea Wed 04-Nov-15 16:05:23

I love my Hermes lady (Hotter shoes) and my Yodel man (Nespresso coffee pods) .
Yours sounds like a total "to**er " nonathenana
What possible justification could he give for failing to do what he is contractually obliged and PAID to do ?

Elrel Wed 04-Nov-15 16:12:09

Just go in, Hermes had left my eBay cashmere dress 'in recycling boxes'. So they had, lucky it's not collection day!

ninathenana Wed 04-Nov-15 16:13:49

I certainly did vq
I now have the hump again as the company I ordered from said they would ring back by 4pm (they didn't) to see if he'd come back with the parcel. He hasn't !

Pittcity Wed 04-Nov-15 17:48:25

We have a lovely Yodel lady. She had a parcel for me yesterday. The notification gives me her direct mobile number so I sent her a text asking for delivery today. She replied immediately and delivered with a smile today.

I do recall a Hermes delivery that didn't arrive. I cancelled the order and got a full refund. Mysteriously the exact same item appeared on EBay and I snapped it up for half the original price. Was the delivery driver on the take?

sunseeker Wed 04-Nov-15 18:09:24

I don't know why companies continue to use Hermes with all the complaints they must receive about them. I have informed a couple of companies that I will not order from them again whilst they use this company, perhaps if more people did this, and followed through, they may be forced to clean up their act.

Anne58 Wed 04-Nov-15 18:22:27

Nina how bloody DARE he refuse to hand over your parcel!

I think I must be very lucky with my local Hermes chap, he's very good.

Unlike my recent "attempted" Yodel delivery!

M0nica Wed 04-Nov-15 19:13:53

DD used MyHermes to send some Denbyware crockery she had sold on ebay to a purchaser. She is used to doing this and everything was very well wrapped. The pottery arrived with the customer, not slightly damaged and chipped, but shattered into many pieces - and Denbyware is very solid. She said this much damage could only have been done if her parcel had been hurled against a wall, or had a very heavy item dropped on it from a height.

She hasn't used them since.

POGS Wed 04-Nov-15 19:48:20

Oh dear I would have been up for a fight Nina, hardly a good representative for Hermes .

We have 2 brilliant Hermes couriers covering our area and they couldn't be bettered, first name terms, personal mobile numbers and will do their damndest to accommodate a delivery time and date to suit.

No wonder you were angry!

ninathenana Wed 04-Nov-15 19:53:57

Trying to decide whether to answer the door to him tomorrow and be sycophantic or to leave DH to see him. DH will act like nothings happened grin

POGS Wed 04-Nov-15 20:18:56

I would send hubby . Nina.

Ana Wed 04-Nov-15 20:45:42

For goodness sake don't be sychophantic nina! Why on earth should you be? confused

ninathenana Thu 05-Nov-15 08:35:05

Up date.
He is refusing to deliver to me ! He has given a totally different version of events to his area manager but I'm not allowed to know what he said.
The supplier is now trying to get it delivered by a different courier company, If they can't then I get a refund and no parcel which is frustrating because it took ages to find. angry angry

annsixty Thu 05-Nov-15 08:43:04

Our Hermes man in his white van is lovely. Early 30's,ever cheerful, leaves parcels with us for neighbours as he knows we are nearly always in and leaves us better than he finds us which is a rare gift. Good luck nina I would be boiling over with frustration and would certainly complain as high up the chain as you can.

ninathenana Thu 05-Nov-15 10:25:38

I've had a very rude and sarcastic reply to a comment I left on their FB page

Alea Thu 05-Nov-15 10:31:53

I think you need to take this further. Trading Standards? You and Yours? "Sarcastic comments" have no place in a business where customer service should be the watchword.
This is serious. You have been deprived (unlawfully?) of a product you have paid for. Is this theft?
I wonder if a stiff communication, threatening legal redress would show them you mean business. I also think the company you purchased from need to know about this very questionable conduct.
Get heavy with them.

rosesarered Thu 05-Nov-15 10:33:37

Looking back on this incident nina did you really 'let fly' at this man, or was it really just a comment. ( we all get annoyed at times.) Or, perhaps he had just had a really awful customer, and your remark was the last straw?
It could be also, that he is just a really peculiar person.Don't use this service again.

rosesarered Thu 05-Nov-15 10:34:27

I meant to type, don't use this service again.

Alea Thu 05-Nov-15 10:40:46

I take your point rosesarered but this man is not doing it as a favour. He is paid and therefore contractually obliged to do "what it says on the tin". I am assuming nina did not loose a pack of ravening guard dogs on him, fire a warning shot on him as a trespasser with a 12-bore or tip a bucket of boiling tar over her battlements?
Therefore he ought to bl**dy get on with what he is paid to do . Our NHS workers, bus drivers, SW and police have to deal with much much worse and we shouldn't feel we need to grovel.
I have had a tentative knock on the door when we have a bell which functions perfectly well and have been know to say(sweetly)"oh I didn't hear the bell. Is it not working?" Trying to to sound too sarcastic.
Oh I wish people would just show a) some common sense and b) manners!