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Holiday - own room

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SisterAct Fri 31-May-19 13:59:28

Am I being unreasonable. A friend has asked me to go away with her abroad or in England. I said I would be interested but would want my own room.

She got very frosty and said the point of sharing was it was cheaper and I was being selfish.

Annaram1 Wed 19-Jun-19 16:10:19

I would just say that you have a weak bladder and need to go to the loo several times a night. This is what I told my friend when she suggested we should go away for a holiday together. She said it would be cheaper sharing and I agree, but it would probably have broken our friendship. I did not even share with my husband, we had separate bedrooms for 25 years and we still loved each other.

Tedber Thu 20-Jun-19 19:49:29

EmilyHarburn It is times like this I would like to respond directly to the poster! (have asked GN for it!!)

Emily...are you serious? "I get up in the night and use a head torch which has as red light so does not disturb. We agree if we will pull the plug. We each keep to our own half of the room."?

Sounds so horrendous to me? BUT...if it works for you who am I to query it?

Personally I would rather not go away than have to take pills and get up in the night with a head torch bahah xx