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AIBU to be fed up about heating on in late June grrr

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Kali2 Mon 28-Jun-21 11:54:36

rain and more rain- and today had to put the heating on! Flaming June they said.

Callistemon Mon 28-Jun-21 16:33:14


It’s what we have in the uk: weather.

I thought we'd all be used to it by now ?

Flaming June can be flaming cold!
Having sat and watched the tennis I cooled down and now have a cardigan slung around my shoulders but no heating on.

Blondiescot Mon 28-Jun-21 16:37:33

Heating on?? Really? Our heating is only on for a couple of months of the year, three at most - and we live in Scotland! Wouldn't dream of having it on at this time of year.

Kali2 Mon 28-Jun-21 16:38:09

Oh I'd love to- not been for many years.

MerylStreep Mon 28-Jun-21 16:41:02

If some are fed up with this rain wait until July comes. On average it’s the wettest month.
It’s very odd here. Almost like a monsoon feeling. The rain is actually warm.

GillT57 Mon 28-Jun-21 16:43:44

Well, it is clammy, muggy and damp here, occasional showers, just enough for the dog to go out, get her paws damp and come back into the kitchen floor! Our heating has come on the past couple of mornings which is rather nice as it dries the towels. Heating comes on and goes off by temperature, not date in this house. Tomatoes very well watered but need some sunshine

Callistemon Mon 28-Jun-21 16:44:15

True, MerylStreep but, to be fair, it's often lovely until the school holidays begin!

Callistemon Mon 28-Jun-21 16:45:39

It's 23C in the conservatory, just right today.
Have discarded the cardie.

Autocorrect keeps changing cardie to Carrie

MerylStreep Mon 28-Jun-21 16:51:29

You know how to live dangerously, don’t you ?

Callistemon Mon 28-Jun-21 16:52:25

I'd go outside but it's a bit damp, not raining, just damp.

PinkCakes Mon 28-Jun-21 17:32:04

I've got my heating on today, too. It's miserable and wet today in Nottingham.

MerylStreep Mon 28-Jun-21 17:35:06

Damp!!!! You live in Wales. Damp is good, isn’t it? ?

Callistemon Mon 28-Jun-21 17:44:54

Damp is quite normal but it's not as damp as it looked at Wimbledon

lemongrove Mon 28-Jun-21 18:19:49

damp and chilly, have just changed into a jumper and jeans and am eyeing the logs and thinking of lighting the fire.

Namsnanny Mon 28-Jun-21 18:42:18

Real wooden logs on a real fire*lemongrove*?
Noooooo dont do it!!!
Thats a lovely cosy treat to look forward to in winter, in this house.
Sometimes the only thing to look forward to!!

M0nica Mon 28-Jun-21 20:20:56

I find having the heating controlled by thermostat only, wonderfully freeing. No moral qualms about whether one is wimp or pathetic if the heating goes on after a certain date or before a certain date. Now it is quite simple. if the internal temperature falls below 18.5 degrees, morning or evening the heating will come on. Nothing to do with me, gov.

GillT57 Mon 28-Jun-21 20:41:11

Exactly how it works in this house too Monica. No stoicism and extra cardies here; if it is cold the heating comes on.

Oldbat1 Mon 28-Jun-21 20:45:58

Beautiful here today. Loads of families on the beach. No wind. Clear blue skies. Lots of swimmers too. Too hot for dogs.

Chewbacca Mon 28-Jun-21 20:47:16

Cold? Where on earth are you all living? It's cloudy here but a very pleasant 18 degrees. No need for heating or jumpers for weeks and weeks.

PinkCakes Mon 28-Jun-21 21:08:03

Chewbacca 13 degrees in Nottingham today

Chewbacca Mon 28-Jun-21 21:10:12

Glad I'm in Cheshire then PinkCakes! smile

MawBe Mon 28-Jun-21 21:10:26

Seems to apply here too. sad

CanadianGran Mon 28-Jun-21 21:30:22

MaggieMaybe, we are on the edge of the heat wave in British Columbia, it is 27degrees here at lunchtime. This is the coolest part of the The house was very hot last night, but if I open the front door we seem to get a breeze through.

Most of BC and parts of Alberta are stuck in a huge 'dome' system of heat, which is very uncomfortable and indeed dangerous for some. Some restaurants have had to close because they can't keep the temperature down in their kitchens, and some schools have closed (we are on the last week). Apparently the raspberry crop is cooking on the plants, and they are worried about other crops.

CanadianGran Mon 28-Jun-21 21:32:41

And further to above, we have typical Scottish weather here in our coastal town normally. Our high temps in June are normally around 17 Celsius.

M0nica Mon 28-Jun-21 21:42:06

Another one down south with temperatures below 15 degrees. DS, living in Yorkshire has been telling me how nice and warm the weather is up there.

We were on a stall at a carboot sale yesterday and despite wearing a long-sleeved cotton shirt, light fleece, done up and windproof lined jacket,also done up, I actually ended up with hypothermia and had to go and lie in a hot bath for half an hour when I got home to try and get my core body temperature up.

Maggiemaybe Mon 28-Jun-21 23:03:30

You have my sympathy, CanadianGran. I hope you manage to sleep well.