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I'm disappointed

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yogagran Tue 20-Aug-19 13:33:03

I had been planning a visit to see my DS in Canada at the beginning of October. I was going to spend the weekend with him and his family (both parents work & kids at school so weekend is the best time). All flights booked several weeks ago and now I get a WhatsApp from him saying that, on checking the diary, they realise that they have a Halloween weekend campsite booked for that weekend, trick & treating, pumpkin carving etc. Plus they have booked a pitch for their trailer near some friends that are also going. "How you you feel about that" he asks.
I'm really disappointed as I was hoping to spend time with them and halloween is really not my thing, neither is spending the weekend in a caravan.
My plan was that I would spend the weekend with DS then go on to see my brother on the Sunday evening and stay with them for three days then home again. My previous trips to Canada have always been for less than a week as that works best for me. Three days with my DS and three days with my brother.
My question is what would you do?

rafichagran Tue 20-Aug-19 22:53:34

Please stop being so miserable. The young family are including you. Stay in the trailer and enjoy the the pumkin carving and other things.
I would be delighted if my family invited me to a weekend like that.
Can't see at all why you are disappointed.

Callistemon Tue 20-Aug-19 23:03:45

Does the campsite have motel-type rooms as well? We've stayed in a room on site when the family has camped.

I would still go but I suppose it depends on what the Hallowe'en activities are. In this country National Trust properties have pumpkin carving, paper lantern making etc which we have gone to with the DGC.
Surely all that trick or treating won't be happening until 31st October anyway?

You may enjoy it, seeing the children's excitement and helping them do crafts.

It's a long way to go for under a week!

Callistemon Tue 20-Aug-19 23:14:48

Apparently there are 'Hallowe'en events' every weekend startkng in September and through October in Canada shock

Please don't let it come over here

It's only once, yogagran, next time you can go at another time of year smile
Sukhasana and calm meditation should help!

annep1 Tue 20-Aug-19 23:23:12

Children, yogagran! Honestly they do leave you feeling peeved sometimes.
My daughter has done this kind of thing more than once! All you can do really is go with the flow and be happy. Make the most of it.

And next time get them to be absolutely sure they've checked the dates are ok. It'll be an experience You may enjoy it. Good luck!

CocoPops Wed 21-Aug-19 04:10:02

I live in N.America. In my neighbourhood Halloween is a special time for families, friends and neighbours. It's about connecting with the community and having fun and it's for all ages. You could try your hand at pumpkin carving with the children. Lots of free stencils on line. Remember to take a costume... anything will do and have some fun.

Coolgran65 Wed 21-Aug-19 04:22:49

It wouldn't be my first choice of how to spend a trip but I'd go for it. And you'd see more of them as they are off work (they might have been off anyway).

Paint on a smile and go determined to enjoy yourself.

Sometimes the unexpected can surprise us

Willow500 Wed 21-Aug-19 07:07:02

I couldn't do the camping bit but the idea of staying in a motel/hotel and joining in the fun with the family sounds great. Do you drive over there? Maybe if the campsite it away from the hotel you can hire a car for a couple of days and drive over?

harrigran Wed 21-Aug-19 07:46:46

Why not just embrace the whole thing and enjoy being with DC and GC.
Last Haloween GD came for a sleepover and arrived with an enormous pumpkin to carve, there was no way she could manage that herself so DH and I helped. We had a lot of fun and seeing her face when it was finished was lovely.

Callistemon Wed 21-Aug-19 11:40:02

lots of free stencils online

Oh, so that's how my nephew does such elaborate designs, I thought he was just very artistic!

Me, I just hack out some triangles for eyes, nose and a few teeth for a grin

Starlady Wed 21-Aug-19 13:06:17

" least they're not suggesting that you cancel."

I was thinking this ^ exactly. And that, TG, they didn't wait till you were there to tell you! I would be disappointed, also, I like Halloween but I'm not into camping. But I would focus on the fact that I'm getting to spend time w/ DS and my GC and try to make the best of it, as some have suggested. I hope scribbles idea can work out for you. If not, I suggest just putting up w/ it all for the sake of enjoying DS and family.

