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Photograph of dying Gran

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Jane10 Sat 13-Apr-19 07:57:50

I was horrified yesterday to find a photo of a poor old soul curled up on a bed apparently asleep. The text told me that it was the poster's gran who was in her last hours. Lots of responses offering support etc to the person who'd posted it. I replied suggesting that it was not very respectful to post this very private moment on a social media site. The poster replied with a lot of guff saying it was because she loved her etc etc.
Privacy, dignity, respect ? Was I overreacting?

grannyqueenie Sat 03-Aug-19 08:42:14

Er no....I reported a spam post so IT would be removed!

Mykey2015 Wed 23-Oct-19 09:10:17

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Cherrytree59 Wed 23-Oct-19 09:16:54


timetogo2016 Tue 29-Oct-19 08:58:22

Jane10 is spot on.
I find this very disrespectful.

MiniMoon Tue 29-Oct-19 10:55:10

I haven't read the whole 8 pages, but would like to share an experience I had as a mental health nurse.

I worked on a ward for ladies with dementia. We admitted a lady from the community, and logged all her belongings.

With her she had a handbag containing some photographs, several of which had black surrounds. They were photos of her mother in her coffin.

All the staff thought this very strange.
It was about 1980, well before social media.