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Theresa May & Trump, why the negative slant ?

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Bridgeit Fri 13-Jul-18 18:22:48

Am I alone in thinking that Reporters & Journalists seemed hell bent on reporting the meeting of DT & TM in a particularly negative way,despite the fact that both of them were obviously making positive efforts & remarks in a civilised & mature manner?

Elegran Mon 16-Jul-18 14:33:52

If the only people to fly it are the extremists, they will take possession of it permanently.

Bridgeit Mon 16-Jul-18 15:26:46

I wonder if it could be re -designed so that it doesn’t instantly become associated with British First & the more undeseriable association of prejudice & thuggery . Such a shame that what I can only describe as ‘ normal’ or Mr & Mrs Average are perhaps reluctant to display it because of this association, but thankfully the gentler Union Jack seems to still represent the patriotic, sensible majority of the Uks inhabitants.

dorcas1950 Mon 16-Jul-18 18:51:41

Anniebach, Iam64 and Grandma70: ???

Jalima1108 Mon 16-Jul-18 19:01:48

what are those emoticons Dorcas?
I can't tell

dorcas1950 Tue 17-Jul-18 09:46:46

Jalima: applause

PECS Fri 20-Jul-18 13:21:33

The term Britain First is associated with extremist fascist behaviour and politics of the worst kind. People who have been abused by these thugs and criminals do not welcome any association with the phrase. UK & allies fought a WW against those political ideals. Our fathers/ grandfathers should not have died then for these policies and attitudes to be allowed to flourish again now. It always happens in times of austerity. We look to blame people different to us for the problems. It is not them..It is the ruling class.

Jalima1108 Fri 20-Jul-18 15:14:10

Oh yes, I can see it now Dorcas
(they looked a bit like feet, I have put my proper specs on now)

Nonu Thu 02-Aug-18 17:42:08

Me too Jalima

POGS Thu 02-Aug-18 19:52:40

Kim 19 posted:-

"British MP showing signs of 'Britain first' " (small case 'f')
mcem posted:-

" MPs lining up to support 'Britain First'? " (uppercase 'F')
Old Meg posted :-

"kim have you any idea what Britain First stands for?"
mcem posted:-

"Were you really not aware that Jo Cox MP was brutally murdered by a man who was proud to support Britain First?"

Kim 19

If you are lurking I read your post as 'Britain first ' NOT 'Britain First '. The posters who followed your post on Sunday elected to put both the words Britain and First starting with a ' capital ' letter which altered the context of your post in my opinion.

I hope I have not misinterpreted your original post as I would hold no good word for the Britain First organisation but I felt your second post cleared up the mistake , at least in my view.

NfkDumpling Thu 02-Aug-18 22:02:35


lemongrove Thu 02-Aug-18 22:06:03

I thought exactly the same POGS it was misinterpreted from the start.