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Husband refusing to take COVID test

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lifebeginsat60 Mon 26-Jul-21 00:04:25

I've been visiting my beloved, elderly and frail Mum, who lives 100 miles away from me, thoughout the pandemic always on my own and as far as the rules allow. She lives independently and alone. I plan to visit again very soon and my husband is adamant he wants to come with me this time. He doesn't have much time for her so I'm not sure why. I want him and I to take a COVID test before visiting Mum but he has point-blank refused, is angry with me for asking and won't elaborate on his reasons. COVID cases are rising steeply in my area and I have just had to isolate for 10 days. I know you can never be 100% safe but want to take very possible precaution. He and I and my Mum are all double-jabbed. AIBU to say 'no test, no trip'?

NotSpaghetti Mon 26-Jul-21 16:10:19

Not sure of the percentage in the UK but 50% of items used in hospitals are sterilised this way in the US. The big uproar was not about the items sterilised but repeated gas leaks in the vicinity of the places doing the sterilisation. Pollution in the neighbouring areas. There's lots written about this online. There will eventually be an alternative.

Mainly (I understand) it's used for plastics and resins, items with hard-to reach places (such as catheters), things in layers (eg sterile wound dressings) or in packaging with paper instructions.
Heart stents are also sterilised this way - and the sort of catheter specially made to go up from the groin for heart surgery.

It's still the only method that works for lots of things and is widely used for "everyday" hospital items.

Other methods are things like radiation, steam, heat, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine gas... I know there's more.

NotSpaghetti Mon 26-Jul-21 16:15:54

Oh, and I remember a "scare" when it was found in Indian sesame (or maybe sunflower) seeds earlier this year. I think it was sesame as I seem to remember some Tahini being recalled.
The EU has banned it in foods. It had been used as a pesticide.
Some countries still use it on foods.

Spice101 Tue 27-Jul-21 01:01:05

This thread popped up on the Starts at 60 FB page this morning. It is the third thread from GN that has appeared in the last few days. Just a reminder that what is said on GN does not stay on GN

Shelflife Tue 27-Jul-21 20:41:53

It is hard to understand why he is so reluctant to have the test. It is a very simple procedure. I feel he should have the test to put your mind at rest - it really isn't about your DH it is primarily about your precious mum and your peace of mind. He really should do this for you. A long shot but would he read these posts ? If he is unwilling to co - operate then you must visit your Mum without him .

JaneJudge Tue 27-Jul-21 20:45:23

so is this a journalist?

Kali2 Tue 27-Jul-21 20:48:54

No test, no visit.

Elegran Tue 27-Jul-21 21:15:27

All the social media site check Gransnet and similar sites for things they can use on the own pages. There is an insatiable demand for "human interest stories" about topical subjects. Anything with a touch of conflict attracts readers, so the more controversial threads often appear in the likes of the Sun and the Mirror as part of articles with sensational, and usually ageist, headlines. It doesn't necessarily need the original poster to have been a journalist planting seeds to be harvested, but I am sure that doeshappen sometimes.

Rosycheeks Fri 30-Jul-21 08:27:01

Well my DH and I have both had both jabs and my DH has just tested neg after getting Covid. 10days we isolated I never caught it off him. If it wasnt for the Kat flow tests we would have never known he had it as he saud he felt like he had a cold.
I would say to your DH. If you wont test then dont come to your mothers.
Testing is so easy to do at home I cant see the problem.

Rosycheeks Fri 30-Jul-21 08:28:27

Sorry I meant Lat Flow and said. I have banana texting fingers.😅

Elizabeth1 Fri 30-Jul-21 08:35:39

Definitely no test no visit my ds doesn’t take these tests either I’m not sure what her reasons for this are me and my dh take them but I’m thinking if she’s out and about it must be safer for all of us. As Jason Leitch said at the beginning think of Covid walking over a bridge to reach you or something like that. Stay safe at all times we’re here until the end. [end]

Elizabeth1 Fri 30-Jul-21 08:36:34

Oops mistake end should read grin

Katie59 Fri 30-Jul-21 11:42:45

Easy decision, no test no visit.

NotSpaghetti Fri 30-Jul-21 11:46:31

Why are so many saying "no test no visit"

Ask him to isolate first instead.

Eloethan Fri 30-Jul-21 12:51:02

I think it's unkind of him. Even if he, and others, feel it is unnecessary, it is something that you are anxious about and, if nothing else, he should do it to ease your anxiety.

It rather sounds like he is setting up the whole situation to demonstrate his ability to control it - particularly as you say he has no great affection for your mum.

alchemilla Fri 30-Jul-21 16:47:35

most care homes are still asking for a lateral flow test. So is he just going to wait in the car?

DiamondLily Tue 10-Aug-21 15:17:53

I’m double jabbed, after being shielded, DH was vulnerable, but also double jabbed and we have never taken a test. No need, in our view.

But, could he not do a home test - no risk, no chemicals, no hassles?

Our daughter was doing those for her family, when we visited or the family visited us, during last winter.