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to find the roadside litter and dumping an absolute disgrace ...

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Kali2 Mon 27-Dec-21 14:45:36

this- been travelling from Kent to several parts of Midlands last 10 days- and it is an absolute shocker. Truly disgusting. Makes me so so sad- and even more so for the wildlife all around.

Galaxy Mon 27-Dec-21 14:47:21

Yes I hate it. There is an area in my local town that I worked in a few years ago. I recently returned to work in that area and I couldnt believe the change in terms of litter.

JaneJudge Mon 27-Dec-21 14:48:25

It's terrible. I live in rural village and people in the village volunteer to pick it up (organised by the parish councillors) I have to pick up enough outside my own house to be honest. Spirits bottles, beer cans, face masks, fast food packaging seem the worst

Sarnia Mon 27-Dec-21 15:15:53

My neighbour and I litter pick regularly in our local area. The lane we live on is used as a rat run by motorists who do not want to be snarled up in traffic on the major road which runs parallel. We find all sorts thrown from vehicles. The ones who make me despair the most are those who carefully pack all their takeaway cartons etc into the brown paper bag it came in then throw that out onto the verge. Why go one step further and take the bag home? Don't get me started on lazy dog walkers who leave bulging little plastic bags hanging from branches. I live in hope of catching one of them in the act one day.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 27-Dec-21 15:16:47

I found it very depressing when my son lived in London to see the amount of litter on the roadsides and in hedges on the way. We are very lucky that there’s rarely any round here in north Norfolk. There really is no excuse.

Shandy57 Mon 27-Dec-21 15:21:39

My neighbour regularly cycles our country lanes and collects rubbish from a few inaccessible places. A lot of dog walkers also collect rubbish, including me.

My neighbour now has an arrangement with the council who collect the bags, she obviously can't transport them on her bike.

Kate1949 Mon 27-Dec-21 15:21:51

Dreadful here in Birmingham. The Council rarely empty the bins around the shopping area. The rubbish is overflowing and rolling around the streets. The canal at the back of our house has bottles, cans, paper bags, masks floating in it and on the canal bank.
I'm always ringing the Council and Canals and Rivers Trust, usually to no avail. I've never understood the mentality of being kind enough to feed the ducks and then throwing the bread bag on the ground.

eazybee Mon 27-Dec-21 15:45:14

Saw a collection of litter (takeaway cartons, crisp packets, drink cans) floating down the small river, (where otters live), which runs through a local market town at eight am last week; it had been taken out from a nearby bin and deliberately emptied into the water and apparently happens regularly.

Urmstongran Mon 27-Dec-21 15:52:50

Years ago we were all reminded to ‘Keep Britain Tidy’.
Time to bring it back. I wish littering could be viewed as the antisocial behaviour it is.

Are any countries litter/graffiti free nowadays though?

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 27-Dec-21 15:53:33

I hate it. We go litter picking as much as we can. To be honest, the bin men themselves are just as much culprits. I understand they’re probably not allowed to pick random litter up all day, for health and safety reasons...and time of course, but when they drop it themselves....and just leave it.

I’ve phoned our environmental department several times, and they say they’re supposed to pick up what they drop. Dream on. It’s never going to happen, and on windy days with the recycling. Forget it. I pick up enough to refill the bin!

Redhead56 Mon 27-Dec-21 15:58:20

It's how people are brought up I was always told not to drop litter. If children are not told from a young age they will never learn it's wrong. I never dropped litter and brought my children up not to either their pockets were always full.
I went to the shop this morning and noticed bags of rubbish dumped by the roadside. It really annoys me when people don't use bins and throw litter everywhere. One of the biggest problems in the country lanes is fly tipping its a disgrace.

TillyTrotter Mon 27-Dec-21 16:05:49

Littering makes our grass verges look tainted and disgraceful and a lot is thrown out of car windows.
Most people who live near and have dogs are responsible owners and dispose of fouling.

Chestnut Mon 27-Dec-21 17:08:40

It's absolutely heartbreaking. People who throw stuff randomly are unbelievably selfish and stupid. Do they actually want to see litter everywhere?

As for the fly-tippers, some areas have huge amounts of fly-tipped rubbish. I have long believed that councils should provide free 24 hour council tips for everyone. Surely this would be easier and cheaper than sending trucks to remote locations, picking it all up and then transporting it back to the council tips? Ultimately it all has to end up in the tip anyway.

