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Do hairdressers know best?

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Quizzer Thu 25-Mar-21 10:17:35

AIBU to expect a hairdresser to cut my hair as I want it rather than as she decides is best. I’ve had numerous hairdressers who ignore my instructions and cut it the way that they want to.
I have had this fine, flyaway hair for a very long time and know exactly what it will and will not do.
Once I found a really good hairdresser who cut my hair just right until I asked for a slight change of style. I came out exactly the same as before!
Maybe I just don’t speak the same language.

Janiepops Fri 26-Mar-21 20:39:22

Jaxie, I want to jump in my car and drive straight to Axminster, and come with you to your appt.
I always ask for the price when I book, otherwise, you can get a nasty shock.
Next, go on Pinterest, and type in exactly what you want, and hey presto, masses of ideas! Take them to hairdressers and say can they literally give you that.
Bear in mind, you won’t look like the model! I blank out the face when I do it, cos it’s the road to disappointment if you think you’re going to look like the model!!
You can buy little hair pieces on combs these days too, to bulk up your hair. Watch u-tube, ‘ how to use hair prices, you’ll get loads of ideas. I think people are disappointed mainly because they don’t hide the models face when searching, because realistically, most people don’t look like the stunning 50, 60,70 yr old mature models ?‍♀️ Good luck ?????

Mrst1405 Fri 26-Mar-21 21:08:13

I have a lot of fine hair with a little curl as it gets longer. I've had it every colour under the sun but I've grown it out over the last couple of years. To my surprise its quite a nice brownish colour with just a bit if white at the sides. In normal times I have it cut on cruise ships. The hairdressers are usually excellent, up to date and very reasonable to talk to....although not reasonable in price! A local barmaid friend trims it in between and keeps it tidy. In normal times I swim most days which can ruin the condition but I'm sticking with it a bit longer and tying it up if necessary.
I moved to Northern Spain nearly 20 years ago and that was a culture shock. They expected me to 'know my number' for the colour. Also you don't get a specific hairdresser, just whoever free when you go in. Its usual to book the day before not weeks in advance.

MumsyDeer Sat 27-Mar-21 03:17:35

Frankly I do not go near hairdressers - my last experience over four years ago left me severely traumatised and resulted in me weeping unannounced on the doorstep of the most amazing wig fitter in Sandhurst. Having had thick curly hair nearly all my life, I started to lose my hair in handfuls ten years ago during my late husband’s illness followed by my own ill health and my hair has never really fully recovered - finding sympathetic experienced hairdressers was a nightmare - I wore a wig for eighteen months until a very hot day when I marched into a barbers, whipped off the wig and begged them to cut my own uncoloured hair - I will never go back to a salon again when a) I get a quick, exceptional cut which (thankfully during lockdown) keeps its shape whilst growing out and b) it’s unbelievably cheaper when compared to the money I used to spend on a colour, cut & blow dry! I appreciate that such drastic measures are not everyone’s cup of tea but as a woman with health issues it has been a truly liberating experience and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “wash & go” lol

CanadianGran Sat 27-Mar-21 05:41:29

My hairdresser is very good, and always asks what I would like done. On occasion I have brought in a photo as inspiration and she will let me know how closely it can be achieved with my hair. She keeps a file for each client so can refer back for colour, etc. In 2020 I grew out to my natural grey, and we did manage to get in a couple of cuts in the summer when our lockdown eased. She also put in some ashy blond streaks to make the transition less noticeable. I have had quite a few compliments since, and I always pass them along to her.

Good luck Quizzer, hope you find the right hairdresser.

Shropshirelass Sat 27-Mar-21 09:19:01

After the first lockdown we changed our hairdresser from a large group controlled salon (where the cut depended on the mood of the stylist) to a well established local salon. Best move ever, the owner takes a pride in what she does and cuts exactly how she is asked, making recommendations if needed but always how I want it. Brilliant and supporting local people. Win, Win!

nipsmum Sun 28-Mar-21 11:08:41

My current hair dresser is the best one at cutting hair, anyone's hair, that I've ever had. He does my daughters band her 3 girls hair exactly as they want it done. So no, not all do as they like.

Blinko Fri 02-Apr-21 18:07:22

My hairdresser asks what I'd like then does my hair how her mother has it... confused

Spice101 Sun 04-Apr-21 02:42:24

Generally speaking I do think hairdressers know best. In my experience a good hairdresser will look at how the hair grows and cut it in the way that best suits the natural growth. Clients may know what they want but that is not necessarily what is best.

diygran Sun 04-Apr-21 21:33:38

Haven't visited hairdresser for years.
My all one length bob has been easy to cut in lockdown, but this last week I managed to cut it too short at the back. Never mind Its cold now so will wear a hat!
I cut other half's hair but he's looking forward to getting to barber after his 2nd vaccine.

Esspee Mon 05-Apr-21 07:40:18

I gave up long ago. Now I don’t even suggest anything. He is very good at what he does, to his credit.

ImStillGood Mon 05-Apr-21 11:52:17

No way. Of course, they have experience and they most likely see what type of haircut would look best on a particular type of hair, but mostly their view doesn't coincide with their clients'.

Witzend Sun 18-Apr-21 10:06:56

Sometimes they do!
I used to have long hair that was both very fine, and very thick (as in loads of it.)
Hairdressers were a nightmare since however much I asked them not to, they would rub it so much when washing that it’d go into a million knots and I’d then have to de-tangle it myself, or else have them painfully tearing it out by the roots.

But just once, near MiL’s house, I went to a salon where the male owner took one look - even from several feet away - and said to the shampoo girl, ‘Don’t rub that hair! It’ll go into a million knots.’
I was so grateful to him.