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Grand daughter's behaviour

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nanou Thu 29-Apr-21 21:46:34

My son and wife have moved house to be nearer us and my grandchild has started a new nursery. My grand daughter who is 3.5 years, that I helped look after since she was 1 year old, has become very fickle with me. When I arrive in the morning to take her to the nursery with her dad in the car (her mum just recently started work), she screams, cries and refuses to talk to me telling me to go away. I know she's only a child but having this behaviour repeatedly starts to be a little grinding. Has grans experienced such hurtful behaviour? Thanks

Summerlove Thu 06-May-21 16:35:26

She needs lots of love but needs to appreciate it is not unconditional and respect for peoples feelings is a two-way thing.

You want a small upset child to learn that love is conditional on her behaviour?!

What madness is this?