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Don’t call me ‘love’

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Bridgeit Fri 10-Aug-18 17:21:53

What next, I have just read a brilliant article from Coleen Nolan, apparently Gatwick Airport staff have been told they must no longer call customers Love or Darling , she is quite rightly horrified & so am I .
It is the thin edge of the wedge IMO, what happened to freedom of speech & social interaction
Yes I know it can be said in a derogatory tone of voice, but generally speaking it’s harmless isn’t it?

Bridie22 Sun 31-Jul-22 18:36:08

I do not like being blessed !!!, but I do call everyone flower or love...nobody has objected yet.

Serendipity22 Sun 07-Aug-22 20:44:49

Ok, here goes.....

When i was a carer i ALWAYS called the person I went to by their Christian name, never, ever love, darling, sweetheart blah blah.

On a few occasions I was told by 1 of the ladies that they found it degrading when a carer referred to them as 'love', 'darling', 'sweetheart'.

Personally I too think its degrading....

Chardy Sun 07-Aug-22 21:30:13

To be called 'me duck' in E Midlands or 'hen' in Scotland is part of the charm of travelling round the UK. To me, 'love' is London-speak.
I have a delightful person I see regularly, for whom English is 2nd language, and who doesn't know my name, who calls me ma'am (rhymes with jam) which I don't like. But it's a respectful, cultural name... so I smile.

Georgesgran Sun 07-Aug-22 21:37:03

Often it’s ‘now then Bonny Lass’ up in Newcastle. Obviously ‘Pet’ is popular too - far better than being called Fat Arse! (Which I have).

DillytheGardener Sun 07-Aug-22 21:44:05

I find it patronising. When I worked in a customer service role I called younger women/men by their first name and older prefixed with a Mrs/Ms/Mr depending on what name was in their file.

Poppyjo Sun 07-Aug-22 22:24:57

Many sayings are due to dialects and most have been used for many years. These sayings which can irk some people can be a term of endearment. Many other people love them.

I love the Geordie accent. At 77 years I am not changing . Live and let live.

Thank goodness I lived before the PC Brigade existed. Life was fun, we had a sense of humour. We should be embracing others differences. Life should be made the most of.

Eh me duck ?

Georgesgran Sun 07-Aug-22 22:49:26

Goodness - I haven’t been called Fat Arse, but I do have one!

Chestnut Mon 08-Aug-22 00:09:01

Alex the Hotel Inspector calls all her hotel owners 'my darling' and it sounds just fine. She's trying to establish a very friendly relationship with them in a very short time so has to take some short cuts!

GrauntyHelen Mon 08-Aug-22 00:29:05

We ate put last night and our waiter kept calling my husband my friend and me my love I found it annoying On leaving my husband said he was close to saying " I am not your pal and my wife is my love not yours "

nanna8 Mon 08-Aug-22 00:32:03

I don’t mind pet, my duck, love, darling
I dislike sweetie, dear
I detest hun
Funny really. I had an email from someone who referred to me as ‘hun’ and I was so put off I didn’t reply. Talk about patronising. I suppose a lot depends on the tone,too.

NotSpaghetti Mon 08-Aug-22 06:37:56

I suppose we are all so much more muddled-up than we were in my youth when we understood our own regional terms (and those of the nearby areas). Now, with so many people travelling for work, moving in-and-out of regions the love, hen, mi duck thing is more mixed up. Terms we may have found ok in context suddenly jump out at us and sound inappropriate.

I think in somewhere like an airport where so many nationalities inevitably pass through, it is perhaps polite (rather than "politically correct") to avoid them where possible.

Lucca Mon 08-Aug-22 07:44:16

Goodness it’s grumpy old women today isn’t it …. Modern words we don’t like, terms of endearment we don’t like. Count your blessings gransnetters

NotSpaghetti Mon 08-Aug-22 08:11:14

This is an old thread Lucca ? It hasn't all started today
And I don't think everyone is really grumpy and miserable about it though.
Just chatting.

Lucca Mon 08-Aug-22 08:22:06


This is an old thread Lucca ? It hasn't all started today
And I don't think everyone is really grumpy and miserable about it though.
Just chatting.

Know it’s old but it’s been revived !

Harris27 Mon 08-Aug-22 08:27:44

Doesn’t bother me. Better than being insulted.

MerylStreep Mon 08-Aug-22 08:34:13


Goodness it’s grumpy old women today isn’t it …. Modern words we don’t like, terms of endearment we don’t like. Count your blessings gransnetters

I know I shouldn’t look at these threads but they’re like a scab you just have to pick. ?

Mollygo Mon 08-Aug-22 09:17:45


Doesn’t bother me. Better than being insulted.

Doesn’t bother me either. I’d far rather that than being expected to kiss like we have been for the last fortnight. I want to quote Pam Ayres, as in this
great poem by Pam Ayres, sums up a 'Very British Problem'!

But Don't Kiss Me..

I want to ask a favour of the friends that I might meet,
To all of my acquaintances who pass me in the street,
Give me a cheery wave: 'Hello ! How are you? Bye! So long!
'But don't kiss me. Please don't kiss me, for I always get it wrong.

I do not want to do it, I would rather pass you by,
I miss, you get a smacker on the ear or in the eye,
I'm standing on the pavement thinking 'Blast! Damnation! Heck !
He went the other way and I have kissed him on the neck.

I find it so embarrassing it makes my knuckles clench,
It's a very dodgy habit we've imported from the French,
What's wrong with 'Oh good morning!' or a handshake if you must,
A lovely smile of welcome or, all right, a smile of lust.
But I do not want to kiss you! I am sure you're very nice,
But I find it so confusing, is it once or is it twice?

I'm filled with apprehension, and a feeling close to fright,
Who leans forward first? Is it the left cheek first or right?
And I feel a strange awareness as we stand around and speak,
That there's a disconcerting trace of your saliva on my cheek,
So don't kiss me, no, don't kiss me, say 'Enchante! Ciao! Good health!
But I'm telling you, don't kiss me, keep your choppers to yourself !

Oh don't kiss me, I implore you, for I cannot stand the strain,
I seldom kiss my husband and you don't hear him complain,
So au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Just tell me that you'll miss me
But please if we should meet again, don't pucker up! DON'T KISS ME!

AussieGran59 Mon 08-Aug-22 11:54:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nanna8 Mon 08-Aug-22 14:19:10

That’s cute, AussieGran. I wouldn’t mind that,either.

Allsorts Tue 09-Aug-22 08:19:19

I like people being friendly, you can tell if it’s patronising, which it usually isn’t. I don’t like cold callers ringing asking if they can use my Christian name though.