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AIBU to be fed up about heating on in late June grrr

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Kali2 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:54:36

rain and more rain- and today had to put the heating on! Flaming June they said.

Blossoming Mon 28-Jun-21 12:18:56

No heating on here for several weeks.

Namsnanny Mon 28-Jun-21 12:32:41

Yes we've out it on for a couple of hours over two evenings now.
But to be honest, I can remember a freak snow or was it a hail stone storm, in June a while back?
British weather, he do t you just love it.grin

Namsnanny Mon 28-Jun-21 12:33:34


Callistemon Mon 28-Jun-21 12:44:49

Goodness, I'm feeling too warm, it's very muggy here today.
But I have been changing the duvet cover and putting the thinner duvet on because I get too hot at night too.

I did put a cardie on when we were sitting outside yesterday.

BlueBelle Mon 28-Jun-21 12:59:06

No heating, but hot water bottle at my back in the evenings

kittylester Mon 28-Jun-21 13:10:41

No heating here either just a jumper.

I think you are being unreasonable to complain - no one can change it1

Jaxjacky Mon 28-Jun-21 13:15:32

Damp and humid here in the South, expecting rain/storms later, but I did heating on for an hour or so about a week ago. Typical British weather really, last year was an exception, you can blame me, I bought a brand new chiller unit earlier in the year!

Kim19 Mon 28-Jun-21 13:17:30

Jumper for me too.

tanith Mon 28-Jun-21 13:21:55

No heating on it’s been very muggy and warm but wet here.

Namsnanny Mon 28-Jun-21 13:31:37

Always a welcome talking point, The Weather!
I love that we can get a snapshot from around the country of how others are coping with it smile

TBH I dont think I would adapt well in a country with similar weather everyday now.

Namsnanny Mon 28-Jun-21 13:35:48

Whats a chiller unit JaxJackie, air conditioner, or for wine etc.?

I dont think its all your fault though, as we bought a gazebo and some garden furniture.
Plus I made a lovely summery drink to enjoy whilst sitting on and under it.
No guessing what happened to the sunshine!! grin

Jaxjacky Mon 28-Jun-21 13:43:39

Namsnanny ?? it’s like an air con unit, but cheaper, put cold water in the bottom with ice packs and it blows cold air. Being used as a clothes horse by MrJ at the moment!
We’ll share the blame ?

M0nica Mon 28-Jun-21 14:01:28

CH on on a year round thermostat, it is the only control we have. The heating was on this morning, useful to dry everythinhg that got soaked when the kitchen roof leaked last night.

Callistemon Mon 28-Jun-21 14:08:05

We've just received a new watering lance to attach to the hosepipe.
I knew it would rain as soon as it arrived!!

Kali2 my mother would have asked if you were nesh ?
I used to be very nesh, huddled near the fire when I was a child.

(For interpretation see the Expressions from your part of the world thread)

jusnoneed Mon 28-Jun-21 14:17:06

Warm and muggy here for the last few days, even though we have had some quite heavy rain at times.
Not had any heat on since March!

MawBe Mon 28-Jun-21 14:49:45

Jumper on today - TG I didn’t pack all my cooler weather clothes away.

cornergran Mon 28-Jun-21 16:06:37

Long sleeves today plus a jacket when we were out this morning. The car told us it was 15 degrees - as far as I'm concerned that's cold!

mumski Mon 28-Jun-21 16:12:18

Heating just gone here in Leicestershire for 3 hours. Fed up with freezing hands. Clearly my HRT tablets are working too well grin

Mollygo Mon 28-Jun-21 16:13:11

M0nica I hope you’ve got your ceiling fixed. Our CH is on all year but the thermostat’s on 10° so it doesn’t come on unless it’s really cold.
It said 14° on our weather app, but I had to come indoors as it’s so hot.

MerylStreep Mon 28-Jun-21 16:16:13

It’s what we have in the uk: weather.

AGAA4 Mon 28-Jun-21 16:17:12

It does feel a bit chilly but I am not putting the heating on just an extra layer.

Esspee Mon 28-Jun-21 16:22:05

Glorious sunshine here on Loch Lomond. 23C with a gentle breeze.
The forecast for the next week at least is excellent.

Maggiemaybe Mon 28-Jun-21 16:24:02

I've just realised why our heating hasn't clicked on recently - I'd forgotten that I switched it to Summer setting a few weeks back, when we had a run of really warm nights. Just as well really - a jumper and a pair of socks have done the trick!

I'm more than happy to have our weather when I read about the current heatwave in some parts of North America. The temperature reached 46.6 °C (115.88 °F) in parts of British Columbia! shock I'm fit for nothing but a bit of gentle reclining if it goes above the mid 20s.

Esspee Mon 28-Jun-21 16:28:02

You need to come to bonnie Scotland OP.