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AIBU to think Jeremy Hunt is unfair to put conditions on the nurses pay rise

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sodapop Thu 15-Mar-18 15:59:16

It's suggested that nurses give up a days holiday to receive a 6.5% rise over three years.
Why are nurses treated so badly by successive Governments

MissAdventure Wed 21-Mar-18 14:35:54

That was around 5 months ago, graces.
I'm still in touch with the women that work there, and the wage is still the same.
Admittedly, even for care work, its low, but that seems to be the norm now.
Its far less than I was earning 15 years ago!
I think the more reasonable 'going rate' now is around 7.80 or so an hour.

MissAdventure Wed 21-Mar-18 14:44:30

I'm off to the job centre tomorrow (oh joy!!) So I shall report back on terms and conditions in social care jobs, since I shall be forced into one, no doubt.

gillybob Wed 21-Mar-18 14:48:42

Sorry to hear that MissA .

That's rubbish. Having said that, if things continue the way they are around here, I might be right behind you in the queue.

durhamjen Wed 21-Mar-18 16:30:07

This looks like Hunt's offer to nurses is a big con.

"Leeds East Labour MP Richard Burgon is demanding a full public consultation on plans by Leeds Teaching Hospitals to set up a private company to employ NHS staff.

Like other NHS trusts in the region, management wants to transfer 2,300 staff such as porters, cleaners, housekeepers, clinical engineers, procurement and supplies to a “wholly owned subsidiary company”.
But UNISON is campaigning against the plans because they will create a two-tier workforce as new staff coming into the service will start on worse pay and conditions than existing staff.

Mr Burgon said he wanted a full public consultation so that NHS staff and the people of Leeds can have their say on the privatisation plans.

He said: “NHS Trusts in Airedale and Harrogate – where similar privatisation plans are proposed – have chosen to ignore the views of their staff who have grave concerns about their pay and working conditions in the future.

“I was appalled to see a bank porter’s job advertised at £8 an hour with basic pension and no unsocial hours payment by the new wholly owned company at Airedale Hospital. This is exactly what NHS staff are so worried about.

“As a former employment lawyer I know that the TUPE regulations designed to protect pay and conditions if jobs are transferred can be easily changed for “economic, technical or organisational” reasons.

“The creation of a two-tier workforce in large hospitals such as St James’s and Pinderfields could replicate the worst excesses of the private sector, with zero hours contracts similar to those advertised at Airedale, including cuts to holiday entitlements and sick pay. It would make it harder to recruit and retain staff which will inevitably have a negative impact on standards of care for the people of Leeds.

“I believe these plans should be scrapped and I am calling on the Trust to consult widely with their staff and with the public so the dangers of the proposed subsidiary company are widely known.”

One of the reasons NHS Trusts want to set up separate companies to employ staff is a loophole which allows subsidiary companies to reclaim VAT – something which NHS Trusts are not allowed to do.

But Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Jonathon Ashworth has written to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt demanding that the tax loophole be closed and the privatisation plans dropped.

Richard Burgon said: “We could see industrial action across the whole of West Yorkshire if Trusts plough ahead with their plans.
“NHS staff have been subjected to years of frozen pay and lost thousands of pounds in income and now they are being threatened with privatisation. This obviously damages morale and I am doing everything I can to persuade Leeds Teaching Hospitals to listen to their staff and the public and drop this disastrous plan.

“I shall be making my views known to the Hospital’s bosses before the Trust Board meets on March 29.”

holdingontometeeth Fri 23-Mar-18 12:46:00

We seem to have gone off topic here, but it seems that our nurses and their assistants at the top of their pay band are to get a rise of 6.5% over 3 years. Their colleagues lower down the scales are to get bigger percentage rises.
Care workers often do a filthy, undervalued and grossly underpaid job, exploited not only by private agencies but government authorities too.
Lets hope that in the not too distant future the unions will make a prolonged effort to get all care workers a living wage and working conditions including paid travel time to each visit which would be acceptable to any reasonably minded individual.

gillybob Fri 23-Mar-18 12:49:15

Here here holdingontometeeth smile

GracesGranMK2 Fri 23-Mar-18 13:07:52

I couldn't agree more about the carers HOTMT but I would add that, when the unions have done this we all realise we will have to pay more tax to make it possible.

holdingontometeeth Fri 23-Mar-18 14:32:20

I for one would not mind paying more tax, though on the condition that the major conglomerates, royalty, sports stars and everyone who can afford a tax avoidance scheme pay theirs too.