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I feel so sad I’ll never be a nana…

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CuppaTeaPlease Sun 12-Dec-21 20:41:28

My two kids (two boys 26 & 28) are both gay and both say they do not intend on having any children. I’m in no way disappointed about them being gay but the thought of never having grandchildren is just so sad and disappointing for me!

Also I’m an only child and so is my husband (his sister died when she was just a teen).

The lack of family I find painful too.

Please can someone get me in a better mindset with this, I’m so sad and don’t know how to resolve these feelings.
Thank you

M0nica Sun 19-Dec-21 12:56:50

Heres a third person who loathes these baby words. I just hate the word 'kids, to my mind it lacks respect to children and as for babyfying, animals, Yuk.