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Feelingmyage55 Mon 01-Jan-18 01:00:58

Just received several that notes/texts/cards for the first time in a few years. So pleased. I know some people believe a gift is just that and there should be no strings but it was so lovely to get these thank you so. It still matters to me. All ready to be even more generous next year AND I had the pleasure of giving.

WilmaKnickersfit Mon 01-Jan-18 01:56:12

What a nice start to the New Year for you! smile.

Maggiemaybe Mon 01-Jan-18 02:57:00

That’s good. It’s so easy these days to send a quick text or email, but appreciated just as much. What a shame some still can’t manage even that!

ninathenana Mon 01-Jan-18 07:44:17

I would have been delighted to I always have to ask my nephew's mum (DH's sister) if he got the presents for his children angry so rude.
We don't buy for they adults in our family.

Christinefrance Mon 01-Jan-18 09:11:05

That is heartening Feelingmyage it's good to feel appreciated and as you say makes you want to help more.
I had a lovely note from my granddaughter thanking me for the extra help I gave her last year. Sadly other family members have not bothered to get in touch, its not a hard thing to do is it just send an e-mail or other message.

Kayteeb53 Mon 01-Jan-18 09:35:07

Little txt from my GS on Xmas day meant a lot ?

grandtanteJE65 Mon 01-Jan-18 10:03:13

Happy New Year, everyone!

gerry86 Mon 01-Jan-18 10:46:56

It's always nice to have a thank you. It was my grandson's 10th birthday last Friday and I got a lovely telephone call thanking me for his presents and telling me about what else he had got.

Musicelf Mon 01-Jan-18 11:36:39

My DD is wonderful at getting her 3 to send thank-you letters/cards, although I'd be happy with an email or text nowadays. My nephews rarely remember to say thank you for the presents I send their children, unless someone reminds them. I just need to know that the present has arrived - I don't need effusive thanks, but I believe it's polite to say thank you.

Silverlining47 Mon 01-Jan-18 12:16:19

This year we decided to give the same (generous) amount of money to each adult child and their partner, asking for individual bank accounts so it wasn't seen as a joint present. 7 children plus their partners.. Whilst our own children and 3 partners have phoned or texted their thanks 4 of the partners haven't bothered. I think this is so rude and I am quite shocked. A thank you text/call/note is so easy to make nowadays and creates a real warmth between giver and recipient.

Telly Mon 01-Jan-18 13:30:17

I had to chase up recipients to see if the had received or noticed the quite generous sums placed in their accounts. To be honest I wonder if I should bother.

newnanny Mon 01-Jan-18 13:55:10

My dear niece sent a lovely heartfelt message to me in a card thanking me for helping to support her through uni. It brought a lump to my throat.

grannyactivist Mon 01-Jan-18 15:40:18

I had a lovely FaceTime message from my daughter yesterday; she lives in New Zealand and called to not only thank me for her family's Christmas gifts, but to say how much she appreciates the thought I put into what I buy. I often buy my granddaughter books about diggers and cars or planets and dinosaurs - also science or construction based toys and games; she is learning Spanish so I often buy familiar children's books in dual languages for her too. My daughter is trying to raise her little girl to be equally interested in things more usually thought of as for boys. I had to smile when I saw that my granddaughter was wearing a beautiful pink knitted cardigan, but the buttons were all little cars.

GabriellaG Mon 01-Jan-18 15:51:03


You'd surely know that they received it, if it was transferred from your own bank with a note attached which shows the name of creditor.
If they're rude enough to ignore sending thanks or ringing personally, then I wouldn't send anythin g next year. If you have to push for an acknowledgement of a gift then the thanks are not worth JS and nor are they.

LongHaulGran Mon 01-Jan-18 16:22:13

It means so much to be thanked - text, phone, or snail mail works! My grands all live in the US so they make a point of thanking me during the holiday call(s). The daughter's oldest is teaching his younger sisters to say thank-you - last week I heard him urging each girl to be sure to say something to Gran about their gifts. My oldest grandson (son's lad) made sure to say something Christmas Day but I was surprised and very pleased to also receive an email with photos of him using what he'd bought with the Amazon voucher I sent.

Their parents? Erm, well, despite a bit of a rough patch on-going between my son and his ex-but-possibly-back-to-current-wife, both emailed immediately on receipt, and also said thank-you over the Skype Christmas call, as did my SIL.

My daughter? No. I did chase her down as the Amazon voucher was redeemed within minutes (really, less than five!) of it hitting her inbox and I was afraid it had been hijacked. It took 2 days for her to answer my frantic 'Did you get the voucher?!' email. I'd be more hurt but she's always been this way - from around aged five she's been asking why I'm the mum and she's the daughter hmm

alchemilla Tue 02-Jan-18 15:45:57

I used to send to widespread family but stopped when I received no thanks from either youngsters or parents for a few years. I wouldn't give up on my nearest and dearest - one GC failed to send thanks during teenage years (though DS and DIL thanked on their behalf) but since he's got older I've had the most delightful notes.

Feelingmyage55 Tue 02-Jan-18 19:59:40

Glad to hear at least some are still being thanked. It has never been easier, cheaper or quicker to communicate so no excuse. After all trite as it sounds "it is nice to be nice".
Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year.

jeanie99 Mon 08-Jan-18 15:27:58

It's just polite to phone or send a thank you card but unfortunately people don't always do it now.

felice Mon 08-Jan-18 17:07:10

I was really chuffed when DGS said he had to say a special thank you to a dear friend of mine who gave him a lovely Paddington book suitcase for Christmas. A lovely set in a little carry case.
He has made her a card to give her when he sees her next.
No prompting either he is 5.

Fennel Mon 08-Jan-18 17:35:34

This morning I asked a young woman filling the shelves in the supermarket advice about an item I was going to buy. She gave me a very good reply, and I thanked her.
I saw her again a few minutes later and she was still smiling.

Feelingmyage55 Mon 08-Jan-18 22:17:28

Should I start a "it is nice to be nice" thread?

pollyperkins Tue 09-Jan-18 09:48:07

My GC usually send thank you letters (prompted by parents) but, as others have said , nephews & neices children never reply so I don't even know if they received them. I'm happy with an email or phone call (dont demand a long handwritten letter ) but to hear nothing is rude and makes me feel like not bothering in the future.

grandMattie Tue 09-Jan-18 09:52:48

I have to admit liking acknowledgement of the gift I have snet.
Both DSs are good, but DD is terrible. [Ditto for DGCs...] When a substantial sum is placed in her a/c, I have to chase it up. All 3 were brought up the same!

Grannyguitar Tue 09-Jan-18 09:58:22

My answer to this is that, when in the past I have received no acknowledgement of gifts, I have stopped sending them!

RNEKelly Tue 09-Jan-18 10:10:23

Years ago I always had my children send thank you notes for all gifts received.
Now their children all do the same and I’m so proud of them for doing the right thing.
FYI: I also stopped sending gifts to any niece/nephew who didn’t send me a thank you note for 2 consecutive years. Hard to do, but rather than it making me feel annoyed, I just stopped giving. Made my life easier.