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To sack the cleaner?

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rubylady Fri 30-Sep-16 02:14:46

My cleaner came again today, she's not been for a while, due to DS being at home for the summer and it being pointless cleaning while he was making mess all the time. Plus, for a while before that, when she came, she was really skittish, hyper like, running about the house disorganised in her work even though I have told her what I want done.

Today she took photos of the kitchen when she had finished and told me to keep it clean for next week when she came back. She told me that she would do a "before" and "after" picture next week. I think that is insulting. I text her before she came today and asked her to have patience with me as I find her hard to deal with but I was willing to give her one more chance. I don't think she says things or does things maliciously, she just says things without thinking but I don't need it right now. I need someone who is more organised, calm and will just go about it as I need, without comment on whether it is a mess or not.

It was the first thing she said, that it was a mess. I have bought some things over the last few months for when my DS left home and the things were around, waiting for her to have cleaned and then I could put out the new things, like you would. One was a new microwave. She was trying to insist on unpacking it and putting it in place on the unit top. She grabbed the washing up things and put them out and also the new bins. I know it's not much, but I have been looking forward to doing all that for ages, making a home for myself, not have my cleaner take over from me.

After an hour and a half I had had enough but she was booked for two hours so she insisted to stay the full time. I mean, what was I supposed to say, please go now? It's got to me all day and my throat has been tight again all day.

Would others put up with behaviour like this off their cleaner? How do I dismiss her and tell her I no longer require her services? I will find someone more appropriate but I am not good at letting people down. Do I be honest or white lie? I could say that SS have sent someone to help me instead, just to save her feelings?

I want to feel better, not to feel stressed, no matter who it is. smile

rubylady Fri 30-Sep-16 02:35:00

BTW it took her 2 hours today to clean just the kitchen and it wasn't that bad! It's not a huge house, a 15ft kitchen. She wiped the surfaces, cooker and steam mopped the floor, from what I could tell, put some bin bags in my car for the tip and hoovered the hall. That doesn't seem a lot to me in 2 hours or is it me? confused

CarrieTaylor Fri 30-Sep-16 05:08:55

This cleaner wouldn't last five minutes with me. For taking charge and over-riding your wishes, even if her work was excellent. If you don't want to take issue with her, just say that you have decided to do the work yourself.
After that, find someone else. Just don't press on with anyone not up to the mark - it's stressful and therefore, counterproductive.

suzied Fri 30-Sep-16 05:15:05

You're the employer here, so you can decide. Why don't you make a list of what needs doing on a weekly basis I.e. Clean kitchen surfaces, mop floor, Hoover and dust throughout, clean bathroom, then an "if time" list - Windows, fridge, change bedding or whatever. Go through it with her. Seems like she spends a lot of time chatting- could you go out when she is there so she doesn't annoy you? At the end of the day, if she's not doing her job properly you can just say - I'm sorry, but I've been promised help from someone else and I need to save a bit of money, this will have to be your last week, or better still just call her and tell her, you could give her a week's money in lieu if you want to soften the blow. Would probably be worth it as I sense she stresses you out.

whitewave Fri 30-Sep-16 06:37:42

The idea of a cleaner is to make life easier not more stressful. Now it is just you could you manage the housework and use the money to spend on life's little pleasures?

kittylester Fri 30-Sep-16 06:45:58

Sack her ruby. You need help from someone you like and get on with.

f77ms Fri 30-Sep-16 07:09:21

Tell her you are getting help from Social services , I don`t think you should put up with this . Where did you get her from ? she sounds a bit crazy tbh ! Why would she think it is OK to take photos of your house ? If it is just you now could you manage to do it and maybe just have someone in every couple of months to move furniture etc .

NfkDumpling Fri 30-Sep-16 07:19:16

Sack her! She's too familiar. Try managing without for a bit and maybe get a cleaning firm to come in once a month.

NfkDumpling Fri 30-Sep-16 07:25:47

Someone like They may be more expensive but you won't need them so often.

Lisalou Fri 30-Sep-16 07:26:09

Yup, sack her. The whole point behind employing someone to do things for you is that they do it your way. Whether your way is what this person would do or not, on their own time. My husbands grandmother was well known for her gardener test - she asked three gardeners to do a trial. She asked them each to plant a bulb upside down. Only one did as he was told - she employed him. She was no way going to employ someone who didnt listen to her! If you dont want to have to talk to her send her a text. Modern tech has to be useful for somehting!

