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OldHag Sun 12-Sep-21 13:05:35

AIBU to think that fashion in the UK is SO boring these days? I'm 62 and feel that there is nothing new or exciting these days. I see the occasional thing pop up online that I get excited about, only to find that the companies that advertise them are either rip off merchants, or the quality is rubbish, etc., and end up really disappointed.

Is it just me, or do you know of anywhere that sells bright, exciting styles these days, or have I just reached an age where I've seen it all, even the colours are dreary and boring?

MayBeMaw Sun 12-Sep-21 13:12:45

For colours I love Gudrun Sjoden (I buy online) but recognise they are not everybody’s taste.
If you like bright colours and slightly quirky styling do have a look!

JaneJudge Sun 12-Sep-21 13:17:42

Joe Browns?

But i don't know what you mean by exciting grin

Granmarderby10 Sun 12-Sep-21 13:41:53

I think OldHag means clothes that have been featured heavily on those pop-up commercials that get in the way of what your reading or keep flashing annoyingly. I have read not very good things about them but they do depict some absolutely stunning designs in knitwear and all sorts at prices so low that they are literally too good to be true I have a feeling that the genuine designs featured would be very expensive.
But I’m with you OldHag the most mundane of clothing seams to command the highest of price tags. Eg. Trousers that fit properly and the same styles and colours everywhere I look until that trend falls out of fashion. Nothing stands out anymore unless you are pay a fortune sad

Poppyred Sun 12-Sep-21 13:54:05

I hate the dresses that are in fashion now! They all look like old fashioned curtains to me.

BlueBelle Sun 12-Sep-21 14:00:42

I got a lovely pair of baggy cotton dungarees off one of the ‘pop up’ sites I love them They certainly have some lovely fashions on them I ve bought a few and yes they aren’t brilliant quality but they are exciting styles and what more do you want for a tenner ?
I like Joe Browns ideas although they re very samey and very expensive
But in the shops nah boring, boring, same ole

Newatthis Sun 12-Sep-21 14:01:43

I think the style at the moment is either very Amish looking. I think that the designers think that once you get to a certain age and any old sack will do. I find it very difficult not only finding nice stylish things to work but also things that will actually fit my body shape which is not quite as it was when I was 20.

maddyone Sun 12-Sep-21 14:01:51

I agree with you Poppyred, I’ve seen some that I really hate, all floral patterns, big flounces, puff sleeves. Horrible.

Newatthis Sun 12-Sep-21 14:02:07

To wear

Blossoming Sun 12-Sep-21 14:37:16

I prefer simple lines and being short I don’t suit big bold fussy prints. Doubtless some people will find this ‘boring’, but I want to wear my clothes not them to wear me.

Lincslass Sun 12-Sep-21 15:02:44


For colours I love Gudrun Sjoden (I buy online) but recognise they are not everybody’s taste.
If you like bright colours and slightly quirky styling do have a look!

They are lovely and bright, but very expensive.

Jaxjacky Sun 12-Sep-21 15:17:57

JaneJudge I use Joe Browns for the odd item, often in the sale, I do love their clothes, but with my life a lot of them wouldn’t get any use.
Sorry Maw I think Gudrun’s trousers are bit odd, I wouldn’t wear them and a lot of the rest is very ‘samey’.
But I don’t often buy clothes, the basics suit me.
OldHag maybe you could look at vintage for something a bit original?

Lizzie72 Sun 12-Sep-21 15:26:55

There are a couple of little shops in the towns near me, and also the weekly market, that sell ‘Made in Italy’ clothes. Through the summer, they’ve been selling linen tops / dresses, etc plus jewellery and bags. These are in a range of colours and styles - some very bright and colourful. They’re now starting with jumpers and tunics - with sequinned stars on them. All quite jolly, and cheap. This one does online too -

BlueBelle Sun 12-Sep-21 15:28:11

I m still happy in the charity shop where I can buy ‘makes’ at a fraction of the price and can pick something different
Some of the prices in the Gudrun link make my eyes water

Lizzie72 Sun 12-Sep-21 16:37:12
This company do quite jolly stuff?

Sar53 Sun 12-Sep-21 20:04:19

Have you tried White Stuff, Weird Fish and Fat face. Some nice clothes, not the cheapest but well made. I've bought a few things in their sales. Have a look on line.

GagaJo Sun 12-Sep-21 20:25:57

I love Gudrun, but given my height and size, I'd look like a walking chintz sofa if I tried to wear her stuff.

I really like EShakti. They have styles that I like and you can adjust the length, arm length and neckline. I've had a couple of lovely bits from there. When my income has settled itself down (upwardly I hope), I'll get a few more bits. I'm a plain colours girl. A lot of black with bright coloured accessories although I'd wear a lot of green if I could find it, but it's rare.

Mattsmum2 Sun 12-Sep-21 20:30:25

Take a look at stitch fix

Blossoming Sun 12-Sep-21 21:18:36

BlueBelle you can get some good stuff on the Vinted website.

BlueBelle Sun 12-Sep-21 22:29:20

Indeed you can, blossoming everyone commenting here has a good income methinks.
I have a WeirdFish jacket that I like but that was a charity shop buy too in great condition and you can try on as opposed to buying online
I like things a bit out of the ordinary I guess, but not way out and definitely not dress dressy, tunics yes, but not dresses

Blossoming Sun 12-Sep-21 23:07:38

Very true Bluebelle. I also like to find things you can wear more than one way. I have a wrap dress that has been worn as a dress, a skirt and a coat.

Chewbacca Sun 12-Sep-21 23:39:48

Kit And Kaboodle has a lot of very reasonably priced stuff. I've had dresses, tunics and trousers from them that have lasted for many years. It never seems to date either.

NotSpaghetti Mon 13-Sep-21 10:38:15

I think you don’t really mean fashion which is never boring as being exciting is the whole point!
I think you mean high-street-clothing for your own personal taste!

dragonfly46 Mon 13-Sep-21 10:42:49

I find Gudrun a bit baggy. Sahara are good but also baggy and very expensive.
I have bought a couple of tops from China recently - they are lovely and bright and very reasonable. I have been pleased with them but of course it is luck of the draw.

Fernbergien Mon 13-Sep-21 10:43:45

My friend short like me wanted a pair of trousers so told her what I had found. Put in “M&s extra short trousers ( even if You are tall) and it will pick up on a certain style that does many lengths. Kind of buckle at waist. Quite classic. Had more colours originally. Look good with bright top and scarf. We have three pairs each.