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caramel Tue 12-May-20 09:43:58

AIBU on the lovely bank holiday afternoon sitting in the garden with my locked in family. The neighbours decided to mow and strim their lawn even though they could hear we were in the garden. I was very upset and feel that they should not have been doing this on a special afternoon when the sun was shining. Arn't we allowed any time any more when we can relax and enjoy our gardens without constant noise.

Barmeyoldbat Tue 12-May-20 09:48:21

My neighbours are the same but its the children, they are screamers and mum and dad just sit there taking no notice. So now a soon as it gets too much or been going on too long I take the radio outside and turn it full blast.

Puzzler61 Tue 12-May-20 09:50:22

It probably didn’t cross their minds caramel. I wouldn’t think they did it to upset you.
We all have different schedules in our lives and for them a day without work could just be an opportunity to get some gardening jobs done.
Only if you choose to live in a remote location could you ensure solitude on any day.

ladymuck Tue 12-May-20 09:54:57

Mowing the lawn while the weather is nice is a perfectly normal thing to do. They didn't do it to annoy you.
They would have been perfectly justified in complaining about you playing your radio so loud!

Loislovesstewie Tue 12-May-20 09:59:52

Well they can't mow/strim in the rain ,can they? Unless they have a huge garden it wouldn't take long , would it?
Music however is a different thing; your choice might annoy others.

Toadinthehole Tue 12-May-20 10:06:39

It may be they just wanted to get the job done before the weekend. You don’t say who they are, but if they’re a family with school age children, this was a chance to may be have a full Saturday and Sunday to themselves for some weeks, since the Easter bank holidays. I know my son and daughter in law are so busy with two children having to be schooled, and a toddler. I can imagine them wanting to get work out of the way, to have a weekend to focus on the children. Sadly...not everyone would have been concerned about VE Day.

MawB Tue 12-May-20 10:08:09

Mowing or strimming a lawn hardly constitutes “noisy neighbours” !
I was expecting to read about raves till the early hours of the morning, fights in the garden, “domestics” at dawn or at least a pack of German Shepherd guard dogs defending their territory.
Yes, other people can be annoying, but do you always check they are safely glued to Eastenders before you cut your grass?
Do your locked down children keep their voices down at all times?
And would you prefer them to mow/strim their lawn in the rain?
YAB totally U.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 12-May-20 10:15:43

Mowing the lawn and strimming are essential for a garden to look neat and tidy. It wouldn't occur to me to consult my neighbours before doing either.

EllanVannin Tue 12-May-20 10:24:29

Those of us at a certain age have all the time in the world to sit and relax---it's the way I see it anyway. What's a bit of noise ?

Thecatshatontgemat Tue 12-May-20 10:26:54

Good heavens: they are just gardening!
Screaming brats and yapping dogs are definately well out of order, but mowing and strimming.........????

Craftycat Tue 12-May-20 10:27:54

I think it is perfectly reasonable to mow the lawn on a bank holiday- usually it is difficult to fit in if you are working full time.
It can't have taken long either unless you have acres.
Live & let live!

paperbackbutterfly Tue 12-May-20 10:28:22

Mowing a lawn sounds reasonable to me but I would be very annoyed if my neighbour's played music in their garden.

Jinty44 Tue 12-May-20 10:28:44

Honestly, it barely registered with me that it was a Bank Holiday - all the days just blend into one now, no weekends, nothing sad. So whilst it was an afternoon and the sun was shining, it hardly felt "special". There's been a few sunny afternoons of late!

Is there more to the story @caramel? Being "very upset" at the neighbour mowing the lawn seems a bit of an over-reaction. Is there a history between you and them?

beautybiz55 Tue 12-May-20 10:29:47

I can cope with any gardening or diy noise that is normal .
I am now surrounded by screaming children . Footballs smashing my fence . Bouncing on a trampoline on my fence edge .Screaming in a huge swimming pool . I shouted to stop screaming , the mother flew at me & told me to go inside ! I used to hear a pin drop here ! It is stressful & I am looking to move from my paradise , very sad.

Dillonsgranma Tue 12-May-20 10:29:48

My delightful neighbours have about ten sets of windchimes
In their back garden. Even though the council have repeatedly asked them to move them down to the end of the garden they persist in hanging them on the guttering of the bungalow.
The result is 24 hour cacophony of noise the minute there is a breeze.
Right by my bedroom window
Such lovely people 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Fflaurie Tue 12-May-20 10:30:30

I only object when it is early in the morning, late at night or music. If I can hear other people's music, it's too loud, no one hears mine.

Weeno59 Tue 12-May-20 10:30:35

We are unfortunate that we live next door to neighbours who habitually use drugs and have a spear that is thrown around the garden. Things have escalated from there though as they now have a bow which they have been using in the garden.

razzmatazz Tue 12-May-20 10:32:20

I think it is pretty unreasonable to expect the neighbours not to cut their lawn because you are sitting in the garden. So every time you are in your garden they can't cut their lawn or trim? Personally, I think it is lovely to hear mowers . A summer sound .

sweetcakes Tue 12-May-20 10:33:17

Yep you are being unreasonable!
We have one rule no noisy jobs before 9am on a Saturday and 10am on a Sunday and you would have absolutely hated my husband when he was putting in new decking last week but you know what c'est la vie.

Theoddbird Tue 12-May-20 10:33:35

I cut my grass when it was sunny...last Sunday actually. I was hardly going to do it in cold wet weather...who would. Mowing the grass is not being a noisy is doing something that is normal.

narrowboatnan Tue 12-May-20 10:34:00

I always thought that mowing and strimming were normal summer activities.

I much prefer the lovely smell of freshly mown grass to the stench of other people’s barbecued burnt offerings.

I wouldn’t be complaining.

counterpoint Tue 12-May-20 10:34:47

It’s difficult to make rules about garden tools, but it would help if people chose the quietest tools that are sufficient to get the job done.

longpinknails Tue 12-May-20 10:34:54

I too think it’s a perfectly normal thing to do in a garden. When would you suggest they did it? At the moment in the situation we are in, I think bank holidays also aren’t really that ‘special‘ And merge into a normal day really ( apart from VE Day, when people could also still mow their lawns! ) I think you are being a bit unreasonable, sorry.

GrandmaMia1 Tue 12-May-20 10:36:26

I totally agree with the comments regarding lawn mowing and hedge trimming is hardly noisy neighbours. We currently (as you stated) are in lockdown One day is much the same as another. You can sit in your garden in the sun anytime.

Soozikinzi Tue 12-May-20 10:36:30

When I read the title I expected there to have been a noisy party not the noise of gardening! I think mowing and strimming on a nice day is fine .