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Food deliveries by unmasked drivers

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runnerbean Mon 24-Jan-22 18:44:00

I'm quite cross and concerned. S*****s have been delivering our shopping and mostly they have done a sterling job. On Friday the driver arrived with no mask. On being politely asked to wear one he refused so we declined the delivery. Sainsbury now say they cannot guarantee a masked delivery driver. We are vulnerable ?

GrannyGravy13 Mon 24-Jan-22 18:47:19

If you wear a mask and shopping is left on doorstep I cannot see a problem

Charleygirl5 Mon 24-Jan-22 18:50:03

I agree, put the items away and then wash your hands. It is not as though the driver was in your house.

Sparklefizz Mon 24-Jan-22 18:53:36

Some of my delivery drivers haven't worn a mask from many months ago. I open the door and stand back, they put the crates on my doormat and stand back while I unload them. At all times we are about 2m apart, and the driver is out in my front garden.

rosie1959 Mon 24-Jan-22 18:56:44

They are outside why on earth would they need a mask
Mine stands back whilst I pick up the baskets and take to unpack
Unless I am going to give him a big cuddle then he/she is no risk

Hetty58 Mon 24-Jan-22 19:01:55

runnerbean, I really don't think it's logical to expect them to wear a mask outdoors. My Ocado driver just puts bags in the porch and leaves (he said they do get given thermals - necessary out there right now). You can give them back the empty bags next time for a refund.

SueDonim Mon 24-Jan-22 19:04:18

We don’t get within two metres of our delivery drivers- why would they need a mask?

Zoejory Mon 24-Jan-22 19:05:40

They don't need to wear a mask.

MerylStreep Mon 24-Jan-22 19:05:58

Number 1, he doesn’t have to.
Number 2, you don’t have to answer the door: job done.

Callistemon21 Mon 24-Jan-22 19:10:52

Ours haven't worn a mask for ages.

They drop the crates just outside or inside and then stand well back, sometimes getting soaked, poor things, while we unload into bags as fast as possible.

fairfraise Mon 24-Jan-22 19:15:28

I wonder how the driver felt having to take it back like that. Someone's son or husband. They're doing a valuable job and may well have vulnerable people at home themselves.

Kim19 Mon 24-Jan-22 19:17:43

Haven't seen any wearing a mask around here. Recipients don't mind a bit.

Largolass Mon 24-Jan-22 19:19:24

I can count on one hand the number of times a driver has worn a mask in the last 22 months.

Marydoll Mon 24-Jan-22 19:20:36

I'm CEV. I explain that I can't come near the driver and step back into my house. The leave the items at the door and wait in the drive for the crates. Problem solved.

Most of my deliveries are from Tesco and the drivers are always masked.
I understand your anxiety, but what a fuss, if he isn't actually entering your home. Was it worth it, to not receive your shopping?

Urmstongran Mon 24-Jan-22 19:41:03

There are some sky high anxiety levels about.

BlueBelle Mon 24-Jan-22 19:46:13

That was a huge overreaction and unnecessary it was silly to lose your shopping you didn’t have to go near him/her
Are you still living in fear do try to come out of it the country is opening up again and as of next Thursday masks will be worn totally by choice

nexus63 Mon 24-Jan-22 20:00:15

i have had shopping delivered from 4 top supermarkets in the last few months and none of the drivers have had a mask on, my shopping has to be put in my kitchen as i can't bend down to pick it up, i can't wear a mask so i take a covid test and register it online and it comes back to my phone to show result, i showed the driver this so he knew he was safe. if you are going to decline because they do not have a mask on then you will have to either get someone else or go to the supermarket and you will find that hardly any of the staff wear masks. there is a lot less people wearing masks now and it is probably something that we will all have to get used to.

Bibbity Mon 24-Jan-22 20:02:49

If you are unable to go to the shops then I think you will need to concede that masks are phasing out and that this is the best solution.

When we were isolating we kept the door closed the driver dropped the boxes at out door, knocked the door, we waited 5 seconds for him to step back we opened the door, we unloaded the food and thanked him and repeated the process once more and said our goodbyes.

Nobody was within 2 meters of each other.

grumppa Mon 24-Jan-22 20:07:05


Beswitched Mon 24-Jan-22 20:21:22

YANBU. Masks are still mandatory in many countries and a polite request to wear one was reasonable in my opinion. We are not out of the woods yet and it's a very simple way to reduce spread.

Elizabeth27 Mon 24-Jan-22 20:24:01

From Thursday there is no requirement to wear a mask so you are going to have to make different arrangements with your shopping delivery. Have it left outside as others have suggested.

Nannagarra Mon 24-Jan-22 20:46:50

I would continue with deliveries if I were you. The alternative is to go into a shop where soon there will be lots of people not wearing masks. Better to have contact with only one person, don’t you think, plus you won’t lose your slot.
We have food deliveries from another supermarket plus an online site; our experience does not differ from yours on Friday.
Ask the delivery person to place the goods where you want them and then to step back. This should happen but if it doesn’t you might want to cough - s/he’ll move sharpish then!
Outside there is less chance of you contracting the virus and I presume you’ve been vaccinated. Numbers are dropping and you can be less anxious now runnerbean even as someone vulnerable.

Bellanonna Mon 24-Jan-22 21:02:51

Runnerbean, you could maybe wear a mask if it makes you feel safer. I’m afraid from Thursday masks are no longer mandatory. Lots of helpful suggestions above.

Callistemon21 Mon 24-Jan-22 21:37:16

Could you do Click and Collect instead?

eazybee Mon 24-Jan-22 21:56:38

Have you tried driving wearing a mask?