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Letting a delivery driver use your loo

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62Granny Tue 15-Aug-23 16:15:22

Just had my supermarket shopping delivered and the driver ( not one I have seen before) asked me if there was any public toilets in our village, I pointed him in the direction of the library and the community centre both within a few yards of each other. Hubby said I should have offered him to use ours ?
What do you think ? AIBU?

Theexwife Tue 15-Aug-23 16:22:14

I have been asked before and said yes, must be difficult for them when they have to park somewhere and there is such a shortage of public toilets.

TwiceAsNice Tue 15-Aug-23 16:26:13

I would let a delivery driver use our toilet as long as there was someone else in the house. I would be more wary if here alone. I think it’s a shame to think like this but we are fairly rural and better safe than sorry

Shelflife Tue 15-Aug-23 16:26:48

Think I would have said yes, but fully understand why you said no !

MerylStreep Tue 15-Aug-23 16:31:56


Think I would have said yes, but fully understand why you said no !

I can’t understand why someone would refuse a driver who has no access to a toilet.

Septimia Tue 15-Aug-23 16:33:44

I've had a queue of walkers waiting their turn to use my downstairs loo, as well as several bishops on a pilgrimage on another occasion! I wouldn't invite a delivery man in if I was alone in the house, though.

sassysaysso Tue 15-Aug-23 16:33:53

Round my way, a few years ago mysterious bottles of yellow liquid frequently appeared. These were put down to hard pressed delivery drivers.

kittylester Tue 15-Aug-23 16:34:19

We have allowed Sainsbury's drivers to use the loo a couple of times. Why on earth would you not?

Primrose53 Tue 15-Aug-23 16:34:36

We always do because we run a business from home and get loads of drivers who we get to know.

We had a new mattress delivered recently and the guy asked if he could use the loo. He was in their ages. The smell when he left was like the worst smell ever. I literally had to cover my face and throw the window wide open and spray the room!! 🤮🤮

Greenfinch Tue 15-Aug-23 16:38:08

Of course I would let them. I know what it feels like to be desperate.

karmalady Tue 15-Aug-23 16:42:17

I let a workman digging the road use mine. It is an act of kindness

B9exchange Tue 15-Aug-23 16:50:12

I still have nightmares about a Specsavers shop. I had an appointment, was taken upstairs for it and I could feel an attack of IBS coming on and was desperate. I was told customers were not allowed to use their loo. I was forced to plead in front of other customers, and eventually the manager appeared - and refused me too! I had to rush out of the shop and race into M and S further up the street, as the public toilets had been closed.

I have never been back to that shop, and nothing would persuade me to step over the threshold now!

Georgesgran Tue 15-Aug-23 16:58:44

Yes, why ever not?
My friend’s son often gets delivery vans in for service, complete with those bottles of liquid still hidden under the seats!

Grammaretto Tue 15-Aug-23 17:07:12

I guess I would if asked but in this case he specifically asked where the public ones are
Our public ones have recently closed and the situation is dire.
I asked in a cafe on Saturday and was told I'd have to wait and be accompanied down a steep stair through the stockroom
I thought all cafes were obliged to have toilets unless just takeaways
I feel sorry for bus drivers too
A horrible situation for you B9exchange

Georgesgran Tue 15-Aug-23 17:11:41

I take my grandsons to a new cafe. It’s on a pedestrian area and has amazing cup cakes, lovely coffee and ice-cream. It’s perfect, but no toilets! Apparently, there’s no legal requirement if there’s under 10 seats, so high chairs don’t count, neither does all the outdoor seating, which doubles their footfall.

Grammaretto Tue 15-Aug-23 17:23:24

I think that's really bad Georgesgran unless there are nearby public ones.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 15-Aug-23 17:25:47

I’ve never been asked but wouldn’t have a problem offering the use of my downstairs loo. I have the protection of a German shepherd if necessary …

TerriBull Tue 15-Aug-23 17:28:21

I think I would, busting to go to the loo, isn't a pleasant feeling, if I were on my own, I might step outside my own front door until they'd finished, paranoid possibly yes a bit ridiculous possibly blush

Callistemon21 Tue 15-Aug-23 17:39:02

I suppose it depends on whether or not you have a downstairs loo off the hall.

It depends on the delivery drivers too - we've got to know the supermarket drivers and at least two are women.
So yes, I'd let them use the downstairs loo.

Not that any have ever asked.

62Granny Tue 15-Aug-23 17:47:52

I feel guilty now, hubby was here and we are one level living so he didn't have to go upstairs, I think if he had asked me directly I would have said yes but he threw me a bit by asking about public ones and I always take delivery to the front door and just fill my shopping bags up there then carry they through to the kitchen. I will be kinder next time.

Callistemon21 Tue 15-Aug-23 17:53:16

If it was a supermarket delivery driver then yes, but probably not any others.

Georgesgran Tue 15-Aug-23 17:54:24

Grammaretto they actually suggested that I asked to use the next door hair dresser’s loo. I think because the cafe is on a modern estate and used by locals, they expect customers to be able to make it home, but it’s very inconvenient. (Pun, sorry).

Felicititious Tue 15-Aug-23 18:07:29

I'd let them, but gave to dash in there first to make sure it was clean enough to eat your dinner in😉

Bella23 Tue 15-Aug-23 18:08:26

Yes, I do but feel uncomfortable all the time. Last week a workman who had just arrived asked and of course, I said yes. Unfortunately, it is just off the hall, I had an experience like Primrose, window open, spray and eventually demestos. DH quipped afterwards" Good job you said yes".

Esmay Tue 15-Aug-23 18:12:50

Not if alone in the house .
I've had a couple of uncomfortable experiences .