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Billboard advert - what do you think?

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SuzyG Thu 27-Jan-22 10:00:55

I'm wondering how others feel about this billboard advert in our local supermarket car park please? Am I over-reacting because I don't like the example it sets to our grandchildren?

Bibbity Thu 27-Jan-22 10:02:46

That's made me chuckle.

Children will either be to young to understand or old enough to think it's funny but know not to repeat it. Hopefully.

FannyCornforth Thu 27-Jan-22 10:07:35

No. I don’t like it. Corny and crass

Elless Thu 27-Jan-22 10:08:26

Totally agree SuzyG I was only saying to my OH how disgusting it is in TV programmes that they suggest it is acceptable for children to swear in front of their parents these days.

Lincslass Thu 27-Jan-22 10:12:13

Crass and unnecessary.

Dickens Thu 27-Jan-22 10:21:35


No. I don’t like it. Corny and crass


Just part of the trend of lowering standards. Don't think it's even particularly funny - any fool can use a word that's almost a homophone and turn it into a well-understood phrase.

I fear we will be heavily outnumbered though and possibly told to "lighten up" or that we haven't got a sense of humour.

Sago Thu 27-Jan-22 10:33:49

Remember French Connection UK?
There were T shirts with slogans such as FCUK like a bunny,I saw girls as young as 12 wearing these clothes.
Our daughter thankfully hated anything like that!

SuzyG Thu 27-Jan-22 10:47:52

Thanks so much for your replies so far. I'm so glad I'm not getting too fusty.. but perhaps I am? grin

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 27-Jan-22 10:50:25

Yes I remember FCUK, I always thought it was in pretty poor taste even years ago when I wasn’t a grumpy old bag. Exactly what I think of the ad in OP’s post. I suppose an advertising agency got paid a lot for that.

TwiceAsNice Thu 27-Jan-22 10:50:32

Don’t like such play on words it’s not clever. You are not over reacting!

Jaxjacky Thu 27-Jan-22 10:54:49

No problem for me, quite often people use another word instead of swearing, some teach their children to do the same thing. Most children would give it a cursory glance and may register a sheep.

FannyCornforth Thu 27-Jan-22 10:57:28

Yes, Shep, I agree about FCUK.
At the time I thought that it was really ‘try hard’.
Also, I remember being surprised.
I think that I must have been in my early 20s when it first came about, and at the time I thought that French Connection was quite a classy, aspirational brand.
But with the FCUK thing it went quite (forgive me) chavvy.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 27-Jan-22 11:00:44

Good word, chavvy, Fanny. I agree.

Calendargirl Thu 27-Jan-22 11:05:05

No, I don’t like it. But then, unlike some on here who aren’t bothered, I also hate to hear the f word used in general conversation.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 27-Jan-22 11:06:27

Me too Callistemon.

Ali08 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:16:28

Just because they can do it, doesn't mean they should!!
I see no need for flock to be in there at all!

Serendipity22 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:17:43

Whoaaa that is bad, basically its saying the F word saying the F word.

Its not my taste whatsoever.

Serendipity22 Thu 27-Jan-22 11:19:33

Ohhh sorry... i didn't check before posting.

Meant to say basically its saying the F word without saying the F word

aonk Thu 27-Jan-22 11:20:53

I agree. Some of my GC are old enough to read this but not old enough to understand the play on words. How on earth can you explain this if they ask?
A few years ago my oldest GC saw a dirty van near her school. Someone had written “I love c**k” in the dirt. My DD told her that some people really like boy chickens!

Zoejory Thu 27-Jan-22 11:22:24

Not hugely bothered by it pesonally

But it's done its job. It has people talking about it. Which is what advertisers want.

FannyCornforth Thu 27-Jan-22 11:23:30

We often drive past this pub (one of the best in Derbyshire).

Its sign always makes me smile, but it must instigate some very awkward child / parent conversations!

Blossoming Thu 27-Jan-22 11:25:46

I think it’s a rubbish advert. They need to get better marketers. Ignoring the double meaning, it wouldn’t make me want to buy a house from them,

FannyCornforth Thu 27-Jan-22 11:29:04

I agree Blossoming
Like the tedious FCUK stuff, it comes across as very downmarket, childish and unprofessional.
It’s a bit dated too

Blossoming Thu 27-Jan-22 11:29:52

But it's done its job. It has people talking about it.

It hasn’t done its job if it’s put people off. Will anybody actually remember what this was supposed to be advertising?

M0nica Thu 27-Jan-22 11:31:35

It strikes me as being very laboured. Several hours hardwork by someone who is clearly not a copywriter.

I suggest tyey goes back to the day job and employ a professional to write the next ad