Perhaps it will help to remind yourself you'll be at the comfort of your brother's after the weekend. And next time, please ask if they've checked their calendar before you actually book your trip, LOL. I know you shouldn't have to, but, IMO, it would be a good way to prevent this from happening again. Or try not to go there in October in the future, LOL!

DanniRae Wed 21-Aug-19 18:18:38

Oh go yogagran it'll be fun! I love caravans (same as trailers?) and I think it's so lovely that they want you to join them.
Think of it as an adventure.......and come back on here and tell us all about it, please!! smile

yogagran Wed 21-Aug-19 22:39:45

Yes danniRae I love caravans too, we had our own for many, many years - but a caravan with two other adults, three children and a dog.....

yogagran Wed 21-Aug-19 22:42:49

starlady, I'll definitely get a check done on calendar dates before any future trips grin

DanniRae Thu 22-Aug-19 09:05:41

No yogagran those details haven't put me off! It's only 3 days and you'll be out of the van most of the time doing exciting things.
What amazing memories you will have to look back on! smile

absthame Thu 22-Aug-19 10:44:17

Halloween is another b****y American ridiculous “tradition” designed to ruin the world angryangryangry It seems to have replaced our Guy Faulks celebration. Who the heck would with even rudimentary brain would celebrate the works of the powers of evil to celebrate All of the Saints. (Grumble grumble grumbleangryangryangry)

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 11:03:40

Hurrah! A fellow grumbler, it's vile and silly and a load of tat and landfill. Lemming like, we buy this nonsense because if we don't the kiddiwinks will be disappointed.

A simple, ancient festival jumped on by marketing people .

annodomini Thu 22-Aug-19 11:16:26

Every year we have to repeat that Halloween is NOT merely an American tradition. It goes a long way back in Scotland and Ireland. As children we would go out 'guising' with our friends. We dressed up in costumes - usually bed sheets for ghosts! and said our 'party pieces' for neighbours who would give us sweets or nuts in exchange. We would make our own masks - none of these shop-bought monstrosities.
I do agree that the commercialisation of this tradition has crossed the Atlantic and the old customs are unknown to today's children. It was never what the Americans call a 'holiday'. Costumes and lanterns were home made. Vampires and zombies were unheard of. Our innocent 'guising' has morphed into 'trick or treat'.
It's not what it once was, but I repeat: Halloween is not an American invention.

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 11:24:28

Agreed anno, I have memories of apples in washing up bowls full of cold water!

Sara65 Thu 22-Aug-19 11:37:59

I quite like Halloween, I don’t think I’d want a month of it, and I agree that it’s tons of rubbish to end up in landfill. My Halloween age children always come to us to do trick or treating (only in houses participating) then we have spooky supper and watch spooky movies, next day, all over!

maddyone Thu 22-Aug-19 11:47:57

I think Scribbles has the best solution. It it was e, I would find a hotel nearby and then spend the days with the family. You would have your comforts and see the children and your son.

Lucy2 Thu 22-Aug-19 12:16:59

Scribbles: “The American way of celebrating Halloween goes on for weeks and everywhere” ?? Where did you get that idea? It’s ONE night only in America. Some schools have a short party to show off costumes, then an evening trick or treating, but that’s it. Of course yard decorations can be seen for the previous week, but celebrating is a one nighter. I always hope Halloween will fade away, but the merchandise pushers won’t let it go. I’m a retired teacher & always dreaded the day after with hyper, super-filled kids!

schnackie Thu 22-Aug-19 12:49:26

yogagran if you are fit enough to fly to Canada, visit two different family members and fly home in 6 days, it seems you would be strong enough (mentally and physically) to go on this camping trip!
Things like this are the memories the children will treasure for years to come!

nipsmum Thu 22-Aug-19 12:58:40

Sorry to sound unsympathetic, but most of us who have lived to be Gran,s can put up with anything for 3 days. Its not the end of the world. If its so bad then maybe just do not go.

Llamedos13 Thu 22-Aug-19 13:06:13

I am a bit puzzled on the timing, I live in canada and all our camp grounds close down for the season after labour day which is the first weekend in September. Also, I have never ever heard of month long Halloween celebrations! Perish the thought.

Skinnylizzie Thu 22-Aug-19 13:19:45

Go for it! Embrace it! It’s not camping as you know it and Halloween is an amazing thing there. Plus you’re going to see your family.... enjoy 😊