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What sounds and actions from the 1950s to. 1970s do you miss hearing or are glad are no more?

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Poppyjo Tue 11-Apr-23 07:27:41

For me it’s men whistling on their way to work. Never hear it nowadays.

The money containers in shops which were whisked upstairs and back down by a wire to pay for item and send back the change and The receipt

The knocker upper up north banging his stick on windows to get people up for work

Sound of clogs on cobbled streets.


FannyCornforth Tue 11-Apr-23 07:36:58

White dog poo
Doing PE in your vest and pants
Jim’ll Fix It
IRA bomb scares at school

(70s childhood)

Spinnaker Tue 11-Apr-23 07:37:23

The sound of the pit buzzer - especially on New Year's Eve when it sounded at midnight to herald the new year.

Grandmabatty Tue 11-Apr-23 07:56:07

The sound of the rag and bone man shouting.

AskAlice Tue 11-Apr-23 07:57:46

The sound of coal being delivered to the coal cellar.

Marydoll Tue 11-Apr-23 08:02:49


The sound of the rag and bone man shouting.

That's what I was going to say, GB.

Also the sound of the women in our tenement, gossiping and washing the clothes in the wash house on a Monday.
It was a bit like the steamie, I was fascinated by it all.

FannyCornforth Tue 11-Apr-23 08:13:36

Re the rag and bone man.
We have a neighbourhood scrap man.
He drives around in his van, merrily blasting out the theme tune to Steptoe & Son grin

PoppyFlower Tue 11-Apr-23 08:14:05

We still have the Rag and Boneman here or rather a van that plays "Food Glorious Food" from Oliver!

PoppyFlower Tue 11-Apr-23 08:17:03

People in surgical boots with one built up heal.
Old ladies having their hair curled and set every week...also headscarves!

FannyCornforth Tue 11-Apr-23 08:25:17

Those mad furry hats that all women over 40 wore!
Looking at photos of family weddings, my Nan looked younger in her 70s than she did in her 40s

Auntieflo Tue 11-Apr-23 08:52:22

Those plastic, folded rain hoods.

Aveline Tue 11-Apr-23 08:54:55

Horses pulling milk floats and coal deliveries. Blinkers over their eyes and canvas and leather feed bags

Redhead56 Tue 11-Apr-23 09:00:41

Rag and bone men and small ice cream cart that came around in the early 60s usually only at the weekend. A van that came around with bottles of pop called Full Swing we got money back for returning the bottles. Before our shops were built we a had a man come around in an old coach selling essentials bread tea veg etc.

annodomini Tue 11-Apr-23 09:29:49

Those multi-tone car horns on vehicles 2souped-up" by young males who are probably now the respectable gents driving the latest electric or hybrid models.

annodomini Tue 11-Apr-23 09:30:20


Kate1949 Tue 11-Apr-23 09:32:01

Steam rollers trundling down the street
Children playing in the street - hopscotch, skipping etc
Seeing girls in town with their curlers in
Being wolf whistled at. I loved it as a teen.

J52 Tue 11-Apr-23 09:41:03

Braziers that the road mending men melted the tar in. I loved the smell of tar. Gasworks and the town gas holders.

Shinamae Tue 11-Apr-23 09:42:48

Bubbly bubbly pop

Marmin Tue 11-Apr-23 09:43:50

Chimney sweeps. Door to door salesmen carrying suitcases. (It was always men.)

Shinamae Tue 11-Apr-23 09:44:23


Bubbly bubbly pop

Wish AutoCorrect would mind its own damn business!

Redhead56 Tue 11-Apr-23 09:52:45

The biggest rollers possible are adorned here by lots of women not by me I have curly hair. If I was wolf whistled at I was cheeky enough to wolf whistle back.

Nell8 Tue 11-Apr-23 10:11:57

I had a holiday job selling boxed shirts in the menswear department of a big store. I loved the ritual of pulling thick brown wrapping paper from a huge roll, folding it neatly round a box then tying the parcel up with string cut from a huge ball. Each sale was a work of art! I'd have enjoyed finishing off with sealing wax if allowed ... that lovely smell.

Kate1949 Tue 11-Apr-23 10:17:58

We used to buy butter from a block and watch the shop keeper pat it into a neat block with wooden paddles. The also sold crisps from a big tub which they spooned out into bags. We always hoped they had opened a new tub as they would be crunchier.
The sound of excited children at the pictures on a Saturday morning.

Casdon Tue 11-Apr-23 10:18:55

Cuckoos. I live rurally, and they used to be heard very regularly in the late spring when I was a child. Now, it’s a very rare occurrence.
Planted flower beds in towns, roundabouts, parks etc. always had lots of regimented rows of plants in different colours, spelling out the name of the place, or in set patterns. There are very few about now.
People in woollen coats and hats in town in the winter. Shoppers always looked smart, now it’s trainers and puffer jackets.

Bellanonna Tue 11-Apr-23 10:28:09

The sound of the air-raid siren and later the “all clear”.