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More royal pomp and circumstance.

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vivvq Wed 05-Jul-23 16:07:12

I genuinely felt upset and then angry at today's royal event in Edinburgh. How much of our money did it cost?
We have already had a fortune spent on the Queen's funeral and the King's coronation at a time when families
can't afford to feed their children and people are waiting for years for essential medical treatment. When the BBC commentator announced that the eyes of the world were on Scotland I had to turn off the TV.

aggie Wed 05-Jul-23 16:08:16

I loved it , Scotland definitely does things differently!

Vintagenonna Wed 05-Jul-23 16:13:51

I tripped over this by chance vivvq and share your response. If KC3 wants to give QCC yet another 'grand day out' it should come out of his very deep and largely untaxed pockets - not ours. I wonder how many free school meals could have been funded.

Other monarchies survive without this constant parade of subservience.

If the eyes of the world really were on Scotland, I suspect they would be expressing something other than admiration.

Blondiescot Wed 05-Jul-23 16:21:16

I'm no Royalist, but I have been enjoying the coverage up here of preparations for the horses taking part in the ceremonies. We were driving round the Edinburgh bypass the other day and saw them all trooping over one of the bridges to go off exercising in the Pentlands. And also playing a role was this splendid chap, Cruachan IV, who is the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Anniebach Wed 05-Jul-23 16:27:22

Many lined the route

merlotgran Wed 05-Jul-23 16:43:10

How would have the monarchists in Scotland have felt if the king had said, ‘Sorry, folks. You’re not getting your own part of the coronation even though it’s an ancient ceremony because I have to be seen to be scaling down events.’

luluaugust Wed 05-Jul-23 16:48:38

If this ceremony hadn't taken place that would have been wrong. It is all part of being British, Charles has a lot of Scottish blood. It is a small cost compared to what is spent by Presidents and Despots.

Smileless2012 Wed 05-Jul-23 16:59:15

Good points merlotgran and luluaugust.

Aveline Wed 05-Jul-23 16:59:28

My DSiL and DGSs were there and loved it. I suppose the cost would be in salaries for the soldiers and bandsmen and police who are all paid anyway as their job. If such events didn't happen not a penny would filter down to those in need.

BlueBelle Wed 05-Jul-23 17:04:06

I m in total agreement vivvq I didn’t know it was happening or what it was about but saw a bit and switched off quickly
I think it’s fine if the royals are paying out of their big pockets but not for it to be funded out of this countries dwindling money
Merlotgran and Lulugust so what about Wales and NI or are there going to be other ceremonies in those other two countries
People came from all round the world to London for the coronation. why couldn’t royalists in Scotland do the same

Smileless2012 Wed 05-Jul-23 17:11:50

Well judging by some of the reaction to there being a ceremony in Scotland BlueBelle, it might not be a good idea to have ceremonies in Wales and NI too.

Elegran Wed 05-Jul-23 17:20:14

Charles is King of Scotland separately from being King of England and Wales, The two kingdoms together make up the United Kingdom, and have done since 1603 when Queen Elizabeth 1 of England died without an heir and the throne went to her near nearest relative, Charles VI of Scotland (and Charles I of England)

If the shoe had been on the other foot and C Rex 3 had been crowned in Scotland without being crowned in England, there would have been one hell of a stushie in England, and people would have insisted on a Wesrminster coronation before he was considered legitimately king.


Elegran Wed 05-Jul-23 17:24:28

Sorry, mistype (or maybe mis-brain) JAMES VI and I, of course.

Chardy Wed 05-Jul-23 17:24:41

Wasting public money is turning into a national pastime.

Elegran Wed 05-Jul-23 17:25:40

If he was crowned in one of his kingdoms, he should be crowned in the other. Both or none.

Deedaa Wed 05-Jul-23 17:26:23

If the archbishop of Canterbury had popped over to Windsor Castle with the crowns of England and Scotland and said "There you are, now you're King" I doubt if a penny of the money saved would have found it's way to the hungry, the homeless or the NHS.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 05-Jul-23 17:30:50

I am a royalist and love pomp and circumstance, it’s something the U.K. does extremely well.

BlueBelle Wed 05-Jul-23 17:35:16

So excuse my ignorance why does he have two kingdoms Elegran when there are four countries in UK is he not king of wales and NI then ? I know I m lacking in royal knowledge as I m not terribly interested

luluaugust Wed 05-Jul-23 17:37:02

I may be wrong and I apologise in advance but I don't think he would have been crowned in Wales as it is a Principality. What should happen there is an Investiture for William as Prince of Wales, however, as I understand it he has decided not to have one partly for financial reasons and from my visit to Wales last week the locals are not very happy about his decision money wise as the tourism on these occasions is a huge boost to the local economy. They are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't.
I don't know about NI.

henetha Wed 05-Jul-23 17:44:09

Many people in Scotland would be upset if this traditional ceremony didn't take place. It's just once in each reign so all over now.
I thought it was all lovely. Being part Scottish it made me feel proud.

nadateturbe Wed 05-Jul-23 17:44:41

Yes, he's king of here too.(NI). Aren't we lucky.🙄

merlotgran Wed 05-Jul-23 18:07:54

Charles is King of Scotland separately from being King of England and Wales, The two kingdoms together make up the United Kingdom, and have done since 1603 when Queen Elizabeth 1 of England died without an heir and the throne went to her nearest relative, James VI of Scotland (and James I of England

Elegran explains it although I have altered some wording from Charles to James.

Elizabeth I died without issue.

Elegran Wed 05-Jul-23 18:18:34

Thank you Merlotgran I had a senior moment there, turning "Jamie Saxt an' twa" into a Charlie.

Elegran Wed 05-Jul-23 18:29:03

Bluebelle, If I remember my history right, the merging of England and Scotland into the United Kingdom was a voluntary one, with James entitled by his birth to be monarch of both kingdoms. Wales and Ireland were added more by conquest/annexation, and their monarchies were not represented. The story of Edward I promising the Welsh "a prince born in Wales and speaking no English, and he has never done harm to man, woman or child." and then holding up to them as Prince of Wales his baby son (born in Wales and not yet speaking any language at all) is well-known, if possibly apocryphal. There are probably posters far more knowledgeable about Welsh and Irish history than I am.

BlueBelle Wed 05-Jul-23 19:45:05

Thanks Elegran we didn’t cover that in school 🙄
Nadateturb I feel your pain😳