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Our veterans and homeless

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Hildagard Wed 16-Mar-22 17:36:54

Sorry, I’m going to be a little controversial. Why haven’t the government offered the payment for housing refugees before to get our homeless veterans off the streets? Surely they should be our priority.

BladeAnnie Fri 18-Mar-22 09:27:47

I'm just adding a comment to the mix. I'm a mental health nurse and when I was a student (mature student), I did a placement with a nurse at a homeless drop in facility . This was my elective placement and so many people made negative comments about why I wanted to go there - in short stereotyping. It was my favourite placement by far and I learned so much from some lovely people, who were there through no fault of their own. I know there are bad people in all walks of life but not all rough sleepers fall into that category. Homelessness together with substance misuse are special interests of mine and it always breaks my heart that I can't do more to help

Sarnia Fri 18-Mar-22 09:31:46

We need another Olympics. That cleared the homeless off the streets. Perish the thought we should show that side of the UK to the wider world. We are an island and a fairly small one at that. Common sense will tell us we cannot continue to let so many people in. Our infrastructure cannot cope. The NHS was never meant to provide care for so many, school places are like gold dust and the housing crisis is a crisis because we have to home these migrants. Patel and Border Force are abysmal so brace yourselves that with the summer months coming we will be inundated with daily arrivals of boats crowded with migrants. In the meantime we look the other way where our veterans and homeless are concerned. Our priorities are skewed.