DaphneBroon Fri 30-Sep-16 07:28:37

I would be outraged. However I disagree about making excuses to sack her. Do you employ her or does she come with the house or via Social Services?
Unless you have a contract to the contrary, I would look for someone else immediately. There are always agencies advertising around us and while they may not be the kindly supportive individual,you were looking for, nor is this woman. Be fair but firm. In the 2-3 hours my cleaner (a man) is here I expect him to change the beds, Hoover and dust throughout, clean the bathrooms (3) clean the kitchen and wash all hard floors before leaving. He also takes any heavy things up and down from the loft on occasion.
Give her a list, ask if she agrees it is reasonable, be prepared to negotiate if necessary (my late MIL used to put any precious ornaments etc on a tray to clear surfaces) and always tidy/wash up before she comes. If she is not happy with your list, then ask for your keys back.

BlueBelle Fri 30-Sep-16 08:08:39

She is not for you Ruby She has taken control, maybe in the nicest possible way perhaps she thought the microwave would be heavy for you BUT in that case she should have discussed it with you
Totally insulting to take before and after photos what a cheeky moo
I wouldnt go out while shes there she might put her feet up and make a cup of tea
I dont think this is a comfortable situation at all and yes I would not invite her again If you pay her on the day just say you have decided to plod on by yourself and thanks for your help or if you have to book her ring or text and say you ve decided you d rather do it yourself or if you can be honest just say you dont think you suit each other and wish her good luck

Grannyknot Fri 30-Sep-16 08:16:06

ruby she's in business and being in business means that sometimes you lose a contract. So just tell her you no longer need her services.

The before and after photographs are shock

petra Fri 30-Sep-16 08:18:28

Give me her number, Ruby, I'll sort her out smile

Christinefrance Fri 30-Sep-16 08:37:34

Yes what everyone else said, she seems like a royal pain in the a..... . Life is too short to have to deal with this stress.
It does not sound like normal behaviour though, has the lady got any problems you are aware of ?.

grannylyn65 Fri 30-Sep-16 08:39:36

Agree, out!! Loads of help available

Charleygirl Fri 30-Sep-16 09:08:50

I agree with everybody, get rid and find somebody else.

Cherrytree59 Fri 30-Sep-16 09:17:43

Ruby how did you tell her last time that you didn't require her services whist you had your DS at home?
Could you use similar tactics.
Maybe that she's sorted your house out now and you are going to give it ago on your own. If you can't manage then you will give her a call (not) smile

Or your thinking of going a way for a while not sure when you will be back and will call her when you get back.

I've just read on another thread that you were a truckie I'm sure you didn't stand any messing from the other truckers!
Can you get back to that mind set and say 'Sorry but this is just not working out'.
Or Alan Sugar would say your Firedgrin

However you do it the sense of relief after will far out way the few seconds of discomfort.
Good luck

Good luck

Flowerofthewest Fri 30-Sep-16 09:48:02

She is so rude and unprofessional. Just tell her straight. It's your home, how dare she take photos. I'm seething. If she's employed through S'S report her. Grrrr

lujaha Fri 30-Sep-16 09:48:29

Just tell her you no longer need her. Do not be intimidated by her. She sounds a bit odd hmm

Jaycee5 Fri 30-Sep-16 09:56:26

I agree with Iujaha. She is a bit odd and you have to be careful about having people who had a bizarre approach to life in your house. This seems to be outside people who are just socially awkward where a compassionate approach is necessary. There is something unsettling about someone who doesn't leave the house when you ask her to.
I think I would be inclined to make an excuse.

Hellsgrandad Fri 30-Sep-16 10:01:31

For goodness sake get rid of this woman. Taking photographs of the interior of your home is very suspect and had she done that in my house she would have been out of the door immediately.
As far as her work rate is concerned, well, I have a cleaner who cleans and vacuums the whole house, steam mops the kitchen floor changes my bed linen and does my ironing (I live alone). She then sits and has a cup of coffee with me and all of this within the space of two hours.
It seems that your cleaner is taking advantage and it's time for her to go.

Bebe4r2 Fri 30-Sep-16 10:05:19

You need to tell her you no longer need/require her services.

She had no right taking photographs in your home.

There will be someone out there more professional and understanding.

Shanma Fri 30-Sep-16 10:07:02

I would tell her that her services are no longer required, you don't have to give a reason. If by some chance she is from an agency, and to do with social services then get in touch with them. I would avoid agency cleaners if you can, they are not all bad of course, but better to have someone self employed in my opinion.

You cannot beat word of mouth, ask around your friends to see if they can recommend someone who is good at her job, and very importantly also respectful and nice to have in your home. Good Luck

ExaltedWombat Fri 30-Sep-16 10:14:21

Sounds a bit like you're doing the necessary cleaning anyway, she's just collaborating in the primping! Did the house get really dirty when your DS was there?