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Do hairdressers know best?

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Quizzer Thu 25-Mar-21 10:17:35

AIBU to expect a hairdresser to cut my hair as I want it rather than as she decides is best. I’ve had numerous hairdressers who ignore my instructions and cut it the way that they want to.
I have had this fine, flyaway hair for a very long time and know exactly what it will and will not do.
Once I found a really good hairdresser who cut my hair just right until I asked for a slight change of style. I came out exactly the same as before!
Maybe I just don’t speak the same language.

Pantglas2 Thu 25-Mar-21 10:24:08

I’ve never had a hairdresser do EXACTLY as I want in 45 years and that includes three friends!

They’ve all said the following

Don’t have it too short, it won’t suit you
Don’t grow it long, you won’t manage it
Have long layers, it’ll be easier to manage
Don’t French Plait it, it’ll ruin your hair
Don’t go grey, you’ll regret it

They’ve all been wrong.....

BlueBelle Thu 25-Mar-21 10:29:01

I ve been lucky most hairdressers I ve had have done their best to follow exactly what I want maybe I ve got easy to cut hair it’s certainly not fly away so might be different but no I ve never had one try to change my mind I would move on if I had

henetha Thu 25-Mar-21 10:32:44

You're not being unreasonble, hairdressers never did my hair the way I wanted it, which is why I haven't been near one for oer 30 years now.
One of my grandaughters is now a qualified hairdressser and she trims the back occasionally for me (up until Covid), but apart from that I always do my own hair including cutting.
You get the hang of it after a while.

trisher Thu 25-Mar-21 10:36:34

I have occasionally found a hairdresser who did as I asked and who really cut my hair well. Unortunately for some reason they always seem to disappear- move away, retire, have baby, one even became an insurance agent! Then I get one who does what they like. It's why I hate hairdressers. (not necessarily the people just the process)

eazybee Thu 25-Mar-21 10:41:55

People forget hairdressers see the whole head, not just the face-framing hair at the front, and they understand the types of hair and what it will and won't do. They also see changes in hair, sometimes due to medication or illness.
No connection with hairdressing at all, just waiting for my appointment in April and she can cut it with garden shears if she likes.

Shinamae Thu 25-Mar-21 10:46:59

My hairdresser is very good and I only ever really want it trimmed and layers put in. Years ago they used to be completely scissor happy and do exactly what they wanted but I don’t find that with this hairdresser thank goodness ??‍♀️?‍♀️

Spidergran3 Thu 25-Mar-21 10:56:27

One of the things this past year has shown me is that I can cut my own hair better than my hairdresser - I listen to what I say ? I think hairdressers come out of the same mould as dog groomers and neither speak the same language as the rest of us!

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 25-Mar-21 10:59:28

I have a hairdresser (or hope I have) who does just what I want and need - I'm not telling you who she is or I wont be able to get a look in next time!!

Urmstongran Thu 25-Mar-21 11:25:32

The prices they charge, I should hope so!

annodomini Thu 25-Mar-21 11:49:10

They don't always know best! Two years ago, my previously reliable hairdresser gave me a very disappointing cut. She had been gossiping with a friend who had dropped in and obviously hadn't listened to my preferences. I let her cut grow out and discovered curls I hadn't seen for years! Found another hairdresser who was happy to do a dry cut, but of course it's now a good 7 months since I have seen her and I daren't try a DiY haircut! I do hope the salon will be open in mid April.

cornishpatsy Thu 25-Mar-21 11:57:52

I tend to have a dry cut as I have a problem with the way they blow dry my hair.

I usually end up looking like I am going to a 1970s dinner dance.

Rosalyn69 Thu 25-Mar-21 11:58:37

I actually think my hairdresser does know best. I’m more scared of hairdressers who have no suggestions and no opinions.

MerylStreep Thu 25-Mar-21 12:01:04

Mine cuts it exactly as I want it. She’s my next door neighbour/ friend. She does my hair, I do her garden.

Ro60 Thu 25-Mar-21 12:09:30

I had one hairdresser where we all came out looking exactly the same; whether 30 or 90 years of age. I think he could only do the one style. Fortunately, he was good at it & we all came out looking
& feeling wonderful.
The places I tried before, once they knew my age have me an 'older' looking style.
Now I have a young, newly qualified girl who is happy to make me look younger. ?

Ro60 Thu 25-Mar-21 12:10:13

Appointment booked for April 21 - can't wait!

Jaxjacky Thu 25-Mar-21 12:30:31

My friend cuts my hair, can’t wait!, she was slightly hesitant last summer when I asked for at least 5’ off to crop it. But off it came, she knows I’m not backward in coming forward, but will let me know if she thinks I’m wrong, it’s worked well so far.

sodapop Thu 25-Mar-21 12:45:07

A word of advice, never go to French hairdresser and ask for your hair to be cut short, they take it very literally, grin

Eloethan Thu 25-Mar-21 13:12:05

There often seems to be a new style that hairdressers have perfected and want to try out on everyone.

seacliff Thu 25-Mar-21 13:17:11

I don't enjoy the hairdressers generally. I have very thick wavy coarse hair. I have had 2 or 3 hairdressers over the years that studied it, and understood how to cut it so it looked great. In, there have been many disappointments.

When I find a great hairdresser they invariably get pregnant and leave, or move to the other end of the country. I have one now I am hoping will open up again in April, fingers crossed.

Judy54 Thu 25-Mar-21 13:17:32

My Hairdresser is great and does my hair exactly as I like it. He has to contend with my unruly curly/wavy hair and tame it into a style. Unusually He is always reluctant to cut to much off and I say no please do I don't like it to long as it becomes more difficult to manage. He is a real treasure.

Savvy Thu 25-Mar-21 13:29:16

I haven't been to a hairdresser for years (40+)

I can't stand the faffing around, or the chemicals they insist on using and hide their true nature by calling them 'product,' or the time it takes. I do my own, if I don't like it I've only myself to blame and it soon grows out again.

Plus I don't have to book an appointment.

TrendyNannie6 Thu 25-Mar-21 13:31:21

Luckily my hairdresser does do what I ask of her, she did say though right at first appointment, that a lot will go to her with a photo of the hairstyle they would like, and expect to come out looking the exact replica of the model, so she would try and adapt to a version as near to the photo as could, but some clients are adamant they want certain looks all very well if you have the same texture hair etc but most have unreasonable expectations, I did ask if a client asked for a particular style and hairdresser knew it wouldn’t suit would she do it, she said she would explain that although she would do it as they are paying, so hence yes very happy with my hairdresser

Callistemon Thu 25-Mar-21 13:34:28

He never does what I want, just shakes his head sadly when I tell him how I'd like it cut.
Admittedly, it is thick and unruly but at least I wanted to try a different style! Lockdown has enabled me to do just that although it does need styling!

product that is such an annoying term, isn't it. Anything that is produced is a product!
I'll just put some 'product' on your hair. confused

Dottydots Thu 25-Mar-21 13:42:18

My hairdresser is within walking distance of me, so that's a bonus. I've been going to her salon for a long time and about two years ago I decided to change my short hairstyle to something more up to date looking, which she did. It looked wonderful and I got a lot of compliments.

However, the last few times I've been to her, somehow she seems to end up cutting and blowdrying it like my original hairstyle, which looks old fashioned. (Like someone else said, she too, seems to turn us older ladies out with the same unfashionable style.)

When I get my appointment after lockdown, I'm going to take a deep breath and remind her of what I really want.