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Missfoodlove Thu 31-Oct-19 08:56:42

We have had a neighbourhood message from our local constabulary asking residents to sweep leaves, clear paths and pavements and make sure all driveways etc are well lit for this evenings trick or treaters.
They have asked us to be aware of allergies when handing out sweets!!
No message for the trick or treaters to be respectful.

Jangran99 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:02:54

Maybe they've got mixed up and think it's April Fool!

timetogo2016 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:03:18

YANBU what a damn cheek.
I won`t be answering my door as all the heat will go through it and were not American so don`t subscribe to all the rubbish American idea of fun.

Oopsminty Thu 31-Oct-19 09:04:34

Gosh, Missfoodlove!

That sounds rather peculiar.

We tend to have a bowl of goodies on hand. But I'm not about to sweep my pavement or driveway. My drive way is quite long and not lit. Should I have torches at the front?

As for allergies. Any child with one should be aware and know what to take.

cornergran Thu 31-Oct-19 09:06:04

Goodness, seems unusual and no, I wouldn’t comply being a generally miserable soul.

Grannybags Thu 31-Oct-19 09:06:57

It's supposed to be raining here this evening so hopefully it'll keep them at home....or perhaps I'm expected to put up a shelter on my drive?!

Gaunt47 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:19:20

But aren't those sort of bossy instructions typical of authorities that we have to endure nowadays? The attitude seems to be that "you can't possibly know what to do for the best but we do so we'll tell you".
I've always found particularly risible the NHS leaflet which arrives in the autumn: winter is coming so you need to keep warm. Really? Give me strength!!!

Eglantine21 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:20:44

I’ve got my little bag of treats all ready. But now I think I’ll just draw the curtains and pretend I’m not home, in case I get sued?

annep1 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:31:17

I actually enjoy the children coming and loik forward to it. But this would make me worry about accidents. So I shall have the front well lit. It is a bit of a cheek asking people to sweep up. Surely the message should have included instructions to parents to take care with their children.

HootyMcOwlface Thu 31-Oct-19 09:38:42

Are you in the UK?? What a cheek, I hate Halloween and won't be opening my door, not will I be sweeping my drive or lighting it for the cheeky buggers.

midgey Thu 31-Oct-19 09:42:27

I have already eaten the ‘treats’ so the little treasures will get short shrift here grin

maddyone Thu 31-Oct-19 09:42:32

I don’t agree with trick or treating, so no, I won’t be making any preparations except to close my curtains and not open the door.

Quizzer Thu 31-Oct-19 09:42:55

Where we used to live we had a lot of trouble with teenage trick or treaters. I liked one idea that was put forward....coat cooked brussels sprouts in chocolate and wrap in Ferrero Roche paper. thlwink

Esmerelda Thu 31-Oct-19 09:44:19

What a load of tosh.
The little monsters can take their chances ... I have some small treats in a bowl by the front door, there will be a pumpkin just outside and I'll leave the hall light on, but that is as far as I am prepared to go! thlgrin

Riggie Thu 31-Oct-19 09:45:16

I believe there are even different coloured pumpkins and halloween buckets to denote that the person has autism or allergies......

We dont participate any more. We did our bit when our son was small - not going out, as I told him that some people have to stay in to give out the treats!!

jaylucy Thu 31-Oct-19 09:45:17

Last time we had trick or treaters to my house, they were the son and his friend of a friend of mine. Gave them some sweets and my friend's son looked disgusted and said "oh I was hoping for money!!!"
In my village we have an understanding that the children only go to your house if you are displaying a lit pumpkin.
Mind you, my son was never allowed to go trick or treating - I believe it's the next thing to begging ! As for taking care of the ones with allergies - sorry, but that's their parents responsibility !

Tricia55 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:46:29

I don't think YBU., Years gone by I used to make up little bags o assorted fruit, nuts, sweets, the them up & it all ready, most children by me have all grown up with children of their own, but they tend to go to organised Halloween parties these days rather than wander the streets, I used to hear of older kids stopping younger ones & confiscating their treats, hence I've stopped these past 5/6 years.
It's like everything, if a child comes to you with an allergy then an adult should be with them if they don't know what to have.
Anyway, I think it's too dodgy sending kids out these days, you don't know who's door they might knock on.

GabriellaG54 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:47:23

Uninvited visitors are not, as far as I know, covered by one's household insurance and I certainly won't be doing any prep for trick or treat, sweeping, lighting or sweeties.

annep1 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:47:32

loik look!

optimist Thu 31-Oct-19 09:48:27

I thought that all children knew that you only knock on doors that have a pumpkin outside showing that the people inside the house are happy to participate.

Eloethan Thu 31-Oct-19 09:48:34

Ridiculous - and what a waste of police resources.

Minerva Thu 31-Oct-19 09:49:12

I will have 3 boys here after school dressed up and ready for the fun. We usually dispense at least 100 wrapped sweets between dusk and 7pm when the youngest grandson goes to bed. Then we remove the pumpkin and the giant black spider on the white wall and the hanging skeleton, draw the curtains and it’s all over for the night. If anybody rings the bell after that we ignore them. It’s great fun as our three try to outdo the visiting kids in scariness. My daughter has made buns with piped spiderwebs for after fish and chips tea. We all enjoy the fun.

Sb74 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:49:12

I can’t believe how cheeky that is! And to dare to mention allergies? That’s the parents responsibility!! Would we get sued if a child came on to our property of their own free will, threatened to trick us if we don’t hand over sweets and then have an allergic reaction to what they have been given for free? I will not expect people to think about allergies for my children later?! Perhaps I need to prepare a disclaimer for them to sign and put a notice up that the sweet basket may contain nuts! The world has gone completely mad.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:49:19

I dislike Trick or Treat - it's one of those US customs which should have stayed on the other side of the pond. If I clear any leaves from the driveway it'll be for my convenience, not theirs.
My warning poster is in the window and I don't decorate - I believe that it's advised that unlit houses are not to be visited by this 'tradition.' Touch wood, there's been no problems so far.

Nannan2 Thu 31-Oct-19 09:50:28

I don't mind giving out sweets,but would not be sweeping paths etc.,so if they think its too slippery then they have a choice to come up path or not to! Anyway i dont care as im not in, im in venice!gringrin