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Trump Strong, May Weak?

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Bridgeit Sat 26-May-18 09:50:15

Given that Theresa May is considered by many to be weak, & Donald Trump is considered to be strong, who would you trust to conduct negotiations in difficult & potentially dangerous circumstances.?

Belgravian Sat 26-May-18 10:00:46

I adore Donald TRump, he is a strong leader and is a fantastic President.

Mrs May is beyond diabolical.

lemongrove Sat 26-May-18 10:03:22

Did you even need to ask this question Brid grin you have a good sense of humour!
Anyone would be better than Trump for negotiations in difficult and dangerous situations is my answer.

Elegran Sat 26-May-18 10:04:02

Someone with a bit of finesse who wouldn't drive a bulldozer straight over the land mines but who could carry the other side with them round the obstacles - or someone strong who had the sense to take advice on how to navigate the bulldozer round the land mines and the self-control to follow that advice..

Both your candidates would need extensive make-overs.

winterwhite Sat 26-May-18 10:15:46

It depends how you describe strong, and whether other characteristics such as rashness, egoism, short concentration span combine to make strength dangerous. Esp as here when it lies in the power of the office, not the calibre of the office holder.
Weakness not much better either when it comes to negotiations, esp as here where serious past weaknesses have combined to discredit the PM abroad as well as at home.
This is why the outlook seems to me so bleak.

Bridgeit Sat 26-May-18 10:22:07

Yes Winterwhite, especially with Kim jong un in the mix.

Jane10 Sat 26-May-18 10:29:51

Integrity is important too of course and Trump seems to have had an integrity bypass.

Bridgeit Sat 26-May-18 11:18:38

I thought I would just check Lemons😄

OldMeg Sat 26-May-18 12:09:54

Belgravian love your sense of the ridiculous 🤣🤣🤣

BlueBelle Sat 26-May-18 12:31:50

I ve never heard anyone describe Donald Rump as strong adorable or fantastic
is your real name Ivana Belgravian or do you need to visit Specsavers 😂😂😂😂
Narcissitstic meglomaniac is my description
In answer to posters question now I ve got over my shock I don’t rate either but at least May wouldn’t rush in where angels fear to tread but no neither would be my answer to that one

Belgravian Sat 26-May-18 12:31:58

Why mock me for having an opinion different to yours?

OldMeg Sat 26-May-18 12:38:17

Oh my! You mean you were serious. Apologies then mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa if you’ll excuse my Latin! 😢😳🤔🤨

OldMeg Sat 26-May-18 12:38:51

Actually I agree with you re May!

Belgravian Sat 26-May-18 13:16:39


I do believe he is making America great again.

Well, we agree on Mrs May! I just feel she is very ineffectual and completely lacking in charisma. Such a shame as I wanted to believe in her and support her.

Jane10 Sat 26-May-18 13:43:37

She's a decent respectable woman. No need for her to worry about previous sex scandals or any other aspects of her personal life coming out. You may not like her politics but she has integrity.

Belgravian Sat 26-May-18 14:41:17


Yes I agree with you there. No personal scandals.

Anniebach Sat 26-May-18 14:50:49

May has integrity and dignity

Iam64 Sat 26-May-18 15:48:31

The idea that Trump is making America great again is nonsense. The man is a dangerous bully. His business tactics weren’t ethical and he isn’t fit to run a country. His behaviour towards women, his use of language - what is positive about any of that.

If we hav to choose between Trump and Theresa, my vote goes to her every time

henetha Sat 26-May-18 16:00:05

Trump maybe making America 'great' again, but it's his kind of 'great' and without any regard for ethics or the less fortunate.
I may not be a big fan of Mrs.May but I think she is miles ahead of Trump in terms of morals, integrity, ethics, and just plain intelligence.

mcem Sat 26-May-18 16:44:11

In all honesty I have never heard Trump described as a strong leader and fantastic president.
Even Kim Jong Un is looking like the epitome of diplomacy alongside Trump.
He is a dangerous buffoon who is, as I 've said before, too stupid to understand and too egocentric to care.

OldMeg Sat 26-May-18 20:47:21

You can have integrity if you blatantly lie.

Jalima1108 Sat 26-May-18 20:53:37

is your real name Ivana Belgravian or do you need to visit Specsavers
I doubt that even the lovely Melania (not Ivana, she divorced him) would think that though, Bluebelle grin

Jalima1108 Sat 26-May-18 20:55:04

mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa if you’ll excuse my Latin!
I'm not sure that Trump would understand that OldMeg

BlueBelle Sat 26-May-18 21:16:12

Whoops so uncaring of the awful man I can’t get his wife s name right Thanks Jalima
Only person he ll make America great for is himself and his gun toting cronies the world is a far more dangerous place with his fingers on the button

OldMeg Sat 26-May-18 21:17:13

He certainly wouldn’t appreciate the sentiment Jalima!