Maggiemaybe Mon 27-Dec-21 17:22:10

I agree, Chestnut, some local authorities don't help. Free access to the tips for everyone and providing more litter bins would make a big difference. DH picked up a broken bottle from the pavement recently and had to carry it for nearly a mile before we came across a bin to put it in - we were in a town, not out in the country. When we cross into our neighbouring authority, with more bins and actual paid litterpickers (shock!), we notice the difference immediately.

But ultimately it's the selfish so and sos who drop the stuff who are to blame. And it has got worse recently. I head out regularly with my trusty litterpicker and can fill a big carrier bag in 15 minutes. There'll be four or five discarded face masks in there too.

Doodledog Mon 27-Dec-21 17:23:39

I agree, Chestnut, and would add that I think that there should also be free collections of the sort of things that get fly-tipped (mattresses, fridges etc). Our council charges £40 per large item, which could well be beyond the budget for people on low incomes, and those without cars lose out, as ever. I dare say that nobody wants the local tip at the bottom of their garden, but they are always well out of town, so inaccessible to the car-free, even for smaller items that could be carried.

It's not just for large items - even our bottle bank is too far for the unfit to walk to, and is not on the way to anywhere, so gets no passers by. People have to make a special trip with bags of bottles and other glass, as the council don't have a designated bin or collection for glass.

As regards general littering, I agree that it is unpleasant and anti-social. They should bring back public information films in ad breaks and on social media. I do think that people could be persuaded to see it as unacceptable if they were encouraged to think about it from a young age.

Chestnut Mon 27-Dec-21 17:45:32

I agree that the council should collect items for free as well as provide free access to tips for everyone. They do not seem to realise that if they charge then there will be people who simply won't pay the fee.

As for glass, our council collects all the recycling in one bin, paper, plastics and glass. Weird I know, because surely the glass gets broken and mixed up with everything else, but they seem to manage. Where I lived before they didn't collect the glass and I had to walk it to a recycling bin, but luckily there were some fairly close.

The councils are responsible for rubbish and recycling, so they need to make it easy and totally free, otherwise some people just won't co-operate.

Coastpath Mon 27-Dec-21 17:48:28

I'm part of a litter picking group and we find that a major source of litter in our windy seaside town is stuff blown from recycling boxes.

Another thing we find frequently in laybys is bottles of wee, presumably left by drivers taken short or overnighting campers/lorry drivers. Pretty grim.

Chestnut Mon 27-Dec-21 17:52:53

Coastpath presumably the recycling you mention is from open boxes which is ridiculous. I didn't realise councils still used them. I thought they all had the sense to use proper recycling bins because it's obvious stuff will blow away from open boxes.

Coastpath Mon 27-Dec-21 18:02:58

It's crazy Chestnut. We have open recycling bins here in our exposed seaside town on the edge of open moorland. In my previous town (also coastal and windy) I campaigned for nets to put over the bins and they were provided at a small cost to the user. Here - not even that.

Kate1949 Mon 27-Dec-21 18:14:33

Our Council will do one free pick up of bulky items per year, fridges, sofas etc but only for the over 60s.

Doodledog Mon 27-Dec-21 18:28:52


Our Council will do one free pick up of bulky items per year, fridges, sofas etc but only for the over 60s.

It's good that they do one, I suppose - at least people can plan for it - but it's daft to restrict it to the over-60s.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 27-Dec-21 18:29:10

We have to pay £40 for each item that won’t fit in the bin with lid closed.

Chestnut Mon 27-Dec-21 18:44:50

Coastpath You should campaign for proper bins with lids. We had boxes but had bins delivered a couple of years ago here. I don't understand why anyone thought boxes were a good idea....ever! They can either have green or brown bins for recycling, or what they did here was just put blue lids onto black bins. Still, it works I suppose.

Kate1949 Mon 27-Dec-21 20:10:29

I agree Doodledog. I'm sure they could do one free collection for everyone.

Dickens Mon 27-Dec-21 21:03:21


Years ago we were all reminded to ‘Keep Britain Tidy’.
Time to bring it back. I wish littering could be viewed as the antisocial behaviour it is.

Are any countries litter/graffiti free nowadays though?

Norway - at least out of town - is pretty clean and clear of rubbish.

But they do provide plenty of containers along the way for disposal... in fact, you can go into any super-market car park and dump your litter as well.

And it gets carted away regularly.

I think many Norwegians are (rightly) proud of their environment and, as lots of them are 'out-door' types, they tend to keep their litter confined.

Naturally, there are those who just don't bother... they're in